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Personal Information
Name Martin, Cara
Main Department Histopathology
College Title Assistant Professor
College Tel +353 1 4085674
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
Research Interests
Apoptosis Apoptosis, molecular control Autism Bioinformatics
Biology Cancer genetics and cell biology including metastasis Cell cycle control Cervical cancer
Chromosome structure and dynamics Commercialisation of scientific research Community health and general practice Cytology and Cancerology
DNA polymorphisms, evaluate chimerism after bone marrow transplant DNA transcription and translation DNA typing Drug development and evaluation
Environmental Carcinogenesis Epidemiology Gene therapy Gene transcription in human cancer
Genetic/Molecular epidemiology Genomic structure and function, molecular approaches to gene function Gynaecology oncology Health attitudes and behaviour
Health management Host, Pathogen interactions Human genetics Imaging Techniques
Infertility Intra and intercellular signalling Medical Sciences, Research Medical technology
Membrane and protein trafficking Molecular population genetics Nuclei acid chemistry, structure and folding Oncogenes, apoptosis and tumour development
Pathology Population based intervention trials RNA processing, stability and degradation Regulatory methods of gene expression
Stem Cell biology and hematopoiesis Therapeutic and Clinical oncology Tumour immunology and immunotherapy Virology and viral pathogenesis
Research Projects
Project title CERVIVA 2: building capacity and advancing research and patient care in cervical screening and other HPV associated diseases in Ireland.
Summary Title: CERVIVA 2: building capacity and advancing research and patient care in cervical screening and other HPV associated diseases in Ireland. (Co Principal Applicant) Awarding Body: Health Research Board. Collaborative Applied Research Grant (2012-2017) Total Value: €1,250,000
Funding Agency Health Research Board
Programme Collaborative Applied Research Grants
Type of Project Programme Grant
Date from 1/04/2013
Date to 30/03/2018
Person Months

Project title Systems biology approaches to cervical pre-cancer and cancer SYSTEMCERV
Funding Agency European Union 7th Framework Programme.
Programme FP7 HEALTH-2012.2.1.2-1 [Systems Medicine: SME driven research applying systems biology approa
Type of Project Collaborative
Date from 1/11/2012
Date to 31/10/2014
Person Months

Project title CERVIVA 2: building capacity and advancing research and patient care in cervical screening in Ireland
Funding Agency Health Research Board
Programme ICE
Type of Project Interdisciplinary Capacity Enhancement Programme
Date from 1/12/2011
Date to 30/11/2014
Person Months

Project title ‘Molecular Pap test’ for cervical cancer screening – detecting HPV infection and cellular abnormalities in exfoliated cervical cells
Funding Agency Enterprise Ireland
Programme Commercialisation fund
Type of Project
Date from 2011
Date to 2014
Person Months

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Publications and Other Research Outputs
Peer Reviewed
Yusof A, Keegan H, Spillane CD, Sheils OM, Martin CM, O'Leary JJ, Zengerle R, Koltay P., Inkjet-like printing of single-cells., Lab on a Chip, 21, (11(14)), 2011, p2447 - 2454
ISI Citation Record
Cara M Martin, Katharine Astbury, John J. O’Leary, Molecular Profiling of Cervical Neoplasia, Expert Reviews in Molecular Diagnostics, 6, (2), 2006, p217 - 229
Hughes CA, Murphy A, Martin C, Ring M, Fox E, Sheils O, Loftus B, O'Leary, JJ, Topoisomerase II-Alpha expression increases with increasing Gleason score and with hormone insensitivity in prostate carcinoma. ., Journal of Clinical Patholology, 59, (7), 2006, p721 - 724
.Astbury*, C.M. Martin*, M.Ring, L. Pilkington, N. Bolger, O.Sheils, J.J. O’Leary., Future Molecular Aspects of Cervical Cytology, Current Diagnostic Pathology, 12, 2006, p104 - 113
Non Peer Reviewed
Martin C, Astbury, K, O'Leary, JJ. , Molecular Biomarkers in Cervical Cancer, Cancerwise, 4, (2), 2005, p15 - 19
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