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Dr. Susan Murphy

Assistant Prof in Development Practice (Geography)

Assistant Prof in Development Practice (School Office - Natural Sciences)

Following completion of my MA in Political Theory in 1996, I went on to work for ten years in industry as a manager with Accenture designing technology infrastructure solutions for clients across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, and China. During this time, I gained extensive experience managing interdisciplinary international teams, designing, and delivering complex solutions in a range of diverse contexts. In 2008 I returned to academia to pursue a PhD in development politics, focusing on the ethics of international assistance and development cooperation. On completion of my PhD (2012) I joined Trinity College as an assistant professor in development practice, based in the School of Natural Sciences (Geography). For over a decade, I have dedicated my teaching, research and academic practice to examining the ethics, policy, and practice of humanitarian and development assistance and sustainable development cooperation in a rapidly changing world. Drawing upon my expertise in politics and international relations, I specialize in issues related to global governance and justice in development cooperation at multiple scales. I am the research group lead for the Climate and Environmental Justice lab, supervising postgraduate research projects related to national and international climate justice concerns. I teach in climate justice, gender and social inclusion, development research and professional practice preparation. As part of my work, I have managed the design and delivery of 200+ international research projects in countries across Latin America, Africa and Asia, and over 150+ research projects with International Development NGOs in Ireland. I have published in national and international peer-review and scientific journals and have publish one book with Springer Studies in Global Justice. Internal roles include Geography PG Coordinator; School of Natural Sciences Research Ethics Committee, Postgraduate Teaching and Learning Committee, and Athena SWAN School SAT; and College Tutor. Previous roles include member and Chair of Trinity International Development Initiative (2012-2020); FEMS Representative, University Council (2016-2018); College International Committee (2017-2019). External roles include Department of Foreign Affairs Audit Committee; UCC External Examiner for BSc in International Development; Chair of the Board of Trustees - Oxfam Ireland & Board of Supervisors, Oxfam International; BISA Ethics and World Politics Co-conveyor; Previously positions include committee member, Future Earth Ireland; Board of Advisors, The Humanitarian Innovation Academy; Scientific committee member, UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. My research and teaching brings to bear over twenty years of management and professional experience, both within the University and in Industry.
  Africa   CLIMATE CHANGE   Developing/Underdeveloped Nations   Equality rights   Ethics and International Assistance   GENDER   Gender and leadership   Gender issues in social development   Gender related policy issues in Ireland   Human rights   Humanitarian Theory   International Affairs   International development   International/Global Development   JUSTICE   Paris Climate Agreement   Political Theory   Sustainable Development   Theories of Global Justice   UN Sustainable Development Goals
 Transforming gender relations through climate action planning
 Climate (in)Justice in Practice? Examining the relationship between changing climates, community based adaptive responses and gender relations.

