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Professor Susan Mckiernan

Clinical Associate Professor (Clinical Medicine)


An honours graduate of Trinity College, Susan McKiernan undertook postgraduate training in gastroenterology and hepatology in St James's Hospital for 4 years. Her thesis examined the immunogenetics of Hepatitis C infection as she was privileged to have access to a single source, single genotype outbreak in a unique all female Irish anti-D cohort. She then spent a year in the National Liver Transplant Center in St Vincents University Hospital, followed by a liver fellowship in Kings College Hospital, London. She took up her post as a consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist at St James's Hospital in 2003. Her area of interest is liver disease and hepatobiliary malignancy. She delivers the largest service nationally for the treatment of viral hepatitis, including facilitating treatments at sites distant to the hospital more suited to the patient thus improving treatment outcomes. She provides a direct oral cholangioscopy service for the treatment and diagnosis of hepatobiliary disease. Her secondary area of interest is the delivery of health care, examining efficiency and effectiveness in her own work practice and across the hospital in related areas. In developing patient pathways she has reduced the number of patients requiring endoscopy, reduced the number of patients requiring outpatient follow-up, reduced inpatient stay. This ultimately frees up resources to allow more patients to be treated. As previous clinical lead in endoscopy in the largest unit in Ireland with over 16,000 procedures undertaken annually, we successfully achieved and retained level 2 JAG accreditation. She was an active participant in the National Colorectal Cancer Screening Service inception, a former member of National Consultative Council for Hepatitis C, a current member of clincial advisory group for the National Hepatitis C treatment Programme, and a committee member of the Irish Society of Gastroenterology.
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Details Date
National Hepatitis C strategy 2011-2014 2012-09-04
ICORN - clinical advisory group 2012
National Hepatitis C treatment programme 2016
Irish Society of Gastroenterolgy board member 2006
Gastroenterology Registrars training group - founding ( revival) member 1997
Irish Society of Gastroenterology - NCHD member 1997
Details Date From Date To
Royal College of Physicians London 1996 date
Royal College of Physicians, Ireland 1996 date
European Crohns and Colitis Organisation 2019 date
American Gastroenterolgy Association 2003 2009
Irish Hepatitis C Outcomes Research Network 2012 2020
European Association for the study of Liver Disease 2003 date
Irish Society of Gastroenterolgy 1998 date
National Hepatitis C Treatment Programme clinical advisory group 2016 date
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M Kirca, A Zaheer, S Mckiernan, N Keeling, N Mahmud, Technical success of ERCP in patients with periampullary duodenal diverticulum, Endoscopy, Digestive Diseae Week, 2006, 38, (11), 2006, ppP28 , Poster, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Fellow of Royal College of Physicians, London 2009
Fellow Royal College of Physicians, Ireland 2009