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Professor Damian McManus

Chair of Early Irish, Head of Department (Irish)

Chair of Early Irish, Head of Department (Centre for Irish-Scottish Studies)

On-going Project: I have been directing the Bardic Project of the Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies for the past four years. The purpose of this is to make available in computer-readable form all Bardic poetry that has survived from the period 1200-1650. Approximately 600 unpublished poems have been transcribed from manuscript and are currently being proofed. A further 1,400 published poems nave been retrieved from their various places of publication. It is hoped that this work will be complete at the end of this academic year (04-05) and that publication will be possible very soon thereafter.
AVE reversing EVA: Miscellanea on Marian devotion in Irish bardic poetry in, editor(s)Seán Duffy , Princes, prelates and poets in Medieval Ireland: Essays in honour of Katharine Simms, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2013, pp503 - 513, [Damian McManus], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
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Damian McManus, Surnames and scions: adjectival qualification of Christian names and cognomina in Classical Irish poetry, Ériu, 63, 2013, p117 - 143, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Damian McManus, On the 2nd sg. subjunctive of do-ní in Classical Irish, Ériu, 63, 2013, p155 - 158, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
'Naomhú Néill Fhrosaigh Uí Néill' in, editor(s)Eoin Mac Cárthaigh agus Jürgen Uhlich , Féilscríbhinn do Chathal Ó Háinle, Indreabhán, Co. na Gaillimhe, Cló Iar-Chonnacht, 2012, pp349 - 371, [Damian McManus], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
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Damian McManus, Varia ii: The ainm coimhleanamhna, Ériu, 62, 2012, p189 - 195, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Ériu, 61, (2011), Damian McManus, [joint editor], 6 years, Journal, PUBLISHED
Damian McManus, Varia II IGT/BST citations: some more identifications, Ériu, 61, 2011, p169 - 170, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Damian McManus and Eoghan Ó Raghallaigh, A Bardic miscellany: five hundred Bardic poems from manuscripts in Irish and British libraries, Dublin, Department of Irish, Trinity College, Dublin, 2010, 1 - 710pp, Notes: [This book is one of the products of the Irish Department's Bardic Poetry project sponsored by the HEA's Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions, cycles i and iii.], Book, PUBLISHED  URL

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Medieval Irish: language and literature. Historical and comparative linguistics. Writing systems, in particular Ogam Classical Modern Irish Bardic poetry. The Grammatical and Syntactical tracts of the Classical Modern Irish poets.