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Dr. Kevin Tierney

Associate Prof in Clinical Psychology (Psychology)

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President - Psychological Society of Ireland 1994
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Psychological Society of Ireland 1981 2011
Ranieri,Veronica, Madigan Kevin, Roche, Eric, Bainbridge, Emma Mc Guinness, Tierney Kevin, Larkin Feeney, Brian Haiiahan, Colm McDonald, Brian O'Donoghue, Caregivers' perceptions of coercion in psychiatric admission, Psychiatry Research, 228, 2015, p380 - 385, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
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O'Hare, E., Shaw, D. L., Tierney, K. J., Behavioral and Neurochemical Mechanisms of the Action of Mild Stress in the Enhancement of Feeding, Behavioral Neuroscience, 118, (1), 2004, p173 - 177, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Lange, W.G., Tierney, K.J., Reinhardt-Rutland, A.H., Vivekananda-Schmidt, P., Viewing behaviour of spider phobics and non-phobics in the presence of threat, British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 43, (3), 2004, p235 - 243, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
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McIlroy, D., Bunting, B., Tierney, K., The relation of gender and background experience to self-reported computing anxieties and cognitions, Computers in Human Behavior, 17, (1), 2001, p21 - 33, Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Behavioural analysis; applied behaviour analysis; computerphobia; attention and anxiety.