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Professor Michael Shevlin

Professor (Education)

  Special Needs Education
Details Date
Editorial Advisory Board of Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs (international publication).
Advisory Board of Sunfield Research Institute (Birmingham, UK)
Advisor to Sage Publications on new handbook-The Handbook of Special Education 2004-5
Advisor to Equality Authority on educational issues concerning young people with disabilities.
Advisor to Down Syndrome Ireland in research project on inclusion.
Advisor to Down Syndrome Ireland in research project on access to higher education for people with learning difficulties.
N.C.E.A. Extern Examiner (Special Education) St. Nicholas Montessori College, Dublin 2000-3.
The Centre for the Study of Developmental Disabilities: University College Dublin (Member of the Advisory Group and contributor to postgraduate course) 1998-2005.
The Open Training College (Member of Academic Council). 1999-2002
National Association for Adult Literacy Blanchardstown. Education Consultant. 2002-4
Special Olympics Ireland. Education Consultant. 2001-2003
An Post Disability Awareness. Education Consultant. 2002
The Drake Music Project: enabling disabled people to make music through technology (Trustee). 1998-2005
The Puffin House Trust: providing a breakaway scheme for people with learning difficulties (Trustee). 1999-2005
Board of Management of a special school. 1993-2000
Details Date From Date To
National Council for Special Education 2004 2008
North-South committee on special education in Initial Teacher Education 2004 2004
Appeals Committee-Exclusion of pupils from schools (Department of Education and Science) 2002 Present
CEDR network to examine the impact of disadvantage in education 2002 2003
Arts & Disability sub committee of Arts Council 1996 1997
Special Education Review Committee 1991 1993
Leadership approaches to inclusive education: learning from an Irish longitudinal study in, editor(s)M. Milton , Inclusive Principles and Practices in Literacy Education, Bingley, Emerald Publishing, 2017, pp53 - 67, [M. Shevlin & R. Rose], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
European Journal of Special Needs Education, 32, 1, (2017), 1-169p, Mary Ruth Coleman Michael Shevlin, [eds.], Journal, PUBLISHED
Sheena Bell Christina Devecchi Conor Mc Guckin Michael Shevlin, Making the transition to post-secondary education: opportunities and challenges experienced by students with ASD in the Republic of Ireland, European Journal of Special Needs Education, 32, (1), 2017, p54 - 70, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Richard Rose & Michael Shevlin, A sense of belonging: childrens' views of acceptance in "inclusive" mainstream schools. International Journal of Whole Schooling. 13, (1), 65 - 80 ISSN: 1710-2146 , International Journal of Whole Schooling , 13, (1), 2017, p65 - 80, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Historical Overview of developments in Special Education in Ireland in, editor(s)B. Walsh , Essays in the History of Irish Education, London, Palgrave MacMillan, 2016, pp181 - 201, [Michael Shevlin], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
McConkey, R., Kelly, C., Craig, S, & Shevlin, M. , A decade of change in mainstream education for children with intellectual disabilities in the Republic of Ireland. , European Journal of Special Needs Education, 31, (1), 2016, p96 - 110, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
M. Twomey & M. Shevlin, Parenting, autism spectrum disorders and inner journeys., Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs, 2016, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
J. Banks, S. Mc Coy & M. Shevlin et al., Special Classes in Irish Schools-Phase 2: A Qualitative Study, Trim, Co. Meath, 2016, p1 - 110, Report, PUBLISHED
Rose, R., Shevlin, M., Winter, E., and O'Raw, P, Project IRIS - Inclusive Research in Irish Schools: A longitudinal study of the experiences of and outcomes for pupils with special educational needs (SEN) in Irish Schools. , Trim, Co. Meath, National Council for Special Education, 2015, Notes: [Major longitudinal study on education for pupils with special educational needs.], Report, PUBLISHED
(Dis)ability and choice: The dilemmas of young people's transitions to further and higher education in Ireland. in, editor(s)P. Kelly & A. Kamp , A critical youth studies for the 21st Century, The Netherlands, Koninklijke Brill NV., 2014, [Scanlon, G., Shevlin, M., & Mc Guckin, C.], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI

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RECENT RESEARCH: . Creating a safe school environment Comenius / European (1997-9) . Teacher attitudes towards integration of young people with disabilities 1998-9 . Hidden Voices: the school experiences of young people with disabilities 1999-2000. . Access and inclusion issues for students with disabilities in third level education (commissioned by AHEAD as part of European funded project) 2000-1 . Canada-European Community Co-operation Agreement 2001-2003 . UNESCO Participation Programme 2001-3 Support for the families of Children with Developmental Disabilities . In collaboration with the Centre for Special Needs Education (University College, Northampton) Encouraging Voices Project: Ensuring that the voice of the child, particularly those previously marginalized, becomes integral to the education process. CURRENT RESEARCH: . In collaboration with NUI Maynooth and University College Dublin Student teacher profiles and experiences of teacher education - becoming teachers: a comparative study of the profiles of five Higher Diploma in Education cohorts. 2001-6. . In collaboration with Stranmillis College, Belfast: Initial Teacher Education and the conceptualisation of Special Educational Needs. 2004-ongoing. . In collaboration with the Centre for Special Needs Education (University College, Northampton): Exploring Voices of Disabled People in Education.