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Mr. Paul Keenan

Assistant Professor (School of Nursing & Midwifery)

Paul Keenan MSc, MA, BSc, PGCE, DipRS, DipHE NP, RNID, RNT. Paul is an Assistant Professor - Intellectual Disability Nursing at the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin. For over 30 years he has extensive experience in senior management, clinical practice, education and research roles within intellectual disability nursing and health and social care settings in Ireland, United Kingdom and New Zealand. In the past twenty years he has been engaged in academic teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as research, peer-reviewed international publications and keynote speaker at international conferences. His research has included projects funded by Scope UK (Cerebral Palsy Society), Health Service Executive, Royal College of Nursing, Irish Nurses and Midwives Organization, and National Disability Authority, Ireland. His research includes collaborations with health service providers, which focused on implementing and evaluating person-centered practice at service-user, health professional, and health system/culture level. He recently Project Managed a two year HSE funded action research project to establish person centered practices in intellectual disability health services in Leinster (2011-2013). He is an educational consultant to Special Olympics Ireland (2006-Current) and was co-editor of the first three editions of their Tutor Training Manual. He supervises postgraduate research students. He co-edited the book 'Nursing in Intellectual Disabilities: Irish and International Perspectives' (NNIDI, Dublin) and co-authored the seminal work 'Intellectual Disability Nursing: An Oral History Project' (Emerald Points). His work is widely published internationally and he is a reviewer for a number of prestigious international academic journals. He has provided national leadership in Intellectual Disabilities as Co-Chairperson of Nursing Network in Intellectual Disability, Ireland (NNIDI). As TCD representative on the HSE Shaping the Future of Intellectual Disability Nursing Education Sub Group (2020/21) he advised the HSE on national Covid-19 and Intellectual Disability service policies. He was Head of Discipline - Intellectual Disability Nursing (2008-2012), Associate Director Undergraduate Nursing Programmes (2008), Associate Director Undergraduate Teaching and Learning (2008), Executive member of the Trinity Centre for Practice and Healthcare Innovation (TCPHI)(2012-2016) at Trinity College Dublin. He is also a former member of the East of England Learning Disability Research Forum, Cambridge University. His contribution to education and the profession has included co-ordination and development of modules and courses at undergraduate and post graduate level, as well as undertaking external examiner roles at Keele University and University of Limerick. He is a former Chairperson (2017-2019) and Executive Board member (2016-2019) of Orione Care (Ireland) Ltd. Since 2020 he is an active member of the Spirituality Research and Innovation Group, TCD and a committee member of their international conference organizing committee.
  Community Care   Disabilities   Health and Social Care Legislation and Policy   History of Nursing   Intellectual Disabilities   Intellectual Disability Nursing
 Untold stories: the Intellectual and Learning disability Nursing and Support staff project: an Oral Historical Account of the sustainability of a Health Care Workforce.
 Exploring Joint Training in Pre-qualification Social Work and Nursing in England 1971-2003
 SCOPE EAST ANGLIA - Identification of Primary Need. The Aim for 2005
 Evaluation of Personalised Budgets demonstration projects in Ireland
 Covid-19 and its impact on people with an Intellectual Disability and their carers

