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Dr. Niamh O'Boyle

Assistant Professor (Pharmacy)

Dr. Niamh O'Boyle is an Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutical Chemistry in Trinity College Dublin. She received her BSc(Pharm)(1st class) and PhD degree from Trinity College Dublin, working with Prof. Mary J. Meegan. She subsequently completed postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) with Prof. Ann-Therese Karlberg and the School of Biochemistry and Immunology (TCD), working with Prof. Daniela Zisterer. Niamh is fascinated by the interaction of chemicals, both drugs and toxins, with the body. This inspires her research in the development of novel drugs for hard-to-treat cancers and in discovering the underlying mechanisms of skin allergy. She runs several diverse research projects and is currently supported by the TCD Provost's PhD Project Award, Panoz Pharmaceutical Innovation PhD Scholarship, Irish Research Council, EU MSCA-RISE (CRYSTAL3), Wellcome Trust, CAMS-UK, the Royal Society of Chemistry and Enterprise Ireland. Her research work is consistently published in high-quality international, peer-reviewed journals and she has been a co-applicant on two published patents. Niamh is a member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland and the Royal Society of Chemistry. She is the early career representative on the Royal Society of Chemistry Ireland Regional Steering Group (2020 - 2023) and is a committee member of the international GP2A medicinal chemistry group. She has been appointed to the Physical, Chemical & Mathematical Sciences multidisciplinary committee of the Royal Irish Academy (2022-2026). She is also involved with AthenaSwan through the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Self-Assessment Team. She is passionate about outreach and has been involved in EU Researchers Night and Higher Options, amongst others. She developed and delivered an online interactive workshop called 'Kids Science: Coronavirus' to over 1500 children aged 7-10 across Ireland and abroad in 2020-21.
  ALLERGIC CONTACT DERMATITIS   Anticancer Drug Design   ANTICANCER DRUGS   Antiestrogens   ANTI-TUBULIN ACTIVITY   BREAST CANCER   Cancer drug discovery   COLON CANCER   Design, synthesis and mechanism of action of novel anti-estrogenic compounds   Drug discovery   EPOXY   EPOXY RESINS   ESTROGEN   Estrogen Receptor   INDUCED LIPID-PEROXIDATION   LIPID OXIDATION   Multidisciplinary approach to drug discovery and development   OESTROGEN   PHOTOALLERGIC CONTACT-DERMATITIS   TAMOXIFEN
 Biochemical Evaluation of the 'Combretazets' - Novel and Potent Drugs for Treating Multi-Drug Resistant Cancers
 Analysis of Skin Lipids in Contact Allergy by Mass Spectrometry
 Can the stress response to reactive oxygen species in tumours be exploited to give a new class of anti-cancer drugs? Dual-targeting of the stress response to reactive oxygen species and tubulin by piperlongumine and related analogues
 Development of Novel Anti-Tumour Beta-Lactams for Treatment of Aggressive Breast Cancer
 Investigation of the effects of hormonal cancer therapy on levels of interferon epsilon in cancer cells of female reproductive tract and breast

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Details Date
Royal Irish Academy Physical, Chemical & Mathematical Sciences multidisciplinary committee (member) 2022-2026
Royal Society of Chemistry Ireland Regional Steering Group - Early Career Representative 2020 - 2023
Group for the Promotion of Pharmaceutical chemistry in Academia: committee member 2017 - present
COST Action CA17104 Stratagem - management committee substitute (Ireland) and working group member 2019
Journal Reviewer (journals including PNAS, RSC Med.Chem., J.Med.Chem., Eur.J.Med.Chem., ACS Med.Chem.Lett.)
