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Professor John Reynolds

Professor & Head of Department (Surgery)

  Anti-oxidants in inflammatory disease   Genetic polymorphisms in upper gastrointestinal cancer and Barrett's oesophagus   Liver and gut immune function in patients undergoing complex major surgery   Molecular predictors of response and resistance to chemotherapy and radiation therapy   Transcription factors in inflammation and neoplasia of the oesophagus   Upper gastrointestinal physiology
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Member, DMMC Inflammation, Immunity & Infection Principal Investigators, DMMC Principal Investigators leading research in inflammation, immunit and infection.
Member, Centre for Molecular Research in Cancer (Proposed), This consortium combines researchers with common interest in understanding cell cycle signaling and regulation with specific focus on two key cancer-related processes (cell cycle control, apoptosis) and/or three specific malignancy types (oesophageal, prostate and haematological).
Member, Colorectal & GI Cancer Research Group (Proposed), Speculative idea to cluster PI's around collaborative study on Upper GI and Colon Cancers.Deliberately wide selection of surgeons, pathologists and academic researchers based on stated interest or publication in fields of oesophageal or colorectal cancer.
Member, PHG Funded PI's and Researchers, All Researchers funded under Cycle 3 PRTLI - Programme for Human Genomics
Gillman A, Hayes M; Sheaf G, Walshe M, Reynolds JV, Regan J, Exercise-Based Dysphagia Rehabilitation for Adults with Oesophageal Cancer: a Systematic Review, BMC Cancer, 2022, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI  URL
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Gillman A, Hayes M; Sheaf G, Walshe M, Reynolds JV, Regan J, Exercise-Based Dysphagia Rehabilitation for Adults with Oesophageal Cancer: a Systematic Review, Dysphagia, 10th ESSD Congress, 2020, 2022, Poster, PUBLISHED


Anti-oxidants in inflammatory disease. Genetic polymorphisms in upper gastrointestinal cancer and Barrett's oesophagus. Liver and gut immune function in patients undergoing complex major surgery. Molecular predictors of response and resistance to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Transcription factors in inflammation and neoplasia of the oesophagus. Upper gastrointestinal physiology.