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Dr. Cara Martin

Assistant Professor (Histopathology)

Assistant Professor (Molecular Medicine Ireland)

Dr Cara Martin is an Assistant Professor in Molecular Pathology and Tumour Biology at the Department of Histopathology, Trinity College Dublin. She obtained her PhD from Trinity College in 2004, her MSc in Biotechnology from National University of Ireland, Galway in 1998, and BSc (Hons) from National University of Ireland, Galway in 1996. She currently leads the HPV Research Group based in Trinity College and the Coombe Women and Infant's University Hospital. Her research programme consists of translational health services based research and basic research approaches in female gynecological cancers, head and neck cancers and other HPV associated cancers. She is co-founder, lead investigator and programme manager of CERVIVA, The Irish Cervical Screening Research Consortium (, which is a health services based research program Cara leads the molecular epidemiology work packages within the various CERVIVA projects and is leading the HPV primary screening pilot study and the ECHO Study [Epidemiology of HPV in Oral Cancers in Ireland]. She was PI/co-ordinator on a number of European FP7 funded projects in the area of cervical cancer screening and diagnostics, including SYSTEMCERV, AUTOCAST and MicroActive. To date, she has published 81 peer reviewed publication and has filed 2 patents. Her-h index is 27 and she has >3500 citations.
  Apoptosis   Apoptosis, molecular control   Autism   Bioinformatics   Biology   Cancer genetics and cell biology including metastasis   Cell cycle control   Cervical cancer   Chromosome structure and dynamics   Commercialisation of scientific research   Community health and general practice   Cytology and Cancerology   DNA polymorphisms, evaluate chimerism after bone marrow transplant   DNA transcription and translation   DNA typing   Drug development and evaluation   Environmental Carcinogenesis   Epidemiology   Gene therapy   Gene transcription in human cancer   Genetic/Molecular epidemiology   Genomic structure and function, molecular approaches to gene function   Gynaecology oncology   Health attitudes and behaviour   Health management   Host, Pathogen interactions   Human genetics   Imaging Techniques   Infertility   Intra and intercellular signalling   Medical Sciences, Research   Medical technology   Membrane and protein trafficking   Molecular population genetics   Nuclei acid chemistry, structure and folding   Oncogenes, apoptosis and tumour development   Pathology   Population based intervention trials   Regulatory methods of gene expression   RNA processing, stability and degradation   Stem Cell biology and hematopoiesis   Therapeutic and Clinical oncology   Tumour immunology and immunotherapy   Virology and viral pathogenesis
 CERVIVA-Vax: Monitoring the impact of HPV vaccination in Ireland
 Systems biology approaches to cervical pre-cancer and cancer SYSTEMCERV
 'Molecular Pap test' for cervical cancer screening - detecting HPV infection and cellular abnormalities in exfoliated cervical cells
 Non-coding miRNAs as regulators of chemoresistance in ovarian cancer,
 Biomedical Diagnostics Institute 2 [BDI2] SFI CSET ONC1 Programme