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
French Medium Basic Basic
Irish Medium Basic Medium
Swedish Fluent Fluent Fluent
Details Date From Date To
Member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland 2007 Present
Member of the Irish Association for Cancer Research 2016 Present
Member of the European Association for Cancer Research 2016 Present
Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry 2017 Present
Member of the European Society for Contact Dermatitis 2019 Present
Member of Irish Platform for Patient Organisations, Science & Industry (IPPOSI) 2019 Present
Associate Member of the Institute of Chemistry of Ireland 2022 Present
Knox S, Hagvall L, Malmberg P, O'Boyle NM., Topical Application of Metal Allergens Induces Changes to Lipid Composition of Human Skin., Frontiers in Toxicology, 4, 2022, p867163 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
McLoughlin EC, O'Brien JE, Trujillo C, Meegan MJ, O'Boyle NM., Application of 2D EXSY and qNMR Spectroscopy for Diastereomeric Excess Determination Following Chiral Resolution of Beta-Lactams, ChemistryOpen, 2022, pe202200119 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
O'Boyle, Niamh; Niklasson, Ida; Ponting, David; Ortega, Miguel; Seifert, Tina; Natsch, Andreas; Luthman, Kristina; Karlberg, Ann-Therese, Nature-Derived Epoxy Resins: Synthesis, Allergenicity and Thermosetting Properties of Pinoresinol Diglycidyl Ether, Toxicology and Industrial Health, 38, (5), 2022, p259-269 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Malebari AM, Duffy Morales G, Twamley B, Fayne D, Khan MF, McLoughlin EC, O'Boyle NM, Zisterer DM, Meegan MJ., Synthesis, Characterisation and Mechanism of Action of Anticancer 3-Fluoroazetidin-2-ones., Pharmaceuticals (Basel, Switzerland), 15, (9), 2022, p1044 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Mary J. Meegan and Niamh M. O'Boyle, Anticancer Drugs 2021, MDPI, 2021, Book, PUBLISHED  URL
Sophie Knox, Niamh M. O'Boyle, Skin Lipids in Health and Disease: A Review, Chemistry and Physics of Lipids, 236, 2021, p105055 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
Gloria Ana, Patrick M. Kelly, Azizah M. Malebari, Sara Noorani, Seema M. Nathwani, Brendan Twamley, Darren Fayne, Niamh M. O'Boyle, Daniela M. Zisterer, Elisangela Flavia Pimentel, Denise Coutinho Endringer and Mary J. Meegan, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 1-(Diarylmethyl)-1H-1,2,4-Triazoles and 1-(Diarylmethyl)-1H-Imidazoles as a Novel Class of Anti-Mitotic Agent for Activity in Breast Cancer, Pharmaceuticals, 14, (2), 2021, p169-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
Malebari A.M., Wang S., Greene T.F., O'Boyle N.M., Fayne D., Khan M.F., Nathwani S.M., Twamley B., McCabe T., Zisterer D.M., Meegan M.J., Synthesis and antiproliferative evaluation of 3-chloroazetidin-2-ones with antimitotic activity: Heterocyclic bridged analogues of combretastatin A-4, Pharmaceuticals, 14, (11), 2021, part. 1119-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Eavan C. McLoughlin and Niamh M. O'Boyle, Colchicine-Binding Site Inhibitors from Chemistry to Clinic: A Review , Pharmaceuticals, 13, (1), 2020, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL  Other
Miriam Carr, Andrew J.S. Knox, Daniel K. Nevin, Niamh O'Boyle, Shu Wang, Billy Egan, Thomas McCabe, Brendan Twamley, Daniela M. Zisterer, David G. Lloyd, Mary J. Meegan, Optimisation of Estrogen Receptor Subtype-Selectivity of a 4-Aryl-4H-Chromene Scaffold Previously Identified by Virtual Screening, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 28, (5), 2020, p115261-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Niamh M. O'Boyle, Targeting Tubulin - a Tale of the Development of the Combretazets, SCF 29th Young Research Fellows Meeting, Nantes, 4-6 July 2022, 2022, Société de Chimie Thérapeutique, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Mary J. Meegan and Niamh M. O'Boyle, Special Issue 'Anticancer Drugs 2021', Pharmaceuticals, 15, (4), 2022, p479-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Niamh M. O'Boyle, FS-44: Nature-Inspired Epoxy Resins: PinoDGE, Contact Dermatitis, European Society for Contact Dermatitis 15th Congress, Amsterdam, 8-10 June 2022, 86, (S1), Wiley, 2022, pp20-, Oral Presentation, PRESENTED
Niamh M. O'Boyle, FC-48: Probing the skin with ToF-SIMS: skin lipid composition upon exposure to metal allergens, Contact Dermatitis, European Society for Contact Dermatitis 15th Congress, Amsterdam, 8-10 July 2022, 86, (S1), Wiley, 2022, pp54 - 55, Oral Presentation, PRESENTED
