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Dr. Cian O'Callaghan

Assistant Professor (Geography)

I am an Assistant Professor in Urban Geography with the School of Natural Sciences, Trinity College Dublin. I joined the Geography Department in 2016. Prior to joining Trinity, I worked at Maynooth University between 2008 and 2016. At Maynooth I held the positions of Lecturer in Geography and Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis (NIRSA). I hold a PhD from University College Cork (2009).
  Cultural Geography   DUBLIN   Economic Geography   experimental urbanism   HOUSING   human geography   IRISH HOUSING SYSTEM   Political Geography   URBAN   Urban Geography   Urban Planning/Policy   Urban Studies
 Rethinking urban vacancy: : Addressing the challenge of underutilised land through innovative policy solutions
 Co-living and the housing crisis: a comparative critical analysis
  ESPON Ensure (European Sustainable Urbanisation through port city Regeneration)
 Alternate urbanisms: an international comparative study
 The new urban ruins: Vacancy and the post-crisis city

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Details Date
External examiner, Rachel McArdle, PhD programme Geography Department, Maynooth University 2019
Chair of 2021 Conference of Ireland Geographers (postponed from 2020) 2019
External examiner, Joanne Ahern, PhD programme in Urban Studies, Gran Sasso Science Institute, l'Aquila, Italy. 2017
Honorary President, TCD Geography Society 2017
International review board, Aigne: An online postgraduate journal of arts, Celtic studies and social sciences 2011-
Administrator, Ireland after NAMA, public geographies blog 2010-
Details Date From Date To
Geographical Society of Ireland 2013 Present
Association of American Geographers 2009 Present
O'Callaghan, C; Di Feliciantonio, C , The New Urban Ruins: Vacancy, urban politics, and international experiments in the post-crisis city, Bristol, Policy Press, 2021, Book, SUBMITTED
Postpolitics and Post-Truth in, 2020, [O'Callaghan, C], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  DOI
Di Feliciantonnio, C, O'Callaghan, C, Struggles over property in the 'post-political' era: Notes on the political from Rome and Dublin, Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, 2020, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
O'Callaghan C, and McGuirk, PM , Situating financialisation in the geographies of neoliberal housing restructuring: reflections from Ireland and Australia, Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space, 2020, Journal Article, SUBMITTED
Streamers (Spotify) in, editor(s)Graham, M., Kitchin, R., Mattern, S. and Shaw, J. (eds) , How to Run a City Like a Company and Other Fables, Oxford, Meatspace Press, 2019, pp955 - 1034, [O'Callaghan, C], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
O'Callaghan, Cian, Promises of the Political: Insurgent Cities in a Post Political Environment, Housing, Theory and Society, 2019, Review, PUBLISHED  DOI
Gilmartin, M; Wood, P.B., O'Callaghan, C., Borders, mobility and belonging in the era of Brexit and Trump, Policy Press, 2018, Book, PUBLISHED
No Soft Landing for the Suburbs: Credit, Debt and the fracturing of the Suburban Dream in Ireland in, editor(s)Anaker, K and Maginn, P. , What's Wrong with Suburbia: From Dreamscapes to Nightmares, London, Advances in Sociology Series, Routledge. , 2018, [Redmond, D and O'Callaghan, C], Book Chapter, IN_PRESS
The relational articulation of housing crisis and activism in post-crash Dublin, Ireland in, editor(s)Gray, N , A Century of Housing Struggles: From the 1915 Rent Strikes to Contemporary Housing Activisms, Boulder, Roman and Littefield, 2018, [Hearne, R. O'Callaghan, C., Di Feliciantonio, C., Kitchin, R.], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
O'Callaghan, C., Planetary urbanization in ruins: Provisional theory and Ireland's crisis, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 2018, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL

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Kathleen Stokes and Cian O'Callaghan, Taking stock of Dublin's vacant sites and properties: A review of existing policies and measures, Trinity College Dublin, 2021, Notes: [This report was produced as part of the IRC funded Rethinking Urban Vacancy Project. The report was produced in collaboration with policy partner the Dublin Housing Observatory and also informed by a policy round table with key stakeholders. The report synthesises current measurements and policy approaches to urban vacancy and includes policy recommendations ], Report, PUBLISHED
Xavier Le Den, Samy Porteron, Elisa Colaiacomo, Henning Thoms, Maurizio Carta, Daniele Ronsivalle, Barbara Lino, Niamh Moore-Cherry, Aoife Delaney, Eoin O'Mahony, Cian O'Callaghan , ENSURE (European Sustainable Urbanisation through port city Regeneration Final Report, Luxembourg, 2020, Report, PUBLISHED
Niamh Moore-Cherry, Aoife Delaney, Eoin O'Mahony and Cian O'Callaghan, ENSURE (European Sustainable Urbanisation through port city Regeneration Annex 4.4 Case Study Report:Cork City (IE), Luxembourg, 2020, Report, PUBLISHED
O'Callaghan, C, Crisis ruins and their resolution: Ireland's property bubble ten years on, Working Notes, 82, 2019, p6-12 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
O'Callaghan, C. and Gilmartin, M, Ireland: Borders and borderlines, Soundings: A journal of politics and culture, 64, 2016, p64 - 70, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Hague, C, Ursa, J, Crawford, J, Wojnar, K, Biot, V, Nielson, M, Cassiers, T, Mladenov, M, Kyvelou, S, Walsh, C, O'Callaghan, C, Daly, G, Prezioso, M, D'Orazio, Groza, O, Stoleriu, O, Bartol, B , ESPON - INTERSTRAT: ESPON in integrated territorial strategies. Final Report Version , 2012, Report, PUBLISHED
O'Callaghan, C., Haunted Landscapes (Introduction to 'Settlement' by Anthony Haughey), Source: The Photography Review, 65, 2011, p33 - 33, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Kitchin, R, Gleeson, J, Keaveney, K, O'Callaghan, C, A Haunted Landscape: Housing and Ghost Estates in post-Celtic Tiger Ireland, NIRSA working paper No. 59, 2010, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Curran, D, O Callaghan, C, Ancien, D, Van Egeraat, C, McCafferty, D, Gleeson, J, Bartley, B , 'Dublin Case Study'. In: Harding et al. (2010) The Case for Agglomeration Economies in Europe (CAEE), ESPON Final Report, Luxembourg, 2010, Report, PUBLISHED
O'Callaghan, C., Just Add Water: (re)producing Cork docklands, Progress in Irish Urban Studies, 3, 2007, p13 - 24, Journal Article, PUBLISHED


