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Professor Mark Lawler

Professor (Clinical Medicine)


Professor Lawler graduated from the Genetics Department, Trinity College Dublin (TCD) (1985). He is Associate Professor in Experimental Haematology/ Oncology, TCD, Chief Molecular Geneticist at St James's Hospital, Honorary Associate Professor in Oncogenetics, Smurfit Institute of Genetics, TCD and Visiting Professor in Medical Genetics and Molecular Medicine, University of Chieti, Italy. He has an active research group working on the molecular basis of cancer, with emphasis on translating this knowledge to biomarker discovery and novel anti-cancer approaches. He has published over 100 articles in international peer review journals. He has been honoured with numerous awards including the Vander Molen Prize for Leukaemia Research, the Ely Lilly Prize, the Ulster Cancer Foundation Prize and he has received both the St Lukes Medal and the Graves Medal for research. He is currently President of the Irish Association for Cancer Research, an all Ireland association for cancer researchers. He is a member of the Ireland/Northern Ireland/ National Cancer Institute Cancer Consortium Scientific Advisory Group and has recently been appointed as Chair of the Scholar Exchange Group. He is a founder member and one of the coordinators of the MSc in Molecular Medicine, TCD. He is founder and Chairperson of the highly successful Cancer Conference which has now become an annual event on the calendar. Professor Lawler was recently Director of Post-graduate Teaching and Learning in the School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin and has a significant commitment to scholar exchange. He also is firmly committed to outreach and has participated in a number of community initiatives including "Your Health is your Wealth" and "Wise up! Its your life too!". He is married to Ruth and they have two daughters, Sarah and Emily.
  Apoptosis and cancer   Cell cycle control and its manipulation in malignancy   Cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating and resisting apoptosis   Chimaeric status of long-term survivors of stem cell transplantation for severe aplastic anaemia. Study of quality of life and chimaerism in T cell lineages. An attempt to understand late graft rejection.   Chimeric status and outcome following stem cell transplantation for severe aplastic anaemia: the influence of GvHD prophylaxis.   Chimerism and minimal residual disease in haematological malignancy   Modes of assessment of fetal wellbeing   Nonlinear Dynamics and Systems   Study of molecular response to Imatinib Mesylate in patients relapsing following stem cell transplantation for Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia.   Study of the incidence of Autologous recovery following stem cell transplantation for severe aplastic anaemia in Europe in conjunction with the European Group for Blood and Bone Marrow transplantation. (EBMT).   Transcriptional regulation
Details Date
Member, DMMC Cancer Principal Investigators, Trans-institutional grouping of Principal Investigators leading research on Cancer themes
Member, Core Technology PI's, DMMC Principal Investigators leading the development of core technology platforms.
Chairperson, Centre for Molecular Research in Cancer (Proposed), This consortium combines researchers with common interest in understanding cell cycle signaling and regulation with specific focus on two key cancer-related processes (cell cycle control, apoptosis) and/or three specific malignancy types (oesophageal, prostate and haematological).
Chairperson, Prostate Cancer Research Consortium, Multi-centred consortium focused on the development of new diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic agents for application in prostate cancer.
Copy, Imaging Focus Group Meeting, 1-Day meeting on Biomedical Imaging - 8th June 2004 run in conjunction with TCINFrom single cell & molecular through to organ & whole body
Member, Cycle 2 PI's & Researchers, All Cycle 2 Researchers & PI's
Member, PHG Funded PI's and Researchers, All Researchers funded under Cycle 3 PRTLI - Programme for Human Genomics
Lysaght J, Verma NK, Maginn EN, Ryan JM, Campiani G, Zisterer DM, Williams DC, Browne PV, Lawler MP, McElligott AM, The microtubule targeting agent PBOX-15 inhibits integrin-mediated cell adhesion and induces apoptosis in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia cells., International journal of oncology, 42, (1), 2013, p239-46 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Maginn EN, Browne PV, Hayden P, Vandenberghe E, McDonagh B, Evans P, Goodyer M, Tewari P, Campiani G, Butini S, Williams DC, Zisterer DM, Lawler MP, McElligott AM., PBOX-15, a novel microtubule targeting agent, induces apoptosis, upregulates death receptors, and potentiates TRAIL-mediated apoptosis in multiple myeloma cells., British Journal of Cancer, 104, (2), 2011, p281 - 289, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Sandra