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Personal Information
College Photo Name Basu, Biswajit
Main Department Civil Struct & Env. Eng.
College Title Professor & Head of Department
College Tel +353 1 896 2389
Details Date
Associate Editor, Journal of Structural Enginering, ASCE 2012
Member of Editorial Board, Structural Control and Health Monitoring, Wiley 2009
Member of Editorial Board, Journal Of Multi-Body Dynamics, Institution Of Mechanical Engineers, UK 2008
Member of Editorial Board, International Journal Of Materials and Structural Integrity 2006
Membership of Professional Institutions, Associations, Societies
Details Date From Date To
Member IEI 2002
Member ASCE 2006
Member ASME 2006
Member IEEE 2007
Awards and Honours
Award Date
Best conference paper award in the 6th International Conference on Condition monitoring, British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing, Dublin, Ireland June 2009
Best conference paper on ‘Soil Dynamics’ in the 13th Asian Regional Conference on Geotechnical Engineering, International Society of Soil mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE), Calcutta, India Jan 2007
Best paper award in the Procedings of the Society of Earthquake and Civil Engineering Dynamics, SECED, Bath, UK 2005
Best conference paper in the 7th Railway Engineering Conference, London, UK 2004
Dr K.S.Krishnan Research Fellow Award 2004
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Description of Research Interests
Renewable Energy Technologies, Smart Grid, Wind Energy, Offshore Wind Turbines, Wave Energy, Structural Health Monitoring, Passive, Active and Semi-active Vibration Control, Random Vibrations, Wind & Earthquake Engineering, Time-frequency and Wavelet Analysis, Non-stationary Processes, Tarffic Flow Theory and Control
Research Interests
Nonlinear Dynamics and Systems Random Vibrations and Stochastic Mechanics Soil/Structure Interaction Stochastic Processes
Structural Dynamics System Identification Systems Health Monitoring Time Frequency and Wavelet Analysis
Traffic Engineering Vibration Control Wind Energy and Wind Turbines
Research Projects
Project title Business Model Innovation for High Performance Buildings Supported by Whole Life Optimization (UMBRELLA)
Summary This project aims at the development and validation of new 'processes and business models' for the next generation of performance based energy-efficient buildings integrating new services.
Funding Agency EU FP7
Type of Project Collaborative
Date from Dec 2012
Date to Aug 2015
Person Months

Project title SYStem Identification, Condition & Health Monitoring for a New Generation of WIND Turbines (SYSWIND)
Summary The SYSWIND project will focus on truly multi-disciplinary and newly emerging scientific areas and technologies for next generation wind turbines. There are six research themes: new structural health monitoring (SHM), wireless sensor network (WSN), multi-body systems (including aerodynamics and geotechnics), semi-active vibration control, composite materials and power system modelling.
Funding Agency EU FP7
Programme Marie Curie Initial Trainning Network
Type of Project
Date from Dec 2009
Date to Nov 2013
Person Months

Project title Non-stationary respOnse of spaTially Extended Structures (NOTES)
Summary NOTES will develop new ways in which wavelet-based non-stationary analysis techniques will be applied to incorporate the latest developments in vibration analysis and signal processing techniqes for the analysis of geotechnical/structural systems in infrastructure industries. The aim of NOTES is to develop a partnership between TCD and Plaxis B.V. that will generate a pool of highly-skilled, experienced researchers with the knowledge required to create better tools for the analysis of soil-structure systems. NOTES focuses 2 areas: (i) Traffic/Transportation induced vibrations in soil-structure interaction.; (ii) Earthquake induced vibrations in spatially extended structures (e.g., tunnels, pipelines, bridges)
Funding Agency EU-FP7
Programme Industry Academia Partnership-Marie Curie
Type of Project Resaerch
Date from Mar 2009
Date to Feb 2013
Person Months

Project title Semi-active vibration control of wind turbine blades
Summary This project investiagtes the behaviour of smart dmapers and implementation of various semi-active control algorithms for controlling vibrations in wind turbine blades
Funding Agency Irish Research Council of Science, Engineering & Technology
Programme Embark Initiative
Type of Project Research
Date from Oct 2006
Date to Sep2009
Person Months 36

Project title Self healing wind turbine blades
Summary This project looks at the use of cyanoacrylate for developing self healing wind turbine blades
Funding Agency Henkel Loctite jointly with Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering & Technology
Programme Partnership Program
Type of Project
Date from Oct 2009
Date to Sep 2012
Person Months

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Publications and Other Research Outputs
Peer Reviewed
Søren R.K. Nielsen, Qiang Zhou, Morten M. Kramer, Biswajit Basu, Reactive Control of Non-Linear Wave Energy Point Converters Article, Journal of Ocean Engineering, 2012
Michael Harte and Biswajit Basu, Foundation impedance and tower transfer functions for offshore wind turbines, Journal of Multi-body Dynamics, Proceedings of Institute of Mechanical Engineers, Part K, 2012
Breiffni Fitzgerald, Biswajit Basu and Søren R.K. Nielsen, Active tuned mass dampers for control of in-plane vibrations in wind turbine blades, Journal of Structural Control and Health Monitoring, 2012
Wavelet Analysis in, editor(s)Boller, C., Chang, F.-K. and Fujino, Y. , Encyclopaedia on Structural Health Monitoring, Chichester, UK, John Wiley & Sons, 2008, pp1-29 , [Amy Roberstson and Biswajit Basu]
Paul J. Murtagh, Aparna Ghosh, Biswajit Basu and Brian M. Broderick, Passive control of wind turbine vibrations including blade/tower interaction and rotationally sampled turbulence, Wind Energy, 11, (4), 2008, p304 - 317
More Publications and Other Research Outputs >>>

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