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Professor Oran Doyle

Professor In (Law)

Oran Doyle is Professor in law at Trinity College Dublin, where he was Head of School from 2014 to 2018. He holds an LLB and a PhD from Trinity College Dublin and an LLM from Harvard University. He has held visiting positions at the Academia Sinica Taipei, Bocconi University Milan, and Keio University Tokyo. He is currently a visiting faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School. Prof Doyle is an expert in comparative constitutional law, his recent work being published in the International Journal of Constitutional Law and Global Constitutionalism as well as a number of other journals and edited collections. In 2018, published 'The Irish Constitution: A Contextual Account' for Hart's Constitutional Systems of the World series. In 2019, he published--with Dr Tom Hickey--the second edition of 'Constitutional Law: Text, Cases and Materials.' Currently supervising Li-Kung Chen's work on the continuity of states, Alex Layden's work on informal constitutional change, and Juan Diego Galaz's work on constitutional rights of resistance and deliberation in Latin America, Prof Doyle welcomes applications for supervision from students broadly in the area of constitutional theory. Prof Doyle is the co-chair of the British-Irish Chapter of the International Society of Public Law (ICON-S). In 2019, he was the co-editor of a special German Law Journal volume on populism. He has recently convened international symposia on the themes of constitutional silence (Dublin, 2016), the UK's departure from the EU (Glasgow, 2019), constitutionalism and disagreement (Treviso, 2019). The recipient of a Provost's Teaching Award, Prof Doyle has lectured constitutional law 1 and jurisprudence to undergraduate students, and comparative constitutional law and theory to postgraduate students. He has also led a final year research project group on democratic decay. Prof Doyle is a regular contributor to public debates on issues of constitutional law in Ireland. He has published articles in the Irish Times on both the Children's Rights Referendum and the Marriage Equality Referendum. In 2016-17, he was a constitutional law advisor to the Citizens' Assembly considering the pro-life provision in the Irish Constitution. He is currently a member of the Working Group on Unification Referendums on the Island of Ireland. Related to this, in February 2020, he convened a blog symposium on the IACL/IADC blog addressing the constitutional dimensions of Irish unification.
  Comparative Constitutional Law   Constitutional Law   Jurisprudence
 Measures on Access to Justice in Environmental Matters

Details Date
Constitutional Law Advisor to Ireland's Citizens' Assembly 2016-2018
Co-Chair of the British-Irish Chapter of the International Society of Public Law 2017-present
Member of the International Society of Public Law Working Group on New Chapters 2018-present
Guest Editor special volume of the German Law Journal on Populism and Constitutionalism 2019
Global Associate Professor, Keio University, Tokyo 2018
Visiting Research Fellow, Bocconi University Milan 2017
Visiting research fellow at the Institutuum Jurisprudentiae of the Academia Sinica in Taipei. 2015
Member of the editorial board of the Dublin University Law Journal. 2009-present
Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Constitutional Studies.
External Examiner, NUI Galway 2015-2019
External Examiner, Honorable Society of King's Inns 2007-2012
External Examiner, Griffith College Dublin 2008-2012
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
French Medium Basic Basic
Details Date From Date To
Irish Jurisprudence Society 2007 Present
International Society of Public Law 2015 Present
Law and Society Association 2016 2017
Oran Doyle, Aileen McHarg, Jo Murkens, The Brexit Challenge for Ireland and the United Kingdom: Constitutions under Pressure, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2021, Book, IN_PRESS
The Constitutional Politics of a United Ireland in, editor(s)Oran Doyle, Aileen McHarg, Jo Murkins , Constitutions Under Pressure: The Brexit Challenge for Ireland and the UK (forthcoming), Cambridge University Press, 2021, [Oran Doyle, David Kenny, Christopher McCrudden], Book Chapter, IN_PRESS  TARA - Full Text
Deliberative Mini-Publics as a Response to Populist Democratic Backsliding in, editor(s)Maria Cahill, Colm O'Cinneide, Seán Ó Conaill and Conor O'Mahony , Constitutional Change and Popular Sovereignty: Populism, Politics and the Law in Ireland , London, Routledge, 2021, [Oran Doyle and Rachael Walsh], Book Chapter, ACCEPTED
The Constitutional Tensions of Brexit in, editor(s)Oran Doyle, Aileen McHarg and Jo Murkens , The Brexit Challenge for Ireland and the United Kingdom: Constitutions under Pressure, Cambridge University Press, 2021, [Oran Doyle, Aileen McHarg and Jo Murkens], Book Chapter, IN_PRESS
Oran Doyle and Rachael Walsh, Constitutional Amendment and Public Will Formation: Deliberative Mini-Publics as a Tool for Consensus Democracy, International Journal of Constitutional Law, 19, 2021, Journal Article, ACCEPTED
Oran Doyle, David Kenny, Christopher McCrudden, The Franchise in Irish Unification Referendums, Irish Studies in International Affairs, 32, (2), 2021, p182 - 213, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Order from Chaos? Typologies and Models of Constitutional Change in, editor(s)Xenophon Contiades and Alkmene Fotiadou , Routledge Handbook of Constitutional Change, Abingdon on Thames, Routledge, 2020, pp45 - 60, [Oran Doyle], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Oran Doyle and Rachael Walsh, Deliberation in Constitutional Amendment: Reappraising Ireland's Deliberative Mini-Publics, European Constitutional Law Review, 16, (3), 2020, p440 - 465, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Oran Doyle, Minority Rights and Democratic Consensus: The Irish Same-Sex Marriage Referendum, National Taiwan University Law Review, 15, (1), 2020, p21 - 48, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Unearthing the 'Constitutional' in Quasi-Constitutionality in, editor(s)Richard Albert and Joel Colon Rios , Quasi-Constitutionality and Constitutional Statutes: Forms, Functions and Applications , Routledge, 2019, pp89 - 93, [Oran Doyle], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED

