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Dr. Patrick Wyse Jackson

Assoc Prof & Curator of the Museum (Geology)

Patrick Wyse Jackson is an Associate Professor of Geology and Curator of the Geological Museum. His is a Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin and a Member of the Royal Irish Academy. Between 2017 and 2022 he served as Head of the School of Natural Sciences, and is a former Head of the Discipline/Department of Geology. Director of Post-Graduate Teaching and Learning in the School of Natural Sciences, and College Tutor. His main research interests are on the taxonomy, functional morphology and biology of Palaeozoic bryozoans, particularly those from the Ordovician and Mississippian geological time periods. With a number of international colleagues, he is currently working on aspects of some fossil bryozoan faunas, and on the revision of the Order Fenestrata for the forthcoming edition of the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology to be published by the University of Kansas. Patrick holds several degrees from Trinity including a PhD and ScD. He has published one hundred research papers and international conference abstracts on his research on bryozoans for which he was awarded his ScD in 2017. He has also published over 200 research papers, and books in other fields including the history and philosophy of geology, general palaeontology, and the use of building materials in Ireland. His research output has informed local and national government policy on landscape protection and on heritage issues. He was a co-PI on the innovative cross-disciplinary project 'Making Victorian Dublin' being carried out with colleagues in the Department of the History of Art and Architecture in Trinity. This project is focussed on the extractive industries and building trades, and craftsmen who worked on the Museum Building and elsewhere, in the middle decades of the 1800s. His current project Stonebuilt Ireland examines the use of dimension and decorative stone in Ireland through many building phases. His books include 'The Chronologers' Quest: episodes in the search for the age of the Earth' (Cambridge, 2006) and 'Introducing Palaeontology: a guide to ancient life' (Dunedin Academic Press, 2010; 2nd edition 2019). He has served the administration of several Irish and international organisations in various capacities, and has organised several conferences and two international symposia in Trinity. He is a past-President of the Dublin Naturalists' Field Club, the Irish Geological Association, and the International Bryozoology Association, and a past-Chairman of the Geological Curators' Group. He edited the international journals 'The Geological Curator' for thirteen years and 'Earth Sciences History' - the journal of the History of Earth Sciences Society for three. He is a member of the International Commission for the History of Geological Sciences, and a past-Chair of the Royal Irish Academy Committee for the History of Irish Science.
  Bryozoans   Building Stone   Building Stones   Carboniferous, Devonian and Ordovician geology of Ireland   Earth Science   Fossil and Living Bryozoans   Fossils   Geological Museums   Geology   Geology for the General Public   History of Geology   History of Science   Palaeontology   Paleontology, Paleoecology   Plate Tectonics
 Palaeozoic Bryozoans of Ireland, Britain and Europe
 Revision of Bryozoa, Part G, Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology: Fenestrata
 GEOSCHOL - Geology for schools in Ireland
 The black and white photographs of John Joly
 Making Victorian Dublin

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Details Date
International Bryozoology Association Council Member 1992-date; Conference volume facilitator 2001-date; President-Elect 2010-2013; President 2013-2016; International Conference host 2001 and 2022 1992-date
History of the Earth Sciences Society (U.S.A.) Councilor-at-large 2001-2003
Editor 'The Geological Curator', Geological Curators' Group 1993-2006
Geological Curators' Group, Chairman 2002-2004
National Committee for the History of Science in Ireland, Royal Irish Academy Member 1996-2012; Chair 2005-2009 1996-2012
National Committee for Geology, Royal Irish Academy Member 1996-1999; 2003-2004 1996-1999; 2003-2004
National Committee for Geodesy and Geophysics, Royal Irish Academy, Member 2003-2004
Society for the History of Natural History Representative for Ireland 2004-2010
History of Geology Group, Geological Society of London, Committee member 2005-2008
Irish Geological Association Secretary 1989-1990; Vice President 1994; President 1995-1996 1989-1996
Dublin Naturalists' Field Club Hon. Secretary 1988-1991; Vice President 1994-1995; President 1992-1993; Committee member/Director 1988-1995, 2005-2006 1988-2006
Earth Sciences History, Editor 2005-2007; Associate Editor 2008-date 2005-date
Irish Journal of Earth Sciences, Royal Irish Academy, Editorial Board 2011-date
External Ph.D. reviewer: University of Birmingham
External Ph.D. reviewer: University of Reading
External Ph.D. reviewer: Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh
Journal of Paleontology, USA, Associate Editor 2016-2020
Irish Journal of Earth Sciences, Royal Irish Academy, Editor 2017-date
Palaeontographical Society, UK: Vice-President 2018-2020
Voting Member on the Subcommission on Heritage Stones (International Union of Geological Sciences) 2022-2024
Irish Stone Forum (founder) 2020
Advisor on historical stone use: Office of Public Works; Geological Survey Ireland; Dublin City Council, Trinity Estates and Facilities; Dublin Civic Trust; Irish Georgian Society; Kerry County Council; Kerry Museum; several conservation architectural practices. 1993 to date
Advisor on Irish dimension stone for inclusion in European database, European Committee for Standardization, Brussels 2019
Reviewer: Austrian Science Council (external grant assessor); Journal of Palaeontology, Palaeontology, Special Papers in Palaeontology, Lethaia, Irish Journal of Earth Sciences, Journal of Earth Sciences, OU Geological Journal, Paleobiology, Acta Paleontological Polonica, Memoirs of the Australasian Paleontological Association, Geological Society of America Special Publications, Geological Society of London Special Publications, Neues Jahrbuch fur Geologie, Swiss Journal of Palaeontology, Geobiology, Paleoworld, Journal of Palaeontology and others 1995-date
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
Details Date From Date To
International Bryozoology Association 1988 date
Geological Curators' Group 1988 date
International Commission on the History of Geology (INHIGEO) 1994 date
Palaeontological Association 1988 date
Paleontological Society 1990 date
History of Earth Sciences Society 1992 date
Society for the History of Natural History 1992 2010
History of Geology Group, Geological Society of London 1998 2010
Dublin Naturalists' Field Club 1985 date
Irish Geological Association 1984 date
Palaeontographical Society, UK 2018 date
The rough and the smooth: stone use in Dublin 1720-1760 in, editor(s)Christine Casey and Melanie Hayes , Enriching Architecture: craft and its conservation in Anglo-Irish building production, 1660"1760, London, UCL Press, 2023, pp234 - 261, [Patrick N. Wyse Jackson and Louise M. Caulfield], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
MARCUS M. KEY, JR., PATRICK N. WYSE JACKSON, MADELAINE S. MCDOWELL and MERLYND K. NESTELL, Supporting data for publication "Astogenetic morphologic variation in the bryozoan Prophyllodictya gracilis from the Middle Ordovician of Russia and inferred colony-wide feeding currents", Palaeontological Association, 2023, Dataset, PUBLISHED  DOI
History of micro-computed tomographic three-dimensional imaging in bryozoology in, editor(s)P.N. Wyse Jackson and M.E. Spencer Jones , Annals of Bryozoology 7: aspects of the history of research on bryozoans., Dublin, International Bryozoology Association, 2022, pp57 - 72, [Marcus M. Key, Jr. and Patrick N. Wyse Jackson], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
The Paleocene volcanic rocks of the Giant's Causeway and Causeway coast, United Kingdom in, editor(s)A. Hilario , The first 100 IUGS Geological Heritage Sites, Spain, International Union of Geological Sciences, 2022, pp30-31, 270-271 , [Kirstin Lemon, Patrick N. Wyse Jackson, Mark Cooper and Michael Dempster], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Patrick N. Wyse Jackson, 'The Island, segment on stone use in Ireland in Episode 3 'Life'', Ireland, RTE/BBC, 2022, -, Notes: [Broadcast 25 September 2022], Broadcast, PRESENTED
Patrick N. Wyse Jackson, Can rocks save the planet?, Eco Showboat festival, Banagher, Co. Offaly, 10 July, 2022, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Irish Journal of Earth Sciences, 40, (2022), 1 - 136p, John Murray and Patrick N. Wyse Jackson, [Editor], Journal, PUBLISHED
Marcus M. Key, Jr., Patrick N. Wyse Jackson and Catherine M. Reid, Trepostome bryozoans buck the trend and ignore calcite-aragonite seas. , Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments , 102, 2022, p253 - 263, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Patrick N. Wyse Jackson and Markus Aretz, George Demetrius Sevastopulo (1941-2021), Newsletter on Carboniferous Stratigraphy, 36, 2022, p3 - 5, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Patrick N. Wyse Jackson, George Demetrius Sevastopulo 1941 - 2021, Palaeontological Association Newsletter, 109, 2022, p90 - 93, Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Patrick N. Wyse Jackson, Robert Wyse Jackson: artist, historian, scholar and cleric, Cashel Arts Festival, Cashel, Co. Tipperary, 15 September, 2022, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Patrick N. Wyse Jackson, J.R.W. Jackson, Old Columban Society Bulletin, 76, 2021, p13 - 14, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Patrick N. Wyse Jackson, 'Ballycarty Fossils', 20:20 KERRY: twenty objects, twenty stories, tales from the store room of KCM, 15 April 2020, Tralee, Kerry Radio, 2020, -, Broadcast, PRESENTED
Patrick N. Wyse Jackson, 'Talking History interview on the book on the Museum Building', Newtalk Radio, Dublin, 2020, -, Broadcast, PUBLISHED
Louise Caulfield, Patrick N. Wyse Jackson, Andrew Tierney, Christine Casey, 'Irish Marble: Local to Global', Dublin, Making Victorian Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, 2018, -, Film production, PUBLISHED
Patrick N. Wyse Jackson, The geological trail at Rochdale Public Cemetery, Earth Science Ireland, 21, 2017, p5 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Patrick N. Wyse Jackson, The Geological Heritage of West Kerry. Pedler's Lake: first evidence of the Ice Age in Ireland, West & Mid Kerry Live Corca Dhuibhne Beo , 155, 2015, p19-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Patrick N. Wyse Jackson, Dredging around Ireland: over 200 years of marine surveys, Sherkin Comment, 60, 2015, p7 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Vanessa and Patrick N. Wyse Jackson (eds), Rathgar Methodist Church (1874-2014): reflections on 140 years of service, worship & mission. , Dublin, Rathgar Methodist Church, 2014, 48pp, Book, PUBLISHED
Lena Viskova, Olga Weiss, Patrick N. Wyse Jackson and Andrej Ernst, Raisa Vasiljevna Gorjunova 1933-2014: an appreciation. , International Bryozoology Association Bulletin, 10, (1), 2014, p17 - 20, Journal Article, PUBLISHED


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Award Date
Sylvester Bradley Award, Palaeontological Association 1999
Paleontological Society of Washington - honorary membership 2004
Fellow, Trinity College, Dublin 2006
Trinity Monday Memorial Discourse 'John Joly' 2007
New Permian bryozoan species named: Phragmophera patricki Ernst & Nakrem, 2007 2007
International Bryozoology Association President-Elect 2010-2013
New Permian bryozoan genus named: Wysejacksonella Ernst & Gorgij, 2013 2013
International Bryozoology Association President 2013-2016
New Permian bryozoan genus named: Wyseotrypa Gilmour, 2014 2014
Member Royal Irish Academy 2022