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Dr. Mimi Zhang

Assistant Professor (Statistics)

Mimi Zhang joined TCD as an assistant professor in October 2017. She holds a B.Sc. in statistics from University of Science and Technology of China (Sep. 2007-Jul. 2011), and a Ph.D. in engineering management from City University of Hong Kong (Nov. 2011-Jan. 2015). Before joining TCD, she was a research associate at University of Strathclyde and Imperial College London. Her main research areas are machine learning and operations research, including clustering, Bayesian optimization, functional data analysis, tree-based methods, reliability, maintenance, etc. She is the strand leader of the Data Science MSc.

My PhD students:

    Joshua Tobin, 2018,
    Oluwatobiloba Olajubu, 2020
    Joshua Francis, 2020
    Xiantao Zhao, 2021

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD or postdoctoral fellowship in data mining/operations research, please contact me as early as possible.

    We have up to 14 scholarships to award for PhD positions as part of the China Scholarship Council - Trinity College Dublin Joint Scholarship Programme. The funding package supports a student registered for a PhD for up to 4 years and includes living expenses (typically 1,300 EUR/ month) plus airfare, visa and passport fees.

  Anomaly Detection   Bayesian Optimization   Classfication Trees   Clustering   Functional Data   Maintenance   Reliability (Engineering)
 I-Form, the SFI Research Centre for Advanced Manufacturing

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Min Xie, Mimi Zhang, Discussion of "Virtual age, is it real?", Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry, 37, (1), 2021, p30 - 31, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Muhannad Ahmed Obeidi and Medad Monu and Cian Hughes and Declan Bourke and Merve Nur Dogu and Joshua Francis and Mimi Zhang and Inam Ul Ahad and Dermot Brabazon, Laser beam powder bed fusion of nitinol shape memory alloy (SMA), Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 14, 2021, p2554-2570 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Joshua Tobin, Mimi Zhang, DCF: An Efficient and Robust Density-Based Clustering Method, 2021 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM), 2021, Journal Article, ACCEPTED  TARA - Full Text
Mimi Zhang, A Heuristic Policy for Maintaining Multiple Multi-State Systems, Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 203, 2020, p107081 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Mimi Zhang, Forward-Stagewise Clustering: An Algorithm for Convex Clustering, Pattern Recognition Letters, 128, 2019, p283 - 289, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Mimi Zhang and Tim Bedford, Vine Copula Approximation: A Generic Method for Coping with Conditional Dependence, Statistics and Computing, 28, (1), 2018, p219 - 237, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Mimi Zhang and Min Xie, An Ameliorated Improvement Factor Model for Imperfect Maintenance and Its Goodness of Fit, Technometrics, 59 (2), 2017, p237 - 246, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Mimi Zhang and Matthew Revie, Continuous-Observation Partially Observable Semi-Markov Decision Processes for Machine Maintenance, IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 66 (1), 2017, p202 - 218, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Mimi Zhang and Matthew Revie, Model selection with application to gamma process and inverse Gaussian process, CRC/Taylor & Francis Group, European Safety and Reliability Conference 2016, Glasgow, Sep, 2016, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text

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Main research areas are data mining and operations research, aiming at addressing problems in engineering, transportation and finance.