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Details Date
Member of the Scottish HPV Archive Steering Group 2018
Advisor to DIT Cellular and Molecular Cytopathology Training School 2017
External teaching to DIT BSc in Biomolecular Science 2014
External teaching on BSCCP Colposcopy Training Course (Basic and advanced training) 2016
Scientific Advisor for Eurofins-Gynae-Screen Ltd 2015
Chair of CERVIVA Steering Group 2011
Member of HSE/ICS HPV Communications Planning Group established by the Irish Cancer Society 2017
I represent CERVIVA as an active member of the National HPV Vaccination Alliance 2017
I represented Ireland at the HPV Prevention and Control Board meeting for the UK and Ireland 30/11/2017
Member of the expert review panel for the HIQA Health Technology Assessment of Primary HPV Screening 2016-2017
Journal reviewer for Elsevier Journal of Gynaecologic Oncology, BMC, Lung, PloS one and Journal of Oncology. 2008
Established and lead CERVIVA PPI Panel. This panel now includes members of the 221plus patient advocacy group. 2018
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English Fluent Fluent Fluent
Details Date From Date To
Member of the Association of Molecular Pathology 2014 Present
Member of the International Papillomavirus Society 2017 Present
Member of HPV vaccination Alliance 2017 Present
Member of International HPV Awareness Group 2018 Present
Member of Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital Research Ethics Committee 2014 Present
Tewari P, Banka P, Kernan N, Reynolds S, White C, Pilkington L, O'Toole S, Sharp L, D'Arcy T, Murphy C, Comiskey C, Martin CM, O'Leary JJ., Prevalence and concordance of oral HPV infections with cervical HPV infections in women referred to colposcopy with abnormal cytology., Journal of oral pathology & medicine : official publication of the International Association of Oral Pathologists and the American Academy of Oral Pathology, 50, (7), 2021, p692-699 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Ward, M.P., Kane, L.E., Norris, L.A et al. , Platelets, immune cells and the coagulation cascade; friend or foe of the circulating tumour cell?, Molecular Cancer, 20, 2021, p59-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
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Traynor D, Behl I, O'Dea D, Bonnier F, Nicholson S, O'Connell F, Maguire A, Flint S, Galvin S, Healy CM, Martin CM, O'Leary JJ, Malkin A, Byrne HJ, Lyng FM., Raman spectral cytopathology for cancer diagnostic applications., Nature protocols, 16, (7), 2021, p3716-3735 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Tewari P, Kashdan E, Walsh C, Martin CM, Parnell AC, O'Leary JJ., Estimating the conditional probability of developing human papilloma virus related oropharyngeal cancer by combining machine learning and inverse Bayesian modelling., PLoS computational biology, 17, (8), 2021, pe1009289 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
O'Connor M, McSherry LA, Dombrowski SU, Francis JJ, Martin CM, O'Leary JJ, Sharp L., Identifying ways to maximise cervical screening uptake: a qualitative study of GPs' and practice nurses' cervical cancer screening-related behaviours., HRB Open Res, 4, 2021, p44 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
O'Donovan B, Mooney T, Rimmer B, Fitzpatrick P, Flannelly G, Doherty L, Martin C, O'Leary J, O'Connor M, Sharp L., Advancing understanding of influences on cervical screening (non)-participation among younger and older women: A qualitative study using the theoretical domains framework and the COM-B model., Health expectations : an international journal of public participation in health care and health policy, 2021, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Molony P, Werner R, Martin C, Callanan D, Sheahan P, Heffron C, Feeley L., Tumour Cell Anaplasia and Multinucleation as Prognosticators in Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma., Head and neck pathology, 14, (3), 2020, p606-615 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Molony P, Werner R, Martin C, Callanan D, Nauta I, Heideman D, Sheahan P, Heffron C, Feeley L., The role of tumour morphology in assigning HPV status in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma., Oral oncology, 105, 2020, p104670 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
O'Toole SA, Spillane C, Huang Y, Fitzgerald MC, Ffrench B, Mohamed B, Ward M, Gallagher M, Kelly T, O'Brien C, Ruttle C, Bogdanska A, Martin C, Mullen D, Connolly E, McGarrigle SA, Kennedy J, O'Leary JJ., Circulating tumour cell enumeration does not correlate with Miller-Payne grade in a cohort of breast cancer patients undergoing neoadjuvant chemotherapy., Breast cancer research and treatment, 181, (3), 2020, p571-580 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI

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Martin CM, Molecular Biomarker Approaches to Cervical Cancer Screening for Improved Outcomes. , Trinity Translational Medicine Institute (TTMI) Annual Conference, TTMI St James, 23/03/2018, 2018, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
O'Leary JJ, White C, Spillane C, Naik, P, O'Brien, R, Reynolds, S, Pham, T, Pilkington, L, Sharkey Ochoa, I, Bolger, N, Barry O'Crowley, J, Tewari, P, O'Toole, S, Sweeney, M, Keegan, H, Normand, C, Sharp, L, Flannelly, G, Martin, CM. , Cervical screening: A new way forward (tests of risk and tests of disease) [version 1; referees: 1 approved, 1 approved with reservations]., HRB Open Research, 1, (3), 2018, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Martin CM, White, C, Flannelly, G, O'Leary JJ., CERVIVA Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Primary Screening Pilot, Cancer Professional, (Autumn), 2018, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Martin CM, An update from the CERVIVA HPV Primary Screening Study in Ireland. , CervicalCheck Colposcopy Forum , Dublin, 24/11/2017., 2017, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
White C, Reynolds S, Naik P, O' Brien R, Pham T, Sharkey Ochoa I, Powles C, Bolger N, Barry O'Crowley J, Tewari P, O'Toole S, Normand C, Sharp L, Flannelly G, O'Leary JJ, Martin CM on behalf of CERVIVA the Irish Cervical Screening Research Consortium. , A comparison of HPV DNA and HPV mRNA Assays in a Primary Screening Population, Laboratory Investigation, 2017 97: 85-126; , 2017, Published Abstract, PUBLISHED
Martin CM, Keynote Lecture: Tomorrows HPV Challenges, Northern Ireland Colposcopy Conference 2015, outh West Acute Hospital, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. , 24/04/2015, 2015, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Martin CM, HPV and cervical disease the essential guide, BSCCP Basic Training Course, RCPI, Dublin, 08/10/2015, 2015, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Martin C, Astbury, K, O'Leary, JJ. , Molecular Biomarkers in Cervical Cancer, Cancerwise, 4, (2), 2005, p15 - 19, Journal Article, PUBLISHED