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Personal Information
College Photo Name Orr, Trevor L
Main Department Civil Struct & Env. Eng.
College Title Associate Professor
College Tel +353 1 896 1204
Trevor has been at Trinity College since 1977.
Details Date
Presented first Prestige Lecture of 2014 at the Institution of Civil Engineers, London which was based on my Crampton Prize Award winning paper: "How Eurocode 7 has affected geotechnical design: a review" published in the Journal Proc. ICE Geotechnical Engineering in December 2012 13th January 2014
Presented invited lecture "Eurocode 7 and pile design in Ireland and the UK" at the Baltic Piling Days conference, Tallinn, Estonia September 2012
Presented invited lecture "What learning outcomes can be achieved by incorporating case histories in geotechnical courses?" at the XV European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Athens, Greece September 2011
Convenor of CEN TC250/SC7 Evolution Group 3: Model solutions 2011-present
Visiting Professor at Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland in 2010 on a co-funded project for the Enhancement and Development of the Teaching Capacity of Universities within the European Social Fund Framework
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Membership of Professional Institutions, Associations, Societies
Details Date From Date To
The Project Management Society of the Institution of Engineers of Ireland: Chair since 2001
The Institution of Civil Engineers, London
The British Geotechnical Association
The Institution of Engineers of Ireland
Geotechnical Society of Ireland: Founder member and currently a committee member of the Geotechnical Society of Ireland
Awards and Honours
Award Date
Crampton Prize: awarded for the best paper published in the journal Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Geotechnical Engineering in 2012 2013
Institution Prize of the Institution of Enginers of Ireland. 1988
[F.I.E.I.] Fellow of the Institution of Engineers of Ireland 1988
Scholarship in TCD 1970
Harding Prize of the British Tunnelling Society 1975
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
French Medium Medium Medium
German Medium Medium Medium
Description of Research Interests
Geotechnical design Risk and reliability in geotechnics Applications of probabilistic and statistical methods in geotechnics Limit state design and geotechnical codes Development of European geotechnical standards including Eurocode 7 Tunnelling and microtunnelling Properties and behaviour of Irish soils Properties and stability of peat Problems due to pyritic fill Geotechnical engineering education
Research Interests
Drilling Technology Environmental Engineering, Pollution Control Environmental Impacts, Interactions GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING
Geographical and Geological Engineering Geography of agriculture Geotechnics Mining Technologies
Soil Mechanics Soil Sciences Soil Sciences, Conservation Soil Sciences, Erosion
Soil Sciences, Soil Genesis
Research Projects
Project title Investigation of vibrations due to tunnel boring
Funding Agency Nishimatsu Construction
Type of Project Joint Research Project with Nishimatsu
Date from 2002
Date to 2004
Person Months

Publications and Other Research Outputs
Peer Reviewed
Implementing Eurocode 7 to achieve reliable geotechnical designs in, editor(s)P. Arnold, G.A. Fenton, M.A. Hicks, T. Schweckendiek and B. Simpson , Modern Geotechnical Designs Codes of Practice, Amsterdam, IOS Press, 2013, pp72 - 86, [Trevor Orr]
Notes: [This chapter examines how the different measures to achieve safe and reliable geotechnical designs are implemented in Eurocode 7. These measures include: the use of the concept of geotechnical categories of take account of the complexity of geotechnical designs, procedures for managing the design and execution processes, requirements for the selection of characteristic parameter values, and recommended partial factor values associated with the three Design Approaches. How the consequences and reliability classes, set out in the head Eurocode, EN 1990, are implemented in Eurocode 7 for geotechnical designs is also examined. In additions, the paper presents the results of surveys to investigate how Eurocode 7 is being adopted in the different European countries and the experiences in some of those countries with its implementation.]
TARA - Full Text
Codes and standards and their relevance in, editor(s)J. Burland, T. Chapman, H. Skinner and M. Brown , ICE Manual of Geotechnical Engineering, London, Institution of Civil Engineers Publishing, 2012, pp105 - 124, [Orr T.L.L.]
McCabe B.A., Orr T.L.L., Reilly C.C. & Curran B.G., Settlement trough parameters for tunnels in Irish glacial tills, Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, 27, (1), 2012, p1 - 12
Kastner R., Arslan U., Orr T.L.L. Sallfors & Standing J.R., Avoiding damage caused by soil-structure interaction: lessons learnt from case histories, London, 2002, 77pp
Orr, Trevor L.L., Implications of Eurocode 7 for geotechnical design in Ireland, Transactions of the Institution of Engineers of Ireland, 126, 2002
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