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Dr. Martin Fellenz

Associate Professor in Business Studies (Trinity Business School)

  Feedback and Self-regulated learning   Future of Management Education   Innovation   Leadership and leadership development   Leadership and professional identity   Management Education   Organisation design, development, theory, behaviour   Professional education and development
Details Date
Regional Health Areas Advisory Group 2021
Details Date From Date To
Academy of Management (US) 1993 to date
American Psychological Association (APA) 2001 to date
INFORMS College of Organization Science 1994 to date
Management & Organizational Behavior Teaching Society 2002 to date
Chartered Institute of Personnel Development 2016 to date
Mairead Brady and Martin Fellenz (Organisers), Teaching with Technology: Unraveling Emerging AI Practices in the Classroom. Shortlisted for BEST PDW 2024 for MED at the Academy of Management, American., August, 9-12, 2024, Chicago, Illinois., 1-6, Meetings /Conferences Organised, ACCEPTED  TARA - Full Text
Andre Martinuzzi, Brady. M., Lefevre, David & Fellenz, M, Forgetting what we learned? Rethinking management education after the Covid pandemic", Academy of Management Conference, Boston , August, 2023, pp1-25 , Conference Paper, SUBMITTED
Brady., M, Leferve, D., & Fellenz, M.,, Mapping the potential impacts of artificial intelligence and machine learning on the business education system, Services Science Forum, Naples - WINNER OF THE BEST PAPER AWARD - SERVICE SCIENCE, Italy, 2023, 2023, pp1 - 8, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Mairead Brady, Martin Fellenz, David Lefevre, Denni Cawley, Leonardo, Caporarello, Stuart Allen, Anna Holland, Cynthia Fukami. WINNER MED Best Junior Faculty & Doctoral Student Consortium-Related Professional Development Workshop Award, Teaching with technology: In the Shadow of AI , 2023 August, In:Academy of Management Conference, 2023, Boston, Meetings /Conferences Organised, PRESENTED
Fellenz, M.R., Hoidn, S., & Brady, M. (Eds.), The Future of Management Education, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, Routledge, 2022, 1 - 272pp, Book, PUBLISHED  URL
'May you live in interesting times': Considering the future of management education in, editor(s)Fellenz, M. R., Hoidn, S., and Brady, M., , The Future of Management Education, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, Routledge , 2022, pp3 - 12, [Fellenz, Martin, Brady, Mairead and Hoidn, Sabine], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  URL
Quo Vadis? Reconsidering the future of management education in, editor(s)M.R. Fellenz, S. Hoidn & M. Brady , The Future of Management Education, Routledge, 2022, pp1 - 11, [Hoidn, S., Brady, M., & Fellenz, M.R.], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  URL
Saxena, D, Brady M., Fellenz M.R., and Lamest, M , Bridging the marketing-finance divide: use of customer voice in managerial decision-making" , Qualitative Market Research, 2022, p1 - 18, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL  URL
Martin Fellenz, Michelle MacMahon & Mairead Brady, Professional Development Workshop on "Maximising teaching impact: An easy guide to turbocharging learning through comparison activities", August 2022, In:82nd Annual Conference of the Academy of Management, 2022, Seattle, Academy of Management Conference, 1-6, Meetings /Conferences Organised, PUBLISHED
Lefevre, D., Fellenz, M., & Brady M., (2022) Understanding the complexity and challenges ahead.​ Web 2.0 technology life cycle, pandemic accelerated progress and the next generation of technologies, In: ​Allen, Stuart & Mitchell, Jordan (organisers) , Professional Development Workshop on Teaching with Technology: Preparing Managers for the Future, August 2022, In:Academy of Management Conference, 2022, Seattle, 1-6, Meetings /Conferences Organised, PUBLISHED

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Martin Fellenz, Mairead Brady, Michelle Macmahon, 'Deploying comparison based activities to support student self directed learning',, 2021, 1 - 20, Digital research resource production, PUBLISHED
Fellenz, Martin, Brady, Mairead and MacMahon, Michelle, 'A Guide to Deploying Comparison Activities to Support Student Learning', National Forum for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning in Education, Trinity College Dublin, 2021, 1 - 20, Protocol or guideline, PUBLISHED
Fellenz, M.R. , Keynote: Unpacking Management and Leadership, Annual International EAQUALS Conference, Madrid, Spain, April 11 - 13, 2019, EAQUALS, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Fellenz, M.R. , Martin Fellenz: Creating dialogue not debate: The power of advocacy and inquiry, Annual International EAQUALS Conference, Madrid, Spain, April 11 - 13, 2019, EAQUALS, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Fellenz, M.R., Keynote: Agile leadership, Shepard Moscow Conversation Series (40th Anniversary) - Leading with Agility , Dublin, Ireland, June 28, 2019, Sheppard Moscow, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Fellenz, M. R., Theresa May is right about one thing - it's time politicians worked together on Brexit, 2019, -, Notes: [], Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
Fellenz, Martin, Managing work: Learning how to "unexpect the expected"; The Irish Times, June 8,, 2018, -, Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
Fellenz, M.R., 'The right to diconnect', The Sunday Business Show, Dublin, TodayFM, 2017, -, Broadcast, PRESENTED
Fellenz, Martin R., Opinion: 'Too little accountability creates monsters. Too much blame creates fools', 2017, -, Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
Fellenz, Martin R., Sisyphus or Hercules? Rehabilitating our patients, our health service, ourselves, Keynote, Annual Ernest Goulding Memorial Lecture, National Rehabilitation Hospital, DĂșn Laoghaire, January 18, 2016, NRH, Invited Talk, PRESENTED


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Award Date
Silver Award, 'Best Innovation in the Science of Learning', Global QS Reimagine Education Awards (Consortium submission with researchers from the University of Glasgow & Trinity College Dublin (2020) 2020
NAIRTL National Award for Teaching Excellence 2012
Provost Teaching Award, University of Dublin, Trinity College 2001
Academic Fellow, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development 2016
Dean's Commendation for Superior Teaching Evaluations, UNC-Chapel Hill 1994
Fulbright Scholarship 1989 - 1990
Fulbright Extension Scholarship 1990
Fulbright Cultural Enrichment Grant 1990
Halsey International Scholarship 1989 - 1990
Beta Gamma Sigma, National Academic Honor Society (Business Administration) 1990
Phi Kappa Phi, National Academic Honor Society (Interdisciplinary) 1990
Outstanding Service Award, MED Division, Academy of Management 2019, 2020