A. Bright, Giuseppe Campiani, Michael W. Deininger, Mark Lawler, D. Clive Williams and Daniela M. Zisterer, Sequential treatment with flavopiridol synergistically enhances pyrrolo-1,5-benzoxazepine-induced apoptosis in human chronic myeloid leukaemia cells including those resistant to imatinib treatment , Biochemical Pharmacology, 80, 2010, p31 - 38, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Seema-Maria Nathwani , Suzanne M. Cloonan, Maeve Stronach, Giuseppe Campiani, Mark Lawler, D. Clive Williams and Daniela M. Zisterer, Novel microtubule-targeting agents, pyrrolo-1,5-benzoxazepines, induce cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in prostate cancer cells. , Oncology Reports, 24, 2010, p1499 - 1507, Notes: [PMID 21042745], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Greene LM, Nathwani SM, Bright SA, Fayne D, Croke A, Gargliardi M, Mc Elligott AM, O'Connor L, Carr M, Keely NO, O'Boyle NM, Carroll P, Sarkadi B, Conneally E, Lloyd DG, Lawler M, Meegan MJ, Zisterer DM, The vascular targeting agent Combretastatin-A4 and a novel cis-restricted {beta}-lactam analogue CA-432 induce apoptosis in human chronic myeloid leukemia cells and in ex vivo patient samples including those displaying multidrug resistance., The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, 335, (2), 2010, p302 - 313, Notes: [PMID: 20699346], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Nathwani, S-M., Butler, S., Meegan, M.J., Campiani, G., Lawler, M., Williams, D.C. & Zisterer, D.M., Dual targeting of tumour cells and host endothelial cells by novel microtubule-targeting agents, pyrrolo-1,5-benzoxazepines., Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology, 65, (2), 2010, p289-300 , Notes: [PMID: 19479253], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Ryan J, Quinn F, Meunier A, Boublikova L, Crampe M, Tewari P, O'Marcaigh A, Stallings R, Neat M, O'Meara A, Breatnach F, McCann S, Browne P, Smith O, Lawler M., Minimal residual disease detection in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia patients at multiple time-points reveals high levels of concordance between molecular and immunophenotypic approaches., British Journal of Haematology, 144, (1), 2009, p107-115 , Notes: [ PubMed ID: 19016726], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Lynn Martin, Brian Marples, Mary Coffey, Mark Lawler, Donal Hollywood, Laure Marignol, Recognition of O6MeG lesions by MGMT and mismatch repair proficiency may be a prerequisite for low-dose radiation hypersensitivity., Radiation Research, 172, (4), 2009, p405 - 413, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Veale EB, Frimannsson DO, Lawler M, Gunnlaugsson T, 4-Amino-1,8-naphthalimide based Tröger's bases as high affinity DNA targeting fluorescent supramolecular scaffolds, Organic Letters, 11, (18), 2009, p4040-4043 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Foley R, Marignol L, Thomas AZ, Cullen IM, Perry AS, Tewari P, O'Grady A, Kay E, Dunne B, Loftus B, Watson WR, Fitzpatrick JM, Woodson K, Lehman T, Hollywood D, Lynch TH, Lawler M, The HIF-1alpha C1772T polymorphism may be associated with susceptibility to clinically localised prostate cancer but not with elevated expression of hypoxic biomarkers., Cancer biology & therapy, 8, (2), 2009, p118-24 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text

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Award Date
FRCPath on the basis of published work Royal College of Pathologists, London 2006
44th Annual Graves Medal Lecture Health Research Board and Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland 2004
.7th Annual Ulster Cancer Foundation Award Lecture 2001
MRCPath on the basis of published worksRoyal College of Pathologists London 1999
22nd Annual St Lukes Medal Lecture St Lukes Institute and Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland 1996
Ely Lilly Prize European Blood and Marrow Transplant Conference Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany
Vander Molen Prize for Leukaemia Research British Society of Haematology 1991
Molecular and cellular biology of cancer; Apoptosis and cancer. Cell cycle control and its manipulation in malignancy. Cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating and resisting apoptosis. Novel pro-apoptotic drug development; Genetics of B cell malignancies; Understanding DNA repair processes in Multiple Myeloma; Chimeric status and outcome following stem cell transplantation for severe aplastic anaemia: Chimerism and minimal residual disease in haematological malignancy. Study of molecular response to Imatinib Mesylate in patients relapsing following stem cell transplantation for Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia. Naphthalimides as novel anti cancer agents; Molecular basis of prostate cancer. Epigenetic control of gene transcription; hypoxia and prostate cancer; suicide gene therapy approaches in prostate cancer; molecular diagnostics