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Award Date
Provost Excellence in Teaching Award (shortlisted, delayed due to Covid) 2020
Appointed as Chair of the 2020 Conference of Irish Geographers (posponded to 2021) 2019
Invited talk: URbANIsM: European regeneration experiences between growth and crisis, Polytechnic University Turin, Italy, 04 February 2019
Invited talk: Rent and its Discontents, University of Glasgow 22 January 2019
Nomination as Honorary President of the Dublin University Geographical Society for 2017/18 2017
Invited talk: ACCESS, University of Wollongong, NSW Australia, 1 August 2018
Invited talk: Research Group on Urban Governance, Commons, Internet and Social Innovation (URGOCIS), Universistat Autonoma de Barcelona, presented to the, 19 April 2018
Invited talk: panel "Critical urban theory in the 'urban age': Voices from another planet" convened by Dr. Natalie Oswin and Prof. Geraldine Pratt at the Association of American Geographers conference 5-7 April 2017
Invited talk: "Rethinking Urban Theory Through the Analytical Lens of Planetary Urbanization" workshop, York University Toronto, 3-4 April 2017
Recommended for Accelerated Advancement above the Merit Bar following the Junior Academic Progressions Call 2017
Invited talk: International Lecture of Economic Geography at Bonn University 08 June 2016
Appointed as international collaborator on AGORA project (based on IGOT Lisbon University) 2016
Invited to participate as international collaborator in "Between Development and Debt in the Massive Suburbia of Toronto and Istanbul" grant proposal to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRCC) led by Prof. Roger Keil 2016
Appointed as international collaborator on AGORA project (based in IGOT Lisbon University) 2016
Trinity College New Lecturers Start-up Grant (€10,000) 2016
IRC New Horizons Project Grant - Title: The new urban ruins: Vacancy and the post-crisis city (€100,000) 2015-2017
The University of Newcastle Australia Early Career Researcher (ECR) Visiting Fellowship (AU$5,000) 2012
IRC (formerly IRCHSS) Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship - Title: Memories of the everyday present: Haunting, absence, and the spectral performance of everyday life on the Irish 'ghost estate' (€78,756) 2011-2013
IRC (formerly IRCHSS) Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship - Title: Capital and Culture: Regenerating the city and staging the arts in postindustrial Cork (€ 25,200) 2004-2007
College Scholar University College Cork 2004
UCC Geography PhD bursary (€10,000) 2003
College Scholar University College Cork 2003
I am an urban geographer with expertise political economy, creativity and place, neoliberalism and geographies of the crisis. My research is theoretical and empirical, addressing key questions relating to housing justice, urbanisation, and the reuse of urban vacant spaces. I am a recognised world leading expert on critical studies of ruination and vacancy. My research is world class. I have a 100% acceptance rate for 19 peer-reviewed journal articles published in top international journals (12 as first author, 13 in Q1 journals); including Urban Geography (IF: 3.576), Environment and Planning D: Society and Space (IF 2.730) and Political Geography (IF 2.73). I have edited special issues of Urban Studies (Q1) and Geojournal (Q2), published 4 major policy reports, 7 book chapters, and numerous short articles (e.g. The Conversation, Soundings). I have growing citations (895 Google scholar, 14=H index, 589 since 2016) in my field and diverse disciplines, including Economics, Social Policy, and Literary studies. I have served as Principal Investigator (PI) on successful research grants worth c€320,000. I have won three prestigious IRC research grants, most recently an IRC Coalesce Scheme (2019-2021) focusing on innovative solutions to urban vacancy. Since my appointment in Trinity, I have: . Published 1 book, 4 peer-reviewed articles and 5 book chapters, with others in preparation . Awarded 7 research grants (4 as PI and 3 as PhD supervisor). Including IRC (Coalesce, postgraduate) (2019), Provost Project Award (2018) . Mentored 2 postdoctoral researchers . Supervise 3 PhD students . Invited talks including Turin, Glasgow, Wollongong . International collaboration with Prof Pauline McGuirk . Organised an international workshop (2017) and appointed Chair of the Conference of Irish Geographers (2020, postponed to 2021). I have taken two periods of paternity leave (2016 and 2019). Notwithstanding family commitments, these accolades have enabled me to develop a research team, transitioning me towards an ERC Consolidator application.