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Dr. Catherine Mc Cabe

Associate Professor (School of Nursing & Midwifery)

Prof McCabe is a Registered General Nurse with over 20 years' experience in nursing and healthcare practice, education and research. Her current and past research projects have had a highly significant and direct impact on the improved management of pain for attendees in the Emergency Department and also for patients with cancer related pain in medical and surgical wards. Her research interests and expertise are in the areas of: 1. Critical/Acute care (pain management, sepsis and clinical decision making) 2. Digital health Health (prevention and early detection/management of deteriorating patients) 3. Cancer care 4. Communication in Healthcare 5. Interprofessional learning and working to provide high quality care 6. Systematic Reviews Professor McCabe has a particular interest in how technology can be used in health care contexts to improve care, patient experiences in acute care settings, and quality of life. Prof McCabe has worked on various interdisciplinary collaborative technology projects with Intel, TRIL and St James' Hospital on the use of ICT to promote early detection of deterioration, patient participation in healthcare, independence, self-management and quality of life. She is currently engaged in developing and participating in research proposals that examine how clinical decision making processes are used, improved and maintained - this will have a particular focus on deteriorating patients in acute care settings and pain management. Her curriculum development work and teaching/learning strategies demonstrates a strong interest in using innovative approaches to encourage students to apply theory to practice, contribute to College and the community and develop a positive and enduring interest in learning and continued professional development. Prof McCabe led the development of an interdisciplinary MSc in Community Health which commenced in 2016 and is module leader for an interdisciplinary online module in Dementia care.
  Acute care management, early detection deterioration   Adjustment Psychology   Bone Marrow transplantation and transfusion   Chronic Illness self-management   Digital Health   Online education in healthcare   Psychometrics   QUALITY OF LIFE   RANDOMISED-CONTROLLED TRIAL
 Design and test an innovative interdisciplinary online education programme on digital health for chronic disease management (Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, cancer and mental health
 Building Capacity for Research & Service improvement
 National Review of Art and Health Practice in Ireland
 'Open Window' Study - An evaluation of a novel art intervention using multi media in the treatment of patients undergoing stem cell transplantation

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Details Date
IUA representative on the National Deteriorating Patient Improvement Programme (DPIP) and member of the working group on NEWS Education Programme March 2019
Details Date From Date To
The Irish Platform for Patients' Organisations, Science and Industry (IPPOSI) October 2012 to date
European Academy of Nursing Science Elected Board Member and Treasurer May 2019
Irish Critical Care Nurses Association 2019
McCabe C, Patel KD, Fletcher S, Winters N, Sheaf G, Varley J, McCann M., Online Interprofessional education related to chronic illness for health professionals: a scoping review, Journal of Interprofessional Care, 2020, p10.1080/13561820.2020.1749575 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
McCabe C, Tehan A, Grehan M, Roche D., An assessment of the scope and nature of arts and health practice in Ireland, Public Health Panorama, 6, (1), 2020, p36 - 210, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
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McCabe, C., O'Brien, M, & Quirke, MB, The introduction of the Early Warning Score in the Emergency Department: A retrospective cohort study, International Emergency Nursing, In Press, 2019, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Doyle, L. McCabe C., Keogh, B., Brady, A-M., McCann, M., An Overview of the Qualitative Descriptive Design within Nursing Research, Journal of Research in Nursing, 2019, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Donizak J & McCabe C, Pharmacological management of patients with Parkinson's Disease in the acute hospital setting: a review, British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing, 13, (5), 2017, p220 - 225, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
McCabe C, McCann M, Brady AM, Computer and mobile technology interventions for self-management in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, Art. No.: CD011425, (5), 2017, pdoi/10.1002/14651858.CD011425. , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Timmins, F., McCabe, C., Whelan, J., Buckley, S., Muldowney, Y., McCarthy, S., DeVries, J., Nurses' confidence with communication skills: An exploration of the communication required for contemporary nursing practice in the Republic of Ireland, Nurse Education Today (NET) 27th International Networking for Healthcare Education Conference., Churchill College, University of Cambridge, UK, 6th-8th Sep 2016, Jill Rogers Associates, 2016, pp3 - 3, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Timmins, F. McCabe, C. and Keogh, B. , Reflections on research teaching using Brookfield's (1995) Critical Incident Technique, NET2016 27th International Networking for Healthcare Education Conference, Churchill College, University of Cambridge, UK, 6th-8th September, 2016, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Timmins, B., Long, S. McCabe, C, Timmins, F., and Lattimore, N. , DIT students and the community widening their participation by designing student services for TU4D. , 7th Living Knowledge Conference: Integrating Community Based Partnership into Learning and Teaching for Responsible Research and Innovation, DIT Grangegorman, Dublin., 22nd-24th June 2016., 2016, pp29 - 29, Conference Paper, PRESENTED

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McCabe C, Daly L, Fahy McCarthy E, O'Shea H, Ethical and Legal Decision Making with a Person with Advanced Dementia, Conference: Palliative Care Needs of People with Dementia: Building Capacity, Mullingar Park Hotel, 3rd November, 2015, Irish Hospice Foundation, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Daly, L., & McCabe C., Scoping Review to Inform the Development of an Inter-disciplinary Masters in Gerontology, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin., March, 2013, Report, PUBLISHED
McCabe C, Dinsmore J, Brady AM, McKee G, O'Donnell, S, COPD - Behavioural Change, Self Management & Peer Perspective: Project Report, School of Nursing & Midiwfery, May, 2012, Report, PUBLISHED
Brady, A-M & Mc Cabe, C., Human factors in Nursing Education , Human Factors in Healthcare, Farmleigh, Phoenix Park, Dublin, 24th November, 2011, State Claims Agency, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
McCabe C, Roche D, Hegarty F, McCann S, The 'Open Window' Project - A Novel Art Intervention in the Treatment of Patients Undergoing Stem Cell Transplantation. , EBMT (UK) NAP Nursing Conference, Nottingham, 28th June , 2006, EBMT (UK) NAP, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
McCabe C., Roche D., Hegarty F., McCann S., Art in Health Care: Essential or Just Nice to Look At!, Creative Methods Symposium,, Ickworth Hotel, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, 7th December, 2006, Homerton School of Health Studies (HSHS), Angela Ruskin University, Cambridge., Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
McCabe C, Roche D, Hegarty F, McCann S., 'Open Window' Project - a novel intervention in the treatment of haematological malignancies, Irish Haematology Nurses Association, Newsletter, (June), 2005, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
McCabe, C., Diagnosis and treatment of Meningitis in Children, World of Irish Nursing, 7, (8), 1999, p20 - 21, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
McCabe, C., Child abuse: What's the problem? What's the solution, St Paul Ireland, 1997, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
McCabe, C., Meningitis in Children, Irish Emergency Nurses Association Conference, St. Mary's Hospital, Phoenix Park, Dublin, 10th October, 1998, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED


My key research interests are: -Critical Care particularly related to early detection of deterioration, pain management, sepsis and clinical decision making. -Digital health (early detection, prevention and self-management) -Effective communication in Healthcare -Innovation in Interprofessional Working and learning -Systematic Reviews