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Dr. Shuo Yin

Assistant Professor (Mechanical, Manuf & Biomedical Eng)

Dr. Shuo Yin was appointed Assistant Professor and Principal Investigator within the Department of Mechanical, Manufacturing and Biomedical Engineering in January 2019. His expertise is mainly on additive manufacturing processes including cold spraying, selective laser melting, digital light processing, and direct-ink writing, plasma spraying. His research mainly focuses on equipment design and manufacturing, microstructure characterization and analysis, process in-situ visualization, numerical modeling (CFD and FEA), mechanical and biomedical properties. He received B.Eng and Ph.D from Dalian University of Technology. He then worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Technology of Belfort-Montebiard in France and Wageningen University in the Netherland before moving to Dublin. Dr. Yin has secured over EUR 3.5 million research funding from a number of funding bodies as PI or Co-PI, including the European Innovation Council (EIC), Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), Irish Research Council (IRC), Enterprise Ireland (EI), IntertradeIreland, and industrial partners. He is the awardee of IRC Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, and SFI Frontiers for the future project. He has authored or co-authored over 100 papers in peer-reviewed journals. In 2021, he published a monograph entitled "Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing: from fundamentals to applications". Dr. Yin's research team has 2 postdoc, 7 PhD students, 3 visiting PhD students and 4 master students. He lectures three undergraduate modules: 4B6/3MEMS5 Manufacturing Systems/Operations, 3B3 Mechanics of Solids and 2MEMS11 Manufacturing Engineering Design.
 A paradigm shift for the future's thermal management devices through radical innovation in new materials and additive manufacturing
 Novel Hybrid Additive Manufacturing for the Fabrication of Functionally Graded Multi-Materials Components
 Novel digital holographic and modelling technologies for unlocking the metal-ceramic co-deposition mechanism during supersonic cold spray
 Novel 3D printing of bioinstructive ceramics through digital light processing for next-generation bone implantation
 Selective Laser Melting of Ti6Al4V alloy for tailored scaffolds into bone defects

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Details Date
Referee of PhD thesis (Université Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France, 2022)
Guest editor of Journal of Thermal Spray Technology (2019 - 2021)
Academic editor of Advances in Mathematical Physics (2019 - today)
Reviewer of Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program of the US Department of Defense (2020).
Referee of PhD thesis (University Of Salento, Italy, 2018)
Reviewer of over 30 international journals (2010 - today)
Lead Guest Editor of Advances in Materials Science and Engineering (2018)
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Chinese Fluent Fluent Fluent
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
Details Date From Date To
Member of Cold Spray Society 2019 today
Member of American Society for Metals (ASM International) 2022 today
Leo Devlin, Shuo Yin, Design, manufacturing and testing of a miniature powder spreader for visualizing SLM powder spreading process in quasi-real-time, 11th European Solid Mechanics Conference, Galway, Ireland, 2022, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Weihao Yuan, Hui Chen, Shuai Li, Yuhua Heng, Shuo Yin, Qingsong Wei, Understanding of adopting flat-top laser in laser powder bed fusion processed Inconel 718 alloy: Simulation of single-track scanning and experiment, Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 16, 2022, p1388 - 1401, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Bingqian Jin, Nannan Zhang, Shuo Yin, Strengthening behavior of AlCoCrFeNi(TiN)x high-entropy alloy coatings fabricated by plasma spraying and laser remelting, Journal of Materials Science and Technology, 121, 2022, p163 - 173, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Pengfei Yu, Ningsong Fan, Yongyun Zhang, Zhijun Wang, Wenya Lii, Rocco Lupoi, Shuo Yin, Microstructure evolution and composition redistribution of FeCoNiCrMn high entropy alloy under extreme plastic deformation, Materials Research Letters, 10, 2022, p124 - 132, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Xiao Zhang, Nannan Zhang, Bowei Xing, Shuo Yin, An assessment of the high temperature oxidation resistance of selected thermal sprayed high entropy alloy coatings, Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, 2022, Journal Article, IN_PRESS  DOI
Qingge Xie, Zhiran Yan, Dunji Yu, Ke An, Xingchen Yan, Shuo Yin, Bobby Gillham, Xiaolong Wu, Ping Yang, Zhengzhi Zhao, Yandong Wang, Crystallographic orientation and spatially resolved damage for polycrystalline deformation of a high manganese steel, Acta Materialia, 226, 2022, p117628 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
O. Kovarik, J. Cizek, S. Yin, R. Lupoi, M. Janovska, J. Cech, J. Capek, J. Siegl, T. Chraska, Mechanical and fatigue properties of diamond-reinforced Cu and Al metal matrix composites prepared by cold spray, Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, 31, 2022, p217 - 233, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
D. Guo, M. Kazasidis, A. Hawkins, N. Fan, Z. Leclerc, D. MacDonald, A. Nastic, R. Nikbakht, R. OrtizFernandez, S. Rahmati, M. Razavipour, P. Richer, S. Yin, R. Lupoi, B. Jodoin, Cold spray: over 30 years of development towards a hot future, Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, 2022, Journal Article, IN_PRESS  DOI
Yongming Zou, Zhaoguo Qiu, Chunjie Huang, Dechang Zeng, Rocco Lupoi, Nannan Zhang, Shuo Yin , Microstructure and tribological properties of Al2O3 reinforced FeCoNiCrMn high entropy alloy composite coatings by cold spray, Surface & Coatings Technology, 434, 2022, p128205-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Eric Ryan, Shuo Yin, Compressive strength of β-TCP scaffolds fabricated via lithography-based manufacturing for bone tissue engineering, Ceramics International, 48, (11), 2022, p15516 - 15524, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI

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Shuo Yin, New trends of cold spray additive manufacturing, Hamburg, Germany, March, 2022, Helmut-Schmidt Universitat, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Shuo Yin, Fragmentation behaviour of ceramic particles during cold spray additive manufacturing of metal matrix composites, International Symposium on Frontiers in Additive Manufacturing, March, 2021, Southern University of Science and Technology, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Shuo Yin, Additive manufacturing of metal matrix composites (MMCs), Zhouhui Jiu Forum, Xi'an, China, August, 2020, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Shuo Yin, Cold spray additive manufacturing of diamond-reinforced composites, International Conference on Processing & Manufacturing of Advanced Materials (THERMEC' 2020), Online, June, 2020, Graz University of Technology, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Shuo Yin, Cold spray technology and its future perspective, 27 - 30 June, 2019, Institute of Plasma Physics, The Czech Academy of Sciences, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Trinity Research Boost Award 2021
Excellent Article Award - Journal of Materials Science and Technology 2020
2020 Top 2% Scientists Worldwide Identified by Stanford University 2020
2019 Top 2% Scientists Worldwide Identified by Stanford University 2019
Clarivate Hot Paper Award 2019
Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship Award 2017