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Details Date
Educational Consultant Special Olympics Ireland Intellectual Disability Advisory Group March 2007 - Current
Member of the Intellectual Disability Discipline at the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College, Dublin. 17th Oct 2005 - Current
Member of the organizing committee for the Annual International Research Conference. School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin. 2006 - 2016
Member of the Executive, Centre for Practice and Healthcare Innovation, TCD. 2012-2016
Joint Chairperson Nursing Network in Intellectual Disability, Ireland (NNIDI). 2014 -2020
Member of steering group, IDRights. 2011 - 2013
Member of NNIDI Core Committee 2011 - 2020
Active member of Spirituality Research and Innovation Group, TCD and their International Conference organizing committee. 2020-
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English Fluent Fluent Fluent
Details Date From Date To
East of England Learning Disability Research Forum, Cambridge University. 2004 2008
Royal College of Nursing Research Society 2005 2008
Royal College of Nursing Education Forum 2005 2008
Royal College of Nursing Learning Disability Forum 2005 2008
An Cumann Eireannach um Stair na Banaltrachta agus an chnaimhseachais / The Irish Society for Nursing and Midwifery History 2005 2008
Nursing Network in Intellectual Disability, Ireland 2011 2020
Kelly, Anne Marie & Keenan, Paul Michael, Urinary Incontinence and Migrant Individuals with Intellectual Disability, ACA Ireland & UK - Irish Branch Annual Symposium, Dublin, 17th February 2023, 2023, ACA Ireland & UK - Irish Branch, S30-S38.pp, Notes: [Update of Kelly & Keenan (2021) Urinary incontinence and the impact on migrant individuals with intellectual disability. British Journal of Nursing. 30,(18)pp. S30-S38.], Invited Talk, PUBLISHED  URL
McAnelly, S., Gates B., Sutton P., Griffiths C., Keenan P., Fleming S., Doyle C., Atherton H., Cleary M. , Intellectual disability nursing, the Cinderella relation of nursing: marginality explored through the oral histories of intellectual disability nurses. , Oral History, Autumn edition, 2023, p92 - 105, Notes: [ ISSN 0143-0955 ], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Fleming S., Burke E., Doyle C., Henderson K., Horan P., Byrne K., Keenan P. , Ensuring effective communication when undertaking a systematic health assessment, Learning Disability Practice, 2023, Notes: [doi: 10.7748/ldp.2023.e2197], Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Doyle C., Griffiths C., McAnelly S., Atherton H., Cleary M., Fleming S., Gates B., Keenan P, Sutton P. , Past, Present and Future: Perspectives on an oral history of Intellectual Disability Nursing, Journal of Intellectual Disabilities, 27, (1), 2022, p190 - 205, Notes: [], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Burke, EA., Fleming, S., Doyle, C., Henderson, K., Keenan, P., Horan, P., and Byrne, K., Using verbal and non-verbal communication to support people with learning disability, Learning Disability Practice, 2022, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Gates, B., Sutton P., McAnelly S., Atherton H., Griffiths C., Dole C., Cleary M., Keenan P., Fleming S. , Oral Histories of Learning Disability Nurses from England, UK and the Republic of Ireland., A History of Learning Disability: Exhibition Launch, UK, May, 2022, Oral Presentation, PUBLISHED
Owen Doody & Paul M. Keenan, The reported effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on people with intellectual disability and their carers: a scoping review,, Annals of Medicine, 53, (1), 2021, p786 - 804, Notes: [DOI: 10.1080/07853890.2021.1922743], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Kelly A.M. and Keenan P. M., Urinary incontinence and the impact on migrant individuals with intellectual disability, British Journal of Nursing, 30, (18), 2021, pS30 - S38, Notes: [], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Gates B., Griffiths C., Atherton H., McAnelly S., Keenan P., Fleming S., Doyle C., Cleary M., Sutton P., Intellectual Disability Nursing - An Oral History Project., First Edition, London, UK, Emerald Points, 2020, I-XVIII & 1-214pp, Book, PUBLISHED  URL
Horan P, Cleary M, Fleming S, Mulhere J, Doyle C, Burke E, Byrne K, & Keenan P, Preventing, assessing and managing constipation in people with intellectual disabilities, Learning Disability Practice, 2020, pdoi: 10.7748/ldp.2020.e2067 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL

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McCarron M, Sheerin F, Roche L, Ryan A M, Griffiths C, Keenan P, Doody O, D'Eath M, Burke E and McCallion P., Shaping the future of Intellectual Disability Nursing in Ireland., Dublin, Health Services Executive, 2018, p1 - 150, Notes: [Informs development of Intellectual disability nursing and services for people with an intellectual disability.], Report, PUBLISHED
GarcĂ­a Iriarte, E., O'Donoghue, M., Keenan, P., & Feely, M., A Literature Review to Inform the Development of a National Framework for Person-Centred Planning in Disability Services, Dublin , HSE & NDA on behalf of National New Directions Implementation Group, February, 2017, p1 - 116, Report, PUBLISHED
Sheerin F, Griffiths C, DeVries J, Keenan P ,, An Evaluation of a Community Living Initiative in West Dublin., , Dublin, Ireland., 2014, 1-39, Notes: [[This report is of relevance to policy makers concerned with the closing of large congregated settings for people with intellectual disabilities and their relocation to small community based living units.], ], Report, PUBLISHED
KEENAN, P., Person-centred Practice in Intellectual Disabilities - A Review of the International Literature, Person-centred Practice in Intellectual Disabilities - An International Perspective, The Grand Hall, Stewarts Care Ltd, Palmerstown, Dublin 20, 21st November 2011, 2012, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Griffiths C, Crofton C, Horan P, Keenan P, Fleming S Sheerin F., Intellectual Disability Nurses' views on the future of nurse education in Ireland. , Moving Forward -The Role of Intellectual Nursing in emerging care configurations for People with Intellectual Disabilities., St Patricks Centre, Kilkenny, 25th September , 2012, Meeting Abstract, PUBLISHED
Griffiths C, Crofton C, Horan P, Keenan P, Fleming S & Sheerin F., A survey of the views of Registered Nurses in Intellectual Disability in response to the Review of the Intellectual Disability Undergraduate Nursing programme., Dublin, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin, June, 2012, 1-20, Report, PUBLISHED
Sheerin, F., Keenan, P., Lawler, D., Begley, C., Higgins, A., Lalor, J., Alexander, J., Nicholl, H., Tuohy, T. and Kavanagh, R.,, Mothers with Intellectual Disabilities, Parenting and Intellectual Disability, Trinity College Dublin, 23rd June, 2011, Inclusion Ireland/TCD, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
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Sheerin, F., Redmond, R., Horan, P. and Keenan, P., Social supports impede progress, 2007, -, Notes: [], Miscellaneous, PUBLISHED
Keenan, P., Testicular Cancer and Intellectual Disabilities: the facts., The Frontline of Learning Disability, 1, (67), 2006, p30 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED


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Person-centred practice, Intellectual Disability Education & Intellectual Disability Nursing.