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Professor Brian Mc Ging

Fellow Emeritus (Classics)


  Greek and roman biography   Greek Literature, History and Culture   Hellenistic history   History and Papyrology   Jewish history   Literature
 Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies

Details Date
Editorial circle, Archiv fur Papyrologie und verwandte Gebiete 2009
Royal Irish Academy, member National Committee for Greek and Latin Studies 1984-1991
Royal Irish Academy, member Greek and Roman Committee 2006-
Royal Irish Academy, Secretary National Committee for Greek and Latin Studies 1988-1991
Royal Irish Academy, member National Committee for Greek and Latin Studies 1996-1999
External examiner in Latin, University of Manchester 1990-1994
External examiner in Ancient History, University of Warwick 1997-2000
Editor, Hermathena 1986-
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
French Fluent Medium Medium
German Fluent Fluent Fluent
Italian Medium Basic Basic
Egypt's specificity and impact on Hellenistic history in, editor(s)Katelijn Vandorpe , A Companion to Greco-Roman and Late Antique Egypt, Wiley Blackwell, Wiley, 2019, pp565 - 572, [Brian McGing], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Appian, the Third Punic War and Polybius in, editor(s)N. Miltsios, M. Tamiolaki , Polybius and his legacy, Berlin, de Gruyter, 2018, pp341 - 356, [Brian McGing], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Guerilla warfare and revolt in 2nd century BC Egypt in, editor(s)B. Hughes, F. Robson , Unconventional warfare from Antiquity to the present day, Palgrave, Macmillan, 2017, pp219 - 230, [Brian McGing], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Revolting Subjects: empires and insurrection, ancient and modern in, editor(s)J. J. Collins, J. G. Manning , Revolt and Resistance in the Ancient Classical World and Near East, Leiden, Brill, 2016, pp139 - 153, [Brian McGing], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Brian McGing, Review of The Land of the Elephant Kings, by Kosmin, P. , Acta Classica, 59, 2016, p222-226 , Review, PUBLISHED
Hermathena, 191 Winter 2011, (2015), 1 - 138p, B. C. McGing, [ed.], Journal, PUBLISHED
Hermathena, 190 (Summer 2011), (2015), 1 - 150p, B. C. McGing, [ed.], Journal, PUBLISHED
Iranian kings in Greek dress? Cultural identity in the Mithradatid kingdom of Pontus in, editor(s)T. Bekker-Nielsen , Space, Place and Identity in Northern Anatolia, Stuttgart, Franz Steiner Verlag, 2014, pp21 - 37, [Brian C. McGing], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Hermathena, 189 (Winter 2010), (2014), 1 - 145p, B. C. McGing, [ed.], Journal, PUBLISHED
Hermathena, 188 (Summer 2010), (2014), 1 - 111p, B. C. McGing, [ed.], Journal, PUBLISHED

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Award Date
Elected Member of the Royal Irish Academy 2004
Foreign Member, Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium 2008
Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, Heidelberg 1991-1993
Elected to Fellowship, Trinity College Dublin 1989
Open Fellowship, Toronto 1976-1978
Junior Fellow, Trinity College, Toronto 1976-1978
Connaught Fellowship, Toronto 1975-1976
Junior Fellow, Massey College, Toronto 1975-1978
My main research interests are : the history of Asia Minor in the Hellenistic period; Greek historiography; papyrology and the history of Greco-Roman Egypt; Jews and Judaism in Hellenistic and early Roman times; Apart from articles on various matters of papyrology and ancient history, I have the following major research projects: 1. Publication of a book on Polybius for Oxford University Press. 2. Publication of 1st century AD papyri in Chester Beatty Library. 3. Retranslation of Loeb edition of Appian.