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Dr. Bobby Smyth

Clinical Senior Lecturer in Addiction St (Public Health & Primary Care)


  Addiction   Addiction and substance abuse   Addictions   ADOLESCENT   ADOLESCENT DRUG-USE   Adolescent Psychology   AETIOLOGY   Childhood and mental health   Development, prevention and treatment of mental disease or disorder   Educational disadvantage in children   Emotional, behavioural and cognitive disorders   Health attitudes and behaviour   Health outcomes   HEPATITIS C   INJECTION-DRUG USERS   Mental health and intellectual disability   Neurophysiology   Psychiatry   Psychometrics   Public health
Details Date From Date To
Royal College of Psychiatrists
Society for the Study of Addiction
Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland
Association for Child Psychology and Psychiatry
Ivers JH, Zgaga L, Sweeney B, Keenan E, Darker C, Smyth BP, Barry J., A naturalistic longitudinal analysis of post-detoxification outcomes in opioid-dependent patients., Drug and Alcohol Review, 37, (S1), 2018, p339 - 347, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Smyth BP, Lyons S, Cullen W., Decline in new psychoactive substance use disorders following legislation targeting headshops: Evidence from national addiction treatment data., Drug and Alcohol Review, 36, (5), 2017, p609 - 617, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
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McCombe G., Henihan A., Klimas J., Klimas J., Swan D., Leahy D., Anderson R., Bury G., Dunne C., Keenan E., Meagher D., O"Gorman C., O"Toole T., Saunders J., Smyth B., Lambert J., Kaner E., Cullen W., Enhancing alcohol screening and brief intervention among people receiving opioid agonist treatment: qualitative study in primary care, Drugs and Alcohol Today, 16, (4), 2016, p247-258 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI

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James P, Kearns T, Campbell A & Smyth BP, Adolescents & Substance Use: The Handbook for professionals working with Young People, Oxford, Radcliffe Publishing Ltd, 2013, Book, PUBLISHED
The Childs Perspective in, editor(s)David B. Cooper , Responding in Mental Health-Substance Use , Oxford, Radcliffe Publishing Ltd, 2011, [James P, Smyth BP], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Margaret Davenport Prize (Royal College of Psychiatrists) 2000
Registrar's Prize ( Royal Acadamy of Medicine in Ireland) 1997
I am interested in all areas of research regarding adolescent substance use, including aetiology, prevention, treatment matching and evaluation of treatment outcome. I have previously evalauted outcome following inpateint treatment of opiate dependence. I have also examined factors associated with unsafe injecting practices among injecting drug users, measuring incidence and prevalance of both HCV and HIV in this group. I have examined the impact of national drug policy of drug related harms.