Alina Qaisar, Jacintha O'Sullivan, Niamh M. O'Boyle, P22: Synthesis and Physicochemical Properties of Amino Acid Prodrugs of the Radiosensitser Pyrazinib, 30th Annual GP2A Medicinal Chemistry Conference, Dublin, 24-26 August 2022, 2022, Poster, PRESENTED
Eavan C. McLoughlin, Patricia Hannon Barroeta, Daniela M. Zisterer, and Niamh M. O'Boyle, P41: A comparison of chiral diastereomeric versus kinetic enzymatic resolution for enantioseparation of microtubule depolymerising beta-lactams, 30th Annual GP2A Medicinal Chemistry Conference, Dublin, 24-26 August 2022, 2022, Poster, PRESENTED
Niamh O'Boyle, Probing the Skin with ToF-SIMS: do Metal Allergens Change Lipid Composition?, 29th Meeting of the European Research Group on Experimental Contact Dermatitis, Online, 3rd February, 2021, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Helesbeux J.-J., Carro L., McCarthy F.O., Moreira V.M., Giuntini F., O'Boyle N.M., Matthews S.E., Bayraktar G., Bertrand S., Rochais C., Marchand P., 29th Annual GP2A Medicinal Chemistry Conference, Pharmaceuticals, 14, (12), 2021, part. 1278 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Eavan C. McLoughlin, Nithya Valupadasu, Niamh M. O'Boyle, A phosphate prodrug of pyrazinib: Improved solubility and antiproliferative activity, 7th International Electronic Conference on Medicinal Chemistry, November 2021, edited by Jean Jacques Vanden Eynde , 2021, Poster, PRESENTED
Eavan C. McLoughlin, Niamh M. O'Boyle, Combretazets: Enantiomeric Beta-Lactams for the Treatment of Breast Cancer, 6th International Electronic Conference on Medicinal Chemistry, 01-30 November 2020, edited by Dr. Jean Jacques Vanden Eynde , MDPI, 2020, Oral Presentation, PRESENTED


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Award Date
Best Poster Presentation, STRATAGEM WG2 Meeting and International Online Symposium on 'Synthesis and nanodelivery strategies for new therapeutic tools against Multidrug Resistant Tumours' (online) 15-Dec-2020
CAMS-UK Fellowship 2019
Trinity College Dublin Provost's PhD Project Award 2018
Outstanding Reviewer Award, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2017
Irish Research Council Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship 2014 - 2016
University of Gothenburg Department of Chemistry Postdoctoral Scholarship 2010 - 2012
XVIIIth European Conference of GP2A: Best Presentation 2009
Trinity College Dublin Postgraduate Research Studentship 2009
Irish Cancer Society Oncology Scholars Travel Award 2008
Trinity College Dublin Postgraduate Research Studentship (1252) 2006
Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland Young Pharmacist's forum: Best poster presentation 2006
Trinity College Dublin Foundation Scholarship 2003
I lead a research group that is at the forefront of two fields: developing treatments for drug-resistant cancers and discovering mechanisms of skin allergy. These may seem unconnected, but both are concerned with the intricate interactions between chemicals and the human body. In the cancer strand of my research, I am developing treatments for multi-drug resistant breast and colon cancers. The key direction of this research is progression of a drug candidate to clinical trials. In the inflammation strand of my research, I am elucidating the reasons that certain chemicals cause skin allergy. This had led to a completely new research area: the characterisation of the effects of chemicals on skin lipids. The key direction of this research is improving the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of skin allergy, leading to improved diagnostics and treatments. I have published 37 peer-reviewed articles (senior author publications: 17), co-edited two books, and am a co-inventor on two patents. My work has been cited 1022 times and my h-index is 20 (source: Google Scholar, Dec 2022). I consistently publish in leading journals (e.g. J.Med.Chem and Chem.Res.Toxicol.). My 2020 review article in Pharmaceuticals was awarded 'Highly Cited Paper 2020' and 'Editor's Choice Article' with 150 citations to date. I have been a keynote speaker at national and international conferences. Since my appointment to TCD, my research has been supported by the Irish Research Council, CAMS-UK, Wellcome Trust, Enterprise Ireland (three grants), Royal Society of Chemistry (three grants), H2020-MSCA-RISE, Panoz Pharmaceutical Innovation PhD scholarships (two grants), and Trinity College (Trinity Research Boost, Provost's PhD Project Award and Dean of Health Sciences Award). I have leveraged over €0.5 million in funding as PI (>€1.5 million funding when collaborative grants are included). I am a member of several COST actions and have strategic collaborations nationally and internationally.