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Dr. Nollaig Bourke

Ussher Assistant Professor (Medical Gerontology)


  Age related diseases   AGEING   AGE-RELATED-CHANGES   Angiogenesis, oncology, cardiovascular biology, inflammation   Biomarkers of disease   BLOODBORNE VIRUSES   CELLULAR IMMUNE-RESPONSE   CHRONIC INFLAMMATION   CYTOKINE GENES   Cytokine modulation of immune responses   Cytokine signalling   Disease Prevention   GENE REGULATION   GENE-EXPRESSION   GENOMICS   HEPATITIS-C VIRUS   Hormones   HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS (HIV)   Immune system   Infectious Diseases   Inflammation   Molecular basis to inflammation and innate immunity   REPRODUCTIVE HORMONES   TYPE I INTERFERONS   VIRUS INFECTION   VIRUS-INFECTED PATIENTS
Details Date From Date To
Irish Society of Immunology 2008
Society for Mucosal Immunology 2016 2018
International Cytokine and Interferon Society (ICIS) 2014
Victorian Infection and Immunity Network, Australia 2012 2017
Australian Centre for HIV and Hepatitis Virology Research (ACH2) 2013 2015
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Townsend L, Dyer AH, Naughton A, Imangaliyev S, Dunne J, Kiersey R, Holden D, Mooney A, Leavy D, Ridge K, Sugrue J, Aldoseri M, Kelliher JH, Ní Cheallaigh C, Severe COVID-19 is characterised by inflammation and immature myeloid cells early in disease progression, Heliyon, 8, (4), 2022, pe09230 - e09236, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Dyer AH, Noonan C, McElheron M, Batten I, Reddy C, Connolly E, Pierpoint R, Murray C, Leonard A, Higgins C, Reilly P, Boran G, Phelan T, McCormack W, O'Neill D, Fallon A, Brady G, O'Farrelly C, Bourke NM, Kennelly SP., Previous SARS-CoV-2 Infection, Age, and Frailty Are Associated With 6-Month Vaccine-Induced Anti-Spike Antibody Titer in Nursing Home Residents, Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, 2022, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
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Ann Monaghan, Nollaig Bourke, Aisling O'Halloran, Mark Ward, Feng Xue, Glenn Jennings, Rose Anne Kenny and Roman Romero-Ortuno, New self-reported exhaustion during the COVID-19 Pandemic, TILDA Report, 2021, Report, PUBLISHED
De Looze, C., Ward, M., McDowell, C., Bourke, N., Kenny R.A., Preparing for COVID-19 vaccination: important learnings from the Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA), Dublin, TILDA, December, 2020, Report, PUBLISHED


My research focuses on understanding how the immune system changes with age and the role immune dysregulation plays in age-related disease initiation and pathology. In particular, I am interested in investigating how the initiation and regulation of innate immune responses, such as inflammation and anti-viral immunity, change with age, with a focus on how these processed are related to biological ageing and age-associated physiological decline.