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Personal Information
College Photo Name Fallon, Padraic Gerard
Main Department Clinical Medicine
College Title Professor of Translational Immunology
College Tel +353 1 896 3297
Professor Padraic Fallon heads the Translational Immunology Group. Prof Fallon is the Science Foundation Ireland Stokes Professor in Translational Immunology in the School of Medicine, TCD. Previously, Fallon was a Wellcome Trust Fellow in the University of Cambridge, UK, investigating immune modulation by schistosomes. Since returning to Ireland in 2001, he has continued his research, elucidating underlying mechanisms of aberrant immune function and novel therapeutic strategies for inflammatory diseases. The main diseases addressed are allergic lung inflammation (asthma), skin inflammation (eczema) and inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease). Fallon is the Director of the Paediatric Research in Translational Immunology (PRiTI) Programme, a strategic partnership between Trinity College Dublin and the National Children’s Research Centre The PRiTI programme bridges basic and clinician scientists and focuses on the underlying inflammatory processes associated with a number of childhood diseases. Prof Fallon is also the current Director of Research for the School of Medicine.
Awards and Honours
Award Date
Member Royal Irish Academy (MRIA) 2014
Stokes Professorship from Science Foundation Ireland. 2008
Fellow Trinity College Dublin (FTCD) 2009
Description of Research Interests
My research involves two overlapping translational immunology themes. i. The use of mouse models to study pathogen modulation of human inflammatory diseases. ii. Immune phenotyping of patients, in particular children, with inflammatory diseases such as atopic dermatitis and pulmonary fibrosis. Research aims to elucidate new mechanism of modulation of immunity that can alter inflammation and have therapeutic potential. Collaborative activity involves the phenotyping of new transgenic mice. The main diseases addressed are allergic lung and skin inflammation and inflammatory bowel disease. A growing emphasis is applying extensive expertise in animal models of human inflammatory diseases and general pathophysiology of inflammation to functional analysis of new therapeutic molecules/strategies with clinical collaborators and Pharma.
Research Interests
ALLERGY ANIMAL-MODELS Allergies Animal Models
Transgenic Mice
Publications and Other Research Outputs
Peer Reviewed
Knosp CA, Carroll HP, Elliott J, Saunders SP, Nel HJ, Amu S, Pratt JC, Spence S, Doran E, Cooke N, Jackson R, Swift J, Fitzgerald DC, Heaney LG, Fallon PG, Kissenpfennig A, Johnston JA., SOCS2 regulates T helper type 2 differentiation and the generation of type 2 allergic responses., Journal of Experimental Medicine, 208, (7), 2011, p1523-1531
Notes: [PMID: 21646394]
TARA - Full Text
Downer EJ, Clifford E, Gran B, Nel HJ, Fallon PG, Moynagh PN , Identification of the synthetic cannabinoid R(+)WIN55,212-2 as a novel regulator of IFN regulatory factor 3 (IRF3) activation and IFN-{beta} expression: relevance to therapeutic effects in models of multiple sclerosis., The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 286, (12), 2011, p10316-10328
Notes: [PMID: 21245146]
TARA - Full Text
Enoksson M, Lyberg K, Möller-Westerberg C, Fallon PG, Nilsson G, Lunderius-Andersson C., Mast Cells as Sensors of Cell Injury through IL-33 Recognition., Journal of Immunology, 186, (4), 2011, p2523-2528
Notes: [PMID: 21239713]
Fitzpatrick SF, Tambuwala MM, Bruning U, Schaible B, Scholz CC, Byrne A, O'Connor A, Gallagher WM, Lenihan CR, Garvey JF, Howell K, Fallon PG, Cummins EP, Taylor CT., An intact canonical NF-?B pathway is required for inflammatory gene expression in response to hypoxia., Journal of Immunology, 186, (2), 2011, p1091-1096
Notes: [PMID: 21149600 ]
Miajlovic H, Fallon PG, Irvine AD, Foster TJ., Effect of filaggrin breakdown products on growth of and protein expression by Staphylococcus aureus, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 126, (6), 2011, p1184-1190
Notes: [PMID: 21036388]
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