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Dr. Susan Flynn

Assistant Professor (Social Studies)


Dr Susan Flynn is a full-time University Lecturer (Asst. Professor) in the School of Social Work and Social Policy at Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin. Prior to this, she lectured full-time in social sciences at the Institute of Technology, Sligo. Additionally, Susan has experience teaching at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Susan's PhD examined, through through a phenomenological and biographical narrative interpretative method, the impact of the economic recession on intellectually disabled young people and their families. Within this, an affirmative non-tragedy theoretical lens situated within an overarching critical disability studies perspective, was adopted. More broadly her work has, and continues to, focus upon child and family services. Within this, she has a particular focus on disability, child protection and welfare, and social work and social care. Susan was elected to the prestigious position of Fellow at Trinity in 2024 in recognition of achievement. Susan has over a decade of practice experience in a diverse range of applied social settings including child protection and welfare social work; intellectual disability; residential social care practice; acting managerial work; youth justice work; special education; counselling and advocacy; disability day activation work, and other roles. Susan also has experience as a social science researcher in the industry. Twitter: @susanflynn1912 Orchid ID:
Details Date From Date To
Social Work Employers Forum (One of several School Representatives) 2021 Present/on-going
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Flynn, S. & Wengraf, T., Defended subjectivities: peer-audit as a means for quality control in social work research, All-Ireland Social Work Educators Research Forum, Ireland , 2020, Poster, PUBLISHED
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Flynn, S., Literature through an affirmative non-tragedy lens: the impact of the economic recession on children with intellectual disability, Theorising Normalcy and the Mundane Conference, 2016, 2016, Conference Paper, PRESENTED


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Award Date
The ESWRA Award for an Outstanding Publication in European Social Work Research: Nominee 2020
Nominee for a Trinity Excellence in Teaching Award in 2023-24 November 2023
Nominee for an Award for Excellence in Research Student Supervision 2024