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Conor Casey, Oran Doyle, David Kenny, Donna Lyons, Ireland's Emergency Powers During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Dublin, Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission , February, 2021, p1 - 104, Report, PUBLISHED
Alan Renwick, Oran Doyle, John Garry, Paul Gillespie, Cathy Gormley-Heenan, Katy Hayward, Robert Hazell, David Kenny, Christopher McCrudden, Brendan O'Leary, Etain Tannam, Alan Whysall , Working Group on Unification Referendums on the Island of Ireland: Interim Report, London, Constitution Unit, University College London, November, 2020, p1 - 259, Report, PUBLISHED
Oran Doyle and Tom Hickey, Constitutional Law: Text, Cases and Materials, 2nd, Dublin, Clarus Press, 2019, 1 - 650pp, Book, PUBLISHED
Oran Doyle, Constitutional Beginnings: Taiwan and Ireland, World Congress of Taiwan Studies, Taipei, 7 September, 2018, Academia Sinica Taipei, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Oran Doyle, Approaches to Comparative Constitutional Law, Seminar on Comparative Constitutional Law, Hiroshima, 27 July, 2018, Law Faculty University of Hiroshima, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Oran Doyle, Populism and Democratic Theory, Congress of International Academy of Comparative Law, Fukuoka, 25 July, 2018, International Academy of Comparative Law, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Oran Doyle, Constitutional Change in Ireland, Faculty Workshop, Tokyo, 10 July , 2018, Keio University Law School, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Oran Doyle, The Constitutional Implications of Brexit, UK Italian Constitutional Law Conversation, London, 7 June, 2018, UK Constitutional Law Association and Italian Devolution Club, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Oran Doyle, アイルランドの憲法変動, 法学セミナー, 467, 2018, p46 - 54, Notes: [Translated by Satoshi Yokodaido and Kodai Zukeyama], Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Oran Doyle, Constitutional Beginnings, Annual Conference of the International Society of Public Law, Hong Kong, 26 June, 2018, Meeting Abstract, PUBLISHED


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Award Date
Elected to Fellowship of the College 2010
Provost's Teaching Award 2008
Brookes Scholar, the Honourable Society of King's Inns 2002
Awarded Gold Medal in LLB Degree 1999
Scholar of Trinity College Dublin 1997
Prof Doyle is a leading expert on comparative constitutional law and theory, with a particular focus on foundational questions of constitutionalism: how are constitutions made? How do constitutions relate to a particular people and territory, particularly in contested cases of secession and territorial conflict? How are constitutions changed? In 2018, he published a monograph, 'The Constitution of Ireland: A Contextual Analysis' for Hart's series on Constitutional Systems of the World. This book provides the first analysis, richly informed by comparative study, of how the Irish Constitution as a whole operates in practice. Prof Doyle is currently collaborating with Prof Rachael Walsh on a number of papers related to Ireland's experiment with citizens' assemblies and how these may inform new approaches to constitutional amendment. Developing his previously published work on territory (International Journal of Constitutional Law, German Law Journal), Prof Doyle is developing a new research project on Constitutional Space. This will explore both how constitutions help to create and maintain territory and how constitutions respond to territorial contestation, whether in the form of secession, federalism, and conflicting territorial claims. Other recently published work explores various aspects of constitutional change, including informal change, constraints on amendment powers, interest-group politics, constitutional transitions, deliberative democracy, typologies of constitutional change, and populism.