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Professor Alan O'Connor

Professor of Structural Engineering (202 (Civil Struct & Env. Eng.)

Head of School (School Office - Engineering)

Dr. Alan O'Connor is a Professor in the Dept. of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. He is a Fellow of that institution (FTCD). He is also a Chartered Engineer (CEng) and Fellow of the Institution of Engineers of Ireland (FIEI). He has extensive national/international experience in risk and resilience analysis of critical infrastructure, asset lifecycle performance optimisation, code development/calibration and in probabilistic safety assessment. He has advised clients such as: Irish Rail, Transport Infrastructure Ireland, The Danish Roads Directorate; Danish Railways; Swedish Railways; The Norwegian Roads Authority, The Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management and the World Bank. At Trinity College Dublin, the research group which he leads are focused on investigating: infrastructural asset management and probabilistic safety assessment, risk and resilience analysis of critical infrastructure elements and systems, statistical load modelling, structural health monitoring, stochastic modelling of engineering systems, engineering for extremes and structural reliability analysis. He has authored over 250 academic papers in these areas. He has delivered Keynote Addresses at international conferences in Europe, the United States and Australia.
  Bridge Management Systems   Bridges   Building Construction   Cement and Concrete Chemistry   Civil Engineering   Civil Engineering, Pavements and Structures   Coastal & Ocean Engineering   Concrete Structures   Dams and Earth Structures   Design Engineering   Masonry Engineering   Materials Engineering   Materials, Engineering Properties   Offshore Platforms and Structures   Railway engineering   Steel Structures   Structural Analysis   Structural Design   Structural Engineering   Structural Robustness   Structural Safety   Structure Reliability   Structures   Tunnels   Vehicle Impact

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Details Date
Conference Chair, ICASP14, 14th International Conference on Application of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering, Dublin 2023 2018 -
Board member of the International Civil Engineering Risk and Reliability Association (CERRA) 2015 -
Editorial Board Member Journal of Structural Safety 2018 -
Member of Joint Committee on Structural Safety 2017 -
CEN-CENELEC, Project Team Leader (WG6.T2) Incorporating Robustness Rules in the Material Related Eurocode Parts 2018 -
CEN-CENELEC, Project Team Member (WG2.T2) Developing Eurocode (prEN1990-2) for Assessment and Retrofitting of Existing Structures 2018 -
Member CEN/TC250/SC10, WG2, WG6
Vice Chair - IABSE TG6.1 Effects of Climate Change on Infrastructures 2017 -
Member IABSE TG1.3 Calibration of Partial Safety Factors for the Assessment of Existing Bridges 2018 -
Associate Editor Bridge Engineering (Frontiers) 2015 -
Cost Action TU1402 - Quantifying the value of structural health monitoring. Management Committee member for Ireland and STSM Coordinator. 2014 - 2018
Engineers Ireland - Structures & Construction Committee Chairman 2011 - 2015
Transportation Research Board (USA) - Steel Bridge Committee 2011 -
Associate Editor, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) - Journal of Bridge Engineering 2010 - 2017
Federation of European Highway Research Laboratories (FEHRL) - Irish Research Coordinator 2010 -
International Association of Bridge & Structural Engineers (IABSE), RoI Branch - Founding Chairman & Board Member 2010 -
COST TU0601 Action Robustness of Structures 2007 - 2011
COST 345 Action Procedures Required for Assessing Highway Structures 2000 - 2002
COST 323 Action Weigh in Motion 1998 - 2000
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
Danish Fluent Fluent Fluent
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
Details Date From Date To
Engineers Ireland, Chartered Engineer (CEng) & Fellow (FIEI) 2004 -
American Society of Civil Engineers (Aff.M.ASCE) 2010 -
International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineers 1998
International Association for Bridge Management and Safety 2003
Institution of Concrete Technology (London) 2000
International Association for Life Cycle Civil Engineering 2016
Joint Committee on Structural Safety 2013
Orcesi, A., O'Connor, A., et al., Investigating the Effects of Climate Change on Structural Resistance and Actions, IABSE Symposium Ghent, 2021, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Roldsgaard, J., Nielsen, S., Pedersen, C., Pedersen, Ø, O'Connor, A., Indicative Implied Safety Level in ULS of a Suspension Bridge Deck, IABSE Symposium Ghent, Ghent, Belgium, 2021, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Boros, V., Lenner, R., O'Connor, A., Orcesi, A., Schmidt, F., van der Spuy, P, Sykora, M, Traffic Loads for the Assessment of Existing Bridges, IABSE Symposium Ghent, 2021, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
André Orcesi, Vazul Boros, Marija Ku ter Maric, Ana Mandic Ivankovic, Miroslav Sýkora, Robby Caspeele, Jochen Köhler, Alan O'Connor, Franziska Schmidt, Salvatore Di Bernardo, Nisrine Makhoul, Bridge Case Studies on the Assignment of Partial Safety Factors for the Assessment of Existing Structures, 18th International Probabilistic Workshop: IPW 2020, 2021, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Teixeira R., O'Connor A., Nogal M., Application of value of information theory in adaptive metamodeling for reliability assessment, Bridge Maintenance, Safety, Management, Life-Cycle Sustainability and Innovations, 2021, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Stevens N., Lydon M., Taylor S., Hamill G., Marshall A., Campbell K., Neeson T., O'Connor A., Analysis of data for 6,978 bridges to inform a data strategy for predictive maintenance., Bridge Maintenance, Safety, Management, Life-Cycle Sustainability and Innovations, 2021, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Teixeira, R., Nogal, M., O'Connor, A., Adaptive approaches in metamodel-based reliability analysis: A review, Structural Safety, 89, 2021, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Teixeira, R., Martinez-Pastor, B., Nogal, M., O'Connor, A., Reliability analysis using a multi-metamodel complement-basis approach, Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 205, 2021, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Castillo, E., Grande, Z., Calviño, A., Nogal, M. and O'Connor, A., Probabilistic Safety Analysis of Railway Lines, International Journal of Railway Technology, 2021, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Martinez-Pastor, B., Nogal, M., O'Connor, A., and Teixeira, R., Transport Network Resilience: A Mapping and Sensitivity Analysis Strategy to Improve the Decision-Making Process During Extreme Weather Events, International Journal of Critical Infrastructures, 17, (4), 2021, Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Award Date
Fellowship of Trinity College Dublin (FTCD) 2017
Fellowship of Engineers Ireland (FIEI) 2009
Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) London Engineering Award 2003
Enterprise Ireland International Collaboration Award 2001
TCD Foundation Fellowship 1995 - 1998
Probability based safety assessment and optimised lifecycle maintenance management of infrastructural elements/networks, risk and resilience assessment, engineering for extremes, structural reliability, optimisation, structural health monitoring and control, statistical load modelling, design code calibration, durability and performance based design, numerical analysis of structures, statistical modelling, bridge design.