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Ms. Niamh Brennan

Assistant Librarian (Library)

Niamh Brennan is Programme Manager for Research Informatics in Trinity College Library Dublin where she works on research reporting, evaluation and impact. She is responsible for the development of Trinity's Research Support System and its institutional repository, TARA (Trinity's Access to Research Archive). Niamh is a member of several national and international groups working on open access to research outputs and enabling their improved reporting, retrieval and evaluation. These include Ireland's National Open Science Forum (which represents all Irish funding councils and research agencies and institutions), DART-Europe (Digital Access to Research Theses Europe), OpenAIRE2020 (Horizon2020) and OpenAIRE Advance (Horizon2020). She is a member of the management councils of two key Irish journals in economics and social sciences and has partnered in a number of research projects in digital humanities, international development and social sciences. Niamh coordinated a national sectoral project in Ireland, funded by the HEA and managed by the IUA, which developed research reporting standards and research evaluation methodologies with a particular focus on developing new ways of demonstrating research impact. She has acted as a consultant on bibliometrics for HEA/Forfas (2011) and HEA (2106-2017). She is a member of the European Commission Expert Group on Skills for Open Science, reporting to the European Open Science Policy Platform (expert group report published: September 2017).
  Children/Family   DISABILITY
 OpenAIRE Advance
 MIR (Medicines Information Retrieval) Project
 TCD Institutional Repository programme

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Details Date
Digital Education Advisory Board (National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning) 2018
European Commission Expert Group on Skills for Open Science September 2016 - to date
EuroCRIS Task Group on Standards and Identifiers June 2017 - to date
National Open Research Forum (formerly National Steering Group on Open Access) 2012 to date
National Research Data Project ( Steering Group (Coordinator) 2009 - to date
OpenAIRE and OpenAIREplus Projects: representative and coordinator for Ireland
DART-Europe Partnership (Board member and TCD representative) 2005 - to date
DRIVER (Digital Repositories Infrastructure Vision for European Research) Project: representative and coordinator for Ireland 2007-2010
IUA Librarians' Working Group/Rian Steering Group on Institutional Repositories(Member & Chair of Metadata & Harvesting Group) 2005 to date
National Research Platform, Standards & Definitions Group: Chair 2008 - 2009
Research Information Systems Exchange (RISE) Group (TCD representative) 2004 - to date
NDLR (National Digital Learning Objects Repository Committee) (Member) 2005 - 2008
NDLR Interoperability Subcommittee (Member) 2005 - 2012
Expertise Ireland Advisory Group Subcommittee (Chair) 2005
Expertise Ireland Advisory Group (Member) 2004 - 2009
IUA Researcher Mobility Portal Advisory Group (Member) 2004 - 2008
National ORCID Project 2019
Details Date From Date To
EuroCRIS Member 2008 to date
Irish Learning Technology Association (member) 2005 to date
Digital Curation Centre Associates Network (Member) 2005 to date
N Brennan, Horizon Europe Test, Journal of Open Access Compliance, 4, (6), 2022, p123 - 234, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
K Kiely, N Brennan, A Hayes, Measuring research in the university via senior academic promotions and faculty research metrics, Procedia Computer Science, 146, 2019, p173 - 181, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
K Kiely, N Brennan, A Hayes, Measuring research in the university via senior academic promotions and faculty research metrics., CRIS2018, Umea, Sweden, 18-22 June 2018, 2018, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Conor O'Carroll, Niamh Brennan, Berit Hyllseth, Ulrike Kohl, Gareth O'Neill, Rinske Van Den Berg, Providing researchers with the skills and competencies they need to practise Open Science: Open Science Skills Working Group Report, Brussels, European Commission DG-RTG, September, 2017, p1 - 36, Notes: [Report from the Expert Group on Skills for Open Science to the European Commission Open Science Policy Platform. The report was commissioned to provide recommendations on European policy in support of Open Science (open access publications and open data).], Report, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  URL
Niamh Brennan, The dark arts of rankings, Bibliometrics: Use and Abuse in the Review of Research Performance: an international symposium, Stockholm, May 23-25, 2013, Academia Europaea & Wenner-Gren Foundations, 2013, Conference Paper, PRESENTED
Niamh Brennan, On grasping the lifeline - and avoiding the noose: Open Access in Social Sciences and Humanities, Workshop on Open Access infrastructures in the Social Sciences and Humanities, Covent Garden, Brussels, 6-7 February, 2013, 2013, ERCEA/A1 in collaboration with the ERC Scientific Council working group on Open Access , Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Niamh Brennan and Catherine Bruen, Transforming cultures: Open Access and the research-teaching nexus, eInfraNet 'Open' Workshop , Noordwijk aan Zee, Netherlands, 27-28 October 2011, 2011, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  URL
The role of information and communications technology in research capacity building in, editor(s)Michael G. Healy and Mary Goretti Nakabugo , Research capacity building for development: resources for higher education institutions, Belfast, The Irish-African Partnership for Research Capacity Building, 2010, pp58 - 72, [Jane Grimson, Niamh Brennan, Catherine Bruen, Daniel Lete Murugarren, Margaret Ngwira, Vinny Wade and Kondwani Wella], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Niamh Brennan, Developments in Ireland, Keeping the records of science accessible: can we afford it? Annual Conference of the Alliance for Permanent Access 2008, Budapest, Hungary, 4th November, 2008, Alliance for Permanent Access, 2008, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  URL
Vivero LE, Henman MC, Healy A,Brennan N , Information literacy training for the 21st century: The Medicines Information Retrieval Project., Pharmacotherapy, 24, 2004, p1472 - 1473p, Journal Article, PUBLISHED

