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Personal Information
College Photo Name Gormley, Michael
Main Department Psychology
College Title Assistant Professor
College Tel +353 1 896 3903
Michael Gormley obtained his Ph.D. from the Queen's University of Belfast in 1999, and took up his first academic position in the then department of Psychology, at Trinity College in 2000. He was employed as a lecturer is research methodology and statistics, and this remains his primary role on the undergraduate course.
Details Date
Psychological Society of Ireland's reprsentative on the RCPI Fitness to Drive Policy Group. 2010/11
Member of the editorial board of the Irish Journal of Psychology. 2010-
Description of Research Interests
Driving behaviour: speeding, young male drivers, theoretical models of speeding behaviour, antecedents of speeding behaviour including estimation of journey time. Implicit cognition: use in behaviours such as smoking, sex offending and prejudice; subliminal perception.
Research Interests
Antecedents of speeding behaviour Cognitive aspects of addiction Driver Behaviour Driver typologies
Implicit aspects of prejudice Implicit cognition Implicit measures of smoking behaviour Objective & subjective measures of speeding
Psychology of Driving Sexual interest in sex offenders: use of implicit measures Subliminal perception Young male drivers
Research Projects
Project title Evaluating road safety interventions: The role of proximal and distal factors in differential assimilation of safety oriented knowledge, skills and attitudes in adolescents.
Summary €115,000 from the RSA to evaluate pre-driver educational interventions.
Funding Agency Road Safety Authority
Type of Project
Date from 04/2009
Date to 03/2012
Person Months

Project title HUSSAR
Summary €170,000 from UK Department for Transport to investigate ways to change attitudes towards speeding.
Funding Agency Department for Transport, UK
Type of Project
Date from Sept 2006
Date to June 2008
Person Months

Project title Speeding behaviour in young Irish males
Summary €60,000 from the Road Safety Authority to investigate attitudes and reported behaviours of young male drivers attending the Irish leg of the World Rally Championship 2007.
Funding Agency Road Safety Authority, Ireland
Type of Project
Date from Augst 2007
Date to March 2008
Person Months

Project title SARTRE 3 Ireland
Summary €20,000 from National Roads Authority to determine the relevance of the SARTRE 3 data for Ireland.
Funding Agency
Type of Project
Date from Jan 2005
Date to July 2005
Person Months

Publications and Other Research Outputs
Peer Reviewed
Fuller, R., Gormley, M., Stradling, S., Broughton, P., Kinnear, N. O’Dolan, C. & Hannigan, B., Impact of speed change on estimated journey time: Failure of drivers to appreciate relevance of initial speed, Accident Analysis and Prevention, 40, (1), 2009, p10 - 14
TARA - Full Text  DOI
Gormley, M. & Fuller, R, A critical review of SARTRE, Behavioural Research in Road Safety, edited by DfT , 16, Department for Transport, 2006, pp17 - 27
van Hanswijck de Jonge, L. & Gormley, M, Responses to positive and negative smoking-related images: Effects of current smoking status and degree of smoking addiction, Addictive Behaviors, 30, (8), 2005, p1587 - 1591
Kiernan, G., Gormley, M., & MacLachlan, M. , Outcomes associated with participation in a therapeutic recreation camping programme for children from 15 European countries: data from the 'Barretstown Studies' , Social Science & Medicine, 59, (5), 2004, p903 - 913
Kiernan, G., Gormley, M., & MacLachlan, M., The revised-perceived illness experience scale (R-PIE): data from the 'Barretstown Studies', Behavioral Medicine, 30, (1), 2004, p23 - 31
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