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Dr. Roger West

Associate Professor (Civil Struct & Env. Eng.)

  Building Construction   Civil Engineering, Pavements and Structures   Concrete Technology   Construction Innovation   Design Engineering   Earthquake engineering   Earthquake resistant structures   Structures   Vibration and Accoustic Engineering
Details Date
National Eurocodes Advisory Committee On-going
Irish Concrete Consultative Committee (National Standards Authority of Ireland) On-going
Chartered Engineer Panelist, IEI On-going
Chairman to the Irish Concrete Society Durability Committees On-going
Member of Examination Board of Institute of Concrete Technology, UK On-going
Reviewer for American Concrete Institute - Materials journal papers On-going
MSc Examiner, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London 2005-2008
Scientific Committee for Bridge Research Conference, TCD 2006 2006
Conference Advisor to 3rd International Conference on Protection of Structures against Hazards, Padua, Sept. 2006 2006
Chair of External Review Panel for new degree course in Civil Engineering Management, LIT 2006
Verifier for SAMARIS research programme on corrosion inhibitors 2006
Joint-Organiser of Colloquium on Concrete Research in Ireland 2007 2007
Scientific Committee of 7th International Congress, Concrete: construction's sustainable option, Dundee, Sept. 2007 2007
Guest Editor for issue of Institution of Civil Engineers (UK) journal Buildings and Structures on Impact on Concrete 2008
Chairman of the Structures and Construction Section of IEI Formerly
Member of Civil Division Committee, IEI Formerly
Vice-Chairman of the Irish Concrete Society Formerly
Irish Eurocode 2 Liaison Engineer Formerly
Member of Examinations and Qualifications Board IEI Formerly
Member of Accreditation Panel at Sligo Institute of Technology Formerly
Task Force Chairman on Third Level Links, IEI Formerly
Secretary to Irish mirror group to TC135, Eurocode on steel structure fabrication Formerly
Irish representative on European Concrete Societies Network Formerly
Joint Editor of Proceedings of the Concrete Research in Ireland 1997 Colloquium, 2006, 2008 Formerly
Scientific Committee for Concrete research in Ireland Colloquia 1997, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016. Formerly
Member of Accreditation Panel, IEI: Sligo IT Formerly
Details Date From Date To
Chartered Engineer, Institution of Engineers of Ireland March 1995 Present
Fellow of Institution of Engineers of Ireland 2003 Present
Corporate Member of Irish Concrete Society
Member of Construction Information Technology Alliance (CITA) 2000 Present
Member of the Institution of Concrete Technology, UK Sept 1993 Present
Composite behaviour of thin precast concrete sandwich panels in, editor(s)Shamsher Singh , Emerging Trends in Advanced Composite Materials in Structural Applications, 2021, [Roger P. West and Oliver Kinnane], Book Chapter, ACCEPTED
Ruth Kerrigan, Roger P. West and Patrick Shiel, Minimizing the performance gap of A-Rated Buildings while supporting high levels of user comfort, eSIM2020 - Building simulation meets building data, Vancouver, 2021, Conference Paper, SUBMITTED
Roger P. West, Alan V. Hore and Barry McAuley, Digital construction and BIM research in Ireland 2016-2020, BIM Gathering 2021, Dublin, 21-23 September 2021, 2021, Conference Paper, ACCEPTED
Chaaruchandra Korde, Matthew Cruickshank and Roger P. West, Activation of Slag: Comparative study of cement, lime, Calcium Sulphate, GGBS fineness and temperature, Magazine of Concrete Research, 73, (1), 2021, p15 - 31, Notes: [doi 10.1680/jmacr.19.00119], Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Ramanand Gupta, Shweta Goyal, Roger P. West and Maneek Kumar, Optimization of Controlled Low Strength Concrete incorporating supplementary cementitious materials, Journal of Sustainable Cement-based Materials, 2021, Journal Article, SUBMITTED
Chaaruchandra Korde, Matthew Cruickshank, Roger P. West, Experimental study on early age performance of pre-stressed hollowcore slabs with CEM II AL and activated slag, Magazine of Concrete Research, 2021, Journal Article, SUBMITTED
Jaya Kumar Bhaskar, Dipendu Bhunia, Roger P. West, An approach to investigating the behaviour of RCC coupling beams, Advances in Structural Engineering, 2021, Journal Article, SUBMITTED
Bhagat, D., Bhalla, S. and West, R.P., , Fabrication and structural evaluation of fibre-reinforced bamboo composite beams as green structural elements, Composites Part C (Open Access), 2021, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Barry McAuley, Alan V. Hore and Roger P. West, Identification of key performance tasks to demonstrate the benefit of early Facility Manager involvement in the Building Information Modelling process, Facilities, 2021, Journal Article, SUBMITTED
Jagoda Lipczynska, Roger P. West, Michael Grimes, Dervilla Niall, Oliver Kinnane and Richard O'Hegarty, Composite behaviour of wide sandwich panels with thin high performance recycled aggregate concrete wythes with fibre reinforced polymer shear connectors , Journal of Structural Integrity and Maintenance, 6, (3), 2021, p187 - 196, Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Shiell, C. and West, R.P. , Cathedrals of Ireland - a sustainability problem or an opportunity, Search Church of Ireland Journal, 2020, p218 - 227, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Alan Hore, Barry McAuley, Roger P. West, Building Information Modelling in Ireland 2019, Dublin, 2019, 65, Report, PUBLISHED
National Children's Hospital (NCH) Dublin, Chapter 10: BIM Case Studies in, 3rd Edition of the BIM Handbook, 2018, pp405 - 409, [Hore, A., McAuley, B. and West, R.], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Matthew Cruickshank, Chaaruchandra Korde, Roger West and John Reddy, Temperature and admixtures effects on the maturity of normal and super fine ground granulated blast furnace slag mortars for the precast concrete industry, The 20th International Research Conference Proceedings, Venice, 2018, pp765 - 770, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Hore, A., McAuley, B. and West, R., BIM in Ireland 2017, BIM Innovation Capability Programme, CitA Ltd, 2017, Book, PUBLISHED
Hore, A., McAuley, B., and West, R., Global BIM Study - Lessons for Ireland's BIM Programme, BIM Innovation Capability Programme, CitA Ltd, 2017, Book, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Lifetime Achievement Award, Civil Engineering Association of Ireland August 2018
Best Paper Award, Civil Engineering Research Association of Ireland, 2016 August 2016
Global Engagement Award, Trinity College Dublin, 2015 August 2015
UKIERI Congress Distinguished Academic Award in March 2019
Concrete Technology: impact, diffusion, rheology, fibre-reinforcing, recycled paper waste. Construction: innovative methods and materials, e-procurement. Structural Mechanics: vibrations and stability of partially piles, structural optimisation.