xxx, (2024), 'xxx' [pdf], Impact Case Study, PUBLISHED
K Kiely, Email Notification Fix, 2023, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
N Brennan, Test pub for SDGs, 2023, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Sanchidrian, Monica and Brennan, Niamh, What an OER journey!, Open Science Fair 2023, Madrid, 25-27 September 2023, 2023, Poster, ACCEPTED
xx, xxx, 2023, Report, PUBLISHED
Niamh Brennan, Metrics and Interdisciplinarity, Dublin, October, 2016, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Niamh Brennan & Garret McMahon, Increasing points of access: a guide to metadata harvesting, A picture's worth a thousand euros - Return on Investment? How to improve the cultural and commercial potential of your image collection, The Royal Thames Yacht Club, Knightsbridge, Lindon, 28-29 January, 2009, Bridgeman Art Library, Collections Trust, Electric Lane and The MILE Project, 2009, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Niamh Brennan, Donal Lyons, Andrew Watson, Kevin Kiely, Enovation Solutions, Case Study: TARA: Trinity's Access to Research Archive, RSP Repository Software Day 2009, Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, 19th March 2009, Repositories Support Project, funded by JISC Repository Net, 2009, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Niamh Brennan, Open Access policies in Ireland, Open Access: Maximising Research Impact workshop, New Bulgarian University Library, Sofia, Bulgaria, April 23-24, 2009, Bulgarian Information Consortium, New Bulgarian University Library and Supported by the Higher Education Support Program of the Open Society Institute, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Niamh Brennan, Beyond the repository: Current Research Information Systems & the REF, Repositories Support Project (RSP) Winter School, New Lanark, Scotland, 25-27 February 2009, 2009, Repositories Support Project (RSP), funded by JISC Repositories Net, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED


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Award Date
TCD Graduate Students Union Lifetime Achievement Award 2018
TCD Graduate Students Union Honourary Membership 2019
Current research interests: emerging standards for research information, research evaluation standards, bibliometrics, data citation metrics, altmetrics and impact analysis; interoperability in open source and open access environments, web analytics associated with web-based / open access content.