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Dr. Maria Elisa Navarro Morales

Assistant Professor (History Of Art)


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Member of the editorial committee of H-Art, Journal of the History of Art Department of the Universidad de Los Andes.
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
French Fluent Basic Medium
Italian Fluent Fluent Basic
Spanish Fluent Fluent Fluent
Details Date From Date To
Society of Architectural Historians 2012 2020
El Lenguaje de la Arquitectura y la Arquitectura como Lenguaje en la Teoría de Caramuel in, editor(s)Jorge García López and Enrique Garcia Santo-Tomás , Atardece el Barroco, Ficción Experimental en la España de Carlos II (1665 - 1700), Madrid, Vervuert Iberoamericana, 2021, [Maria Elisa Navarro Morales], Book Chapter, SUBMITTED
Maria Elisa Navarro Morales, Inverted classroom teaching in the first‐year design studio, a case study, British Journal of Educational Technology, 2018, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Maria Elisa Navarro Morales, Juan Caramuel y la primera historia de la arquitectura, Dearquitectura, 1, (22), 2018, p162 - 169, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL
Maria Elisa Navarro Morales, The astronomers palace, Rupkatha Journal On Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities , 1, (3), 2011, p12 - 24, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  URL

German Samper a Life Among His Drawings in, editor(s)Federica Goffi Mary Vaughan Johnson , The Routledge Companion to Drawings and Models: From Translating to Archiving, Collecting and Displaying, Routledge, 2021, [Navarro Morales, Maria Elisa], Book Chapter, IN_PRESS
Maria Elisa Navarro Morales, Assassins Creed II and MXT Ballet: Using technology in the creation and recreation of the past , From the Page to the Screen Entanglements between heritage and media, Geneve, Switzerland, December 1, 2020, edited by Vera Sacchetti, Roberto Zancan , 2021, Conference Paper, ACCEPTED
Entre el agua y la piedra. Respuestas espaciales a problematicas sociales, ambientales y culturales de la ciudad de Cartagena in, editor(s)Annalisa Dameri, Roberto Giordano, Paolo Melano, Luz Mary Rodelo Torres, Claudio Jose Rossi Gonzalez. , The Culture of the City, Torino, Politecnico di Torino, 2018, pp321 - 334, [Maria Elisa Navarro Morales], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Maria Elisa Navarro Morales, La arquitectura como elemento narrativo en Assasins Creed II, Quaderns de Cine, 1, (13), 2018, p93 - 102, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Vladan Djokić, Ana Nikezić, Ana Raković(ed.), Entangled Histories, Multiple Geographies: Papers from the International Scientific Thematic Conference EAHN 2015, Belgrad, October 14 - 17,2015, University of Belgrade, 2017, 177 - 182 p, Proceedings of a Conference, PUBLISHED
López Calderón, C., Fernández Valle, Mª. A., Rodríguez Moya, Mª. I.(ed.), I Simposio Internacional Barroco Iberoamericano: identidades culturales de un imperio, Barroco Iberoamericano: identidades culturales de un imperio, Santiago de Compostela, May 27th 29th, 2013, Andavira, 2013, 145 - 156 p, Proceedings of a Conference, PUBLISHED
History as Storytelling in the Account of the Eleven Orders of Architecture According to Juan Caramuel de Lobkowitz in, editor(s)Alberto Pérez-Gómez and Stephen Parcell , Chora 6 Intervals in the Philosophy of Architecture, Montreal, McGill - Queen's University Press, 2011, pp143 - 158, [Maria Elisa Navarro Morales], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
The Narrative of the Architectural Orders in the Treatise Architectura Civil Recta y Obliqua by Juan Caramuel in, editor(s)Petr Dvorak and Jacob Schmutz , Juan Caramuel Lobkowitz: The last scholastic polymath, Prague, Filosofia, 2008, pp257 - 272, [Maria Elisa Navarro Morales], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED