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Dr. Rajarshi Tiwari

Research Fellow (Physics)


I was born in the city of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh in India. My early education till High-school of in a small city of Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh. After that I moved to city of Allahabad for further education. I did my B.Sc. from University of Allahabad, India in Physics and Mathematics in 2005. I then joined the Integrated PhD (M.Sc. + Ph.D.) program at Harish-Chandra Research Institute (HRI), Allahabad, India. I finished my M.Sc. in Physics from HRI in 2008, and Ph.D. in physics in 2013 with my thesis on "The Effect of Geometric Frustration on Some Correlated Electron Systems". After Ph.D., I joined Prof. Stefano Sanvito's research group at Trinity College, Dublin in 2013.
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T. Archer, C. D. Pemmaraju, S. Sanvito, C. Franchini, J. He, A. Filippetti, P. Delugas, D. Puggioni, V. Fiorentini, R. Tiwari, and P. Majumdar, Exchange interactions and magnetic phases of transition metal oxides: Benchmarking advanced ab initio methods, Physical Review B, 84, (11-15), 2011, p115114-1 - 115114-14, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL


Award Date
NVIDIA Academic Hardware Grant Program for "Machine Learning material design and characterization" (2 Quadro RTX 8000 card to our research group) 27 August 2021
I am a Research Fellow at the School of Physics and CRANN, Trinity College Dublin, where my research interests range over computational materials science, and condensed-matter physics. I specialize in physics of strongly correlated electrons, such as Mott transition, magnetism of itinerant electrons, electron phonon interactions. My interests are geared towards solving appropriate models of many-body interaction, such as Hubbard model, Double exchange model, Holstein model, Heisenberg model through real space based techniques like Monte-Carlo methods and Exact-Diagonalization. More recently, I have been interested in (i) exploring methods for structure property relations of materials with use of High-Throughput {\it ab initio} and dataminig approach, and (ii) application of artificial intelligence in solving models of many-body physics and in learning structure-propery relation of materials.