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Dr. Sharon O'Toole

Snr Experimental Officer (Obstetrics)

Senior Research Fellow (Histopathology)

Sharon O'Toole obtained a BSc Hons in UCG in 1994 and received an award for outstanding results. She went on to receive one of the limited places on the MSc Biotechnology course and graduated in 1996. From there she worked as a QC analyst in Schering Plough. She was then selected to assist one of the leading members of the technical transfer team who was involved in the transfer of technology from the US. An opportunity then arose in TCD, which would eventually lead to a PhD. She received the O'Meara scholarship from Trinity. She has gained enormous experience in the area of ovarian cancer and has played a major role in the development of studies in gynaecological cancer. During the course of her PhD she showed innovative skills in developing assay systems for chemosensitivity/resistance testing. Sharon forged many links with industry and became principal investigator on a study funded by Bristol Myers Squibb. She has worked directly with Applied Biosystems and presented for them at symposiums. Other funding she received for studies included the royal city of Dublin hospital trust fund and the HRB. She then became a coinvestigator on a 5th framework study funded by the European commission with a consortium of eight centres throughout Europe. She has presented at both national and international conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals. She was nominated to present at the Blair Bell symposium in London. She received an award from the International society for preventive oncology for her presentation in Geneva
  Gynaecology oncology   Obstetrics/Gynecology   Oestregens in age related urogenital diseases
 Identification of novel biomarkers in recurrent/chemoresistant ovarian cancer
 A Consortium of researchers dedicated to understanding and treatment of ovarian cancer: The DISCOVARY Consortium
 Ageing and the Urogenital Tract
 Chemosensitivity testing in gynaecological cancers

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Member of European Association for Cancer Research. Member of Irish Association for Cancer Research
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-Early diagnostics in ovarian cancer -Chemoresistance in ovarian cancer Chemosensitivity/Resistance testing of malignant gynaecological tumours -Examination of Fibrinolytic systems of malignant gynaecological tumours -Examination of angiogenesis in ovarian cancers. -Examination of multidrug resistance genes in gynaecological tumours. -Estrogen regulated genes in endometrial cancer. -PhytoSERMs and Endometrial Cancer