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Dr. Carlos Rocha

Associate Prof Environmental Change (School Office - Natural Sciences)


Associate Prof Environmental Change (Geology)

Carlos Rocha is an Associate Professor in Environmental Change at the School of Natural Sciences, TCD. After graduating in Technological Chemistry with honours in 1991, he went on to obtain a PhD in Marine Chemistry "suma cum laude" at the University of Lisbon in 1997. His contribution to the field was recognized at an early stage by two national science awards (1999 & 2000) and a prestigious nomination for the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography Lindemann Award in 2001. Before joining Trinity College, he was a lecturer in Biogeochemistry and the deputy director of the Centre for Marine and Environmental research at the University of Algarve, Portugal. Currently, Carlos teaches various aspects of Earth System Science at both under- and postgraduate level and leads the Biogeochemistry Research Group at Trinity College. Our research focuses on the study of processes affecting the transport, fate and impact of chemical species, including contaminants, in aquatic ecosystems. These studies aim to increase, for example, our understanding of carbon and nutrient transport, bioavailability and reactivity in the aquatic environment. Our ultimate goal is to comprehend ecosystem functional plasticity in response to anthropogenic pressure, climate change and biological activity, leading to increased knowledge on the resilience of marine systems to environmental change.
  Anthropogenic Impact on ecosystems   Biogeochemistry   Climate Change   Coastal Environmental Change   Coastal management and conservation   Coastal Processes   Earth Sciences for Climate Research   Earth Sciences Instrumentation   Environmental and analytical chemistry   Environmental Impacts, Interactions   Environmental Restoration/Remediation   Estuarine Sciences   Eutrophication   Fluid dynamics   Global Change   Ground, surface water hydrology   Isotope Geochemistry   Marine Biogeochemistry   Marine pollution   Marine Processes/ Chemistry   Ocean Chemistry   Oceanography   Sediment   Sedimentary Geochemistry   Shallow Water Bottom Interaction   Water Pollution   Wetland Ecosystems   Wetlands
Details Date
Member of the Editorial Board, Journal of Sea Research (ISSN-1385-1101) since 2004
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
French Fluent Medium Medium
Portuguese Fluent Fluent Fluent
Spanish Fluent Medium Medium
Details Date From Date To
European Association of Geochemistry (EAG) 2012 present
American Society for Limnology and Oceanography present 1998
O'Connell D.W., Rocha C., Daly E., Carrey Labarta R., Marchesi R., Ansems N., Wilson J., Hickey C., Gill L.W. , Characterization of seasonal groundwater origin and evolution processes in a geologically heterogeneous catchment using geophysical, isotopic and hydro-chemical techniques (Lough Gur, Ireland), Hydrological Processes , 36, 2022, pe14706 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Calvo-Martin, Elisa, Eva Teira, Xosé Antón Álvarez-Salgado, Carlos Rocha, Shan Jiang, Maider Justel-Díez, and Juan Severino Pino Ibánhez. , On the Hidden Diversity and Niche Specialization of the Microbial Realm of Subterranean Estuaries, Environmental Microbiology, 2022, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
Rocha, Carlos, Henry Bokuniewicz, Clare E. Robinson, Isaac R. Santos, and Hannelore Waska, To Study the Invisible: Hydraulics, Biogeochemistry, and Life in Subterranean Estuaries [Editorial: Subterranean Estuaries], Frontiers in Environmental Science, 10, 2022, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Rocha, Carlos, Shan Jiang, J. S. P. Ibánhez, Qiang Yang, Katerina Mazi, and Antonis D. Koussis, The Effects of Subterranean Estuary Dynamics on Nutrient Resource Ratio Availability to Microphytobenthos in a Coastal Lagoon, Science of the Total Environment , 851, 2022, p157522 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Aghdam M.M., Crowley Q., Rocha C., Dentoni V., Pelo S.D., Long S., Savatier M., A study of natural radioactivity levels and radon/thoron release potential of bedrock and soil in southeastern ireland, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18, (5), 2021, p1 - 18, p1-18 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Calvo-Martin E, XA Álvarez-Salgado, C Rocha, JSP Ibánhez, Reactive solute transport through two contrasting subterranean exit sites in the Ria de Vigo (NW Iberian Peninsula), Frontiers in Marine Science, 8, 2021, p626813-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Savatier M, MT Guerra, JE Murphy, C Rocha, Radium isotopes as tools to characterise nutrient dynamics in a variably stratified temperate fjord, Marine Chemistry, 231, 2021, p103934-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Rocha C, CE Robinson, IR Santos, H Waska, HA Michael, HJ Bokuniewicz, A place for subterranean estuaries in the coastal zone., Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 250, 2021, p107167-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Savatier, M., Rocha, C., Rethinking tracer-based (Ra, Rn, salinity) approaches to estimate point-source submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) into coastal systems, Journal of Hydrology, 598, 2021, p126247-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Jiang, S., Jin, J., Wu, Y., Zhang, Y., Wei, Y., Rocha, C., Ibánhez, J.S.P., Zhang, J., Response of Nitrate Processing to Bio-labile Dissolved Organic Matter Supply Under Variable Oxygen Conditions in a Sandy Beach Seepage Face, Frontiers in Marine Science, 8, 2021, p642143-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL

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Award Date
Nominated by students to Provost Teaching Award 2018
Nominated by students for Provost Teaching Award 2012
Lindemann award nominee, ASLO-American Society for Limnology and Oceanography 2001
IMAR/Luiz Saldanha Young Researcher Award in Marine Science and Technology 2000
Calouste Gulbenkian Young Researcher Award in Environmental Chemistry 1999