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Dr. Cara Martin

Assistant Professor (Histopathology)

Assistant Professor (Molecular Medicine Ireland)

  Apoptosis   Apoptosis, molecular control   Autism   Bioinformatics   Biology   Cancer genetics and cell biology including metastasis   Cell cycle control   Cervical cancer   Chromosome structure and dynamics   Commercialisation of scientific research   Community health and general practice   Cytology and Cancerology   DNA polymorphisms, evaluate chimerism after bone marrow transplant   DNA transcription and translation   DNA typing   Drug development and evaluation   Environmental Carcinogenesis   Epidemiology   Gene therapy   Gene transcription in human cancer   Genetic/Molecular epidemiology   Genomic structure and function, molecular approaches to gene function   Gynaecology oncology   Health attitudes and behaviour   Health management   Host, Pathogen interactions   Human genetics   Imaging Techniques   Infertility   Intra and intercellular signalling   Medical Sciences, Research   Medical technology   Membrane and protein trafficking   Molecular population genetics   Nuclei acid chemistry, structure and folding   Oncogenes, apoptosis and tumour development   Pathology   Population based intervention trials   Regulatory methods of gene expression   RNA processing, stability and degradation   Stem Cell biology and hematopoiesis   Therapeutic and Clinical oncology   Tumour immunology and immunotherapy   Virology and viral pathogenesis
 CERVIVA 2: building capacity and advancing research and patient care in cervical screening and other HPV associated diseases in Ireland.
 Systems biology approaches to cervical pre-cancer and cancer SYSTEMCERV
 CERVIVA 2: building capacity and advancing research and patient care in cervical screening in Ireland
 'Molecular Pap test' for cervical cancer screening - detecting HPV infection and cellular abnormalities in exfoliated cervical cells
 Non-coding miRNAs as regulators of chemoresistance in ovarian cancer,

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Martin C, Astbury, K, O'Leary, JJ. , Molecular Biomarkers in Cervical Cancer, Cancerwise, 4, (2), 2005, p15 - 19, Journal Article, PUBLISHED