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Details Date
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Audit Committee 2021
UCC External Examiner, BSc in International Development 2019
Chair, Oxfam Ireland 2018
Chair, Oxfam International Governance Reform 2019-2021
Board of Trustees - Oxfam International 2018
LERU Ad Hoc Working Group on University Development Cooperation and the SDGs - University Representative on Development Co-operation 2018
External Reviewer - Review of the BSc International Development and Food Policy programme in the Department of Food Business and Development, University College Cork (UCC). 2017/2018
Academic Representative - COALITION 2030 on the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2018
Programme and Project Impact and Evaluation Committee, Oxfam Ireland 2016
Invited Reviewer - Moral Philosophy and Politics 2017
Ireland's Engagement with the UN Sustainable Development Goals - Stakeholder Forum 2018
AURORA Role Model 2017
Invited journal review - Geoforum Ongoing
Invited Journal Reviewer - Disasters Ongoing
Invited Reviewer - Studies in Social Justice Ongoing
Invited Reviewer - Routledge Studies in International Development Ongoing
Scientific Committee Member - Sustainable Development Solutions Network, International Conference on Sustainable Development 2013
Scientific Committee Member - Future Earth Ireland 2016
Invited Journal Reviewer - Journal of Development Studies 2019
Invited reviewer - Journal of Modern Africa Studies 2018
PhD Examiner (Internal) 2017
PhD Progressional Panel Assessor 2016
Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
French Basic Basic Basic
German Basic Basic Medium
Details Date From Date To
British International Studies Association - Co-convener of the Ethics and World Politics working group 2019 Present
Geographical Society of Ireland 2020 Present
Development Studies Association Ireland 2012 Present
UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network 2014 Present
International Development Ethics Association 2015 Present
North American Society for Social Philosophy 2016 Present
COALITION 2030 2017 Present
Future Earth Ireland Committee Member 2016 2018
Trinity International Development Initiative Steering Committee 2012 2020
The relationship between Gender and Poverty in, editor(s)Gottfried Schweiger (Salzburg) and Clemens Sedmak (Salzburg and Notre Dame, IN) , Handbook of Philosophy and Poverty, Routledge, 2022, [Susan P. Murphy], Book Chapter, SUBMITTED
Susan P. Murphy, Reconceptualising the relationship between poverty and prosperity from a feminist relational perspective , Journal of Global Ethics, 2022, Journal Article, ACCEPTED
Susan P. Murphy, The problem of hard borders and soft intentionality in the age of the Anthropocene: the case of migration governance, 2022, Journal Article, SUBMITTED
Cannon, S, Murphy, S. P., Walsh, L, Just Transition Frames: Recognition, representation, and distribution in Irish beef farming, 2022, Journal Article, SUBMITTED
Moses, Ikupa; Murphy, Susan P.; Urio, Perpetua, Gendering Knowledge Generation and Dissemination: Case study of Tanzanian HEI., 2022, Notes: [Abstract Following decades of gender mainstreaming policy development and implementation in institutions of higher education, the effects of these policies on the core epistemic practices of universities, as sites of research, knowledge generation, and dissemination, remain unclear and under-explored. This paper examines how are universities responding to the call to mainstream gender in research and knowledge generation through a case study of a high education institution in Tanzania. As a country with an extensive gender mainstreaming policy architecture firmly embedded in national and organisational policy frameworks, Tanzania continues to experience a substantial substantive gap between policy and practice, law and lived experience. A strong gendered imbalance remains evident in progression rates of students at secondary and tertiary levels, with females occupying approximately one-third of HE places. This paper emerges from an ongoing research project on African theories and practices of gender and equality, and constructions of femininities and masculinities in African institutions of higher education. Using a participatory action research (PAR) methodological approach, the project aims at deepening understandings and engagement with gender-based analysis across university faculties. Using participant perspective and participant observation data, the findings of this paper share some insights into the tensions between cultural norms and disciplinary practices, and a readiness to embark on more reflexive and inclusive research approaches among academic research staff.. Results point to participants' active participation in constructing gender analytical frameworks appropriate for use within their disciplines while challenging, and being challenged by, traditional mind-sets of acquainting gender as a specifically 'women's issue' - unrelated to scientific research. The findings further expose a delicate and ongoing balancing act between participants' readiness and reluctance to incorporate gender in their research. ], Journal Article, SUBMITTED  URL
Immanuel Darkwa, Susan P. Murphy, Perpetua Urio, Ikupa Moses, Consolata Chua, Methodological reflections on the praxis of mainstreaming gender equality and female empowerment through participatory action research in Higher Education, 2022, Journal Article, SUBMITTED
Murphy, Susan P. , Climate change and political (in)action: an intergenerational epistemic divide?, Sustainable Environment, 7, (1), 2021, p1 - 13, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Thomas L. Roux, Mirjam M. Heinen, Susan P. Murphy, Conor J. Buggy,, A Unified Theoretical Framework of Learning Theories to Inform and Guide Public Health Continuing Medical Education Research and Practice, Journal of Continuing Education in Health Professionals, 2021, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Perpetua J. Urio, Susan P. Murphy, Ikupa Moses, Consolata Chua, and Immanuel Darkwa, Exploring the Gendered Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Academic Staff in Tanzania, Alliance African Partnership Perspectives, 1, (1), 2021, p61 - 71, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  URL
Global political processes and the Paris Agreement: a case of advancement or retreat of climate justice? in, editor(s)Tahseen Jaffrey , The Routledge Handbook of Climate Justice, UK, Routledge, 2019, pp71 - 82, [Susan Murphy], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED

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Susan P. Murphy, Enida Friel, Catherine Devine, Mariana Roberts, Innovative solutions to address the humanitarian-development nexus : Review of the pilot introduction of the Blended Approach at GOAL , Ireland,, 2020, Notes: [Findings suggest that the 'blended approach' offers a strong possibility to enhance and deepen the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability of the organisation's programming over time. Most specifically, the areas of joint programming and flexible funding allow for significantly increased adaptability in responding to context-specific needs. Thus, the approach is well-suited to fragile contexts, areas of acute crises and conflict, as well as areas with high number of both Internally Displaced Persons and Refugees. The time-saving potential of unified reporting, monitoring, evaluation, and learning systems was also noted as a key benefit of this shift, enabling greater efficiency in the design, planning, and management of programmes. However, the review finds that further efforts are required to embed this way of working and thinking into project design, monitoring, evaluating, reporting and learning structures to reap the full benefits offered by this approach. Also, organisational ethos and approach to practice are important determinants of effectiveness.], Report, PUBLISHED
Christopher Chevallier, Susan Murphy, Conor Buggy, Understanding the Lived Experiences of Gender Minority Students in Irish Third-Level Education: Steps Towards Achieving Safety and Inclusion, Dublin, National LGBTQI Federation (NXF), January , 2020, Notes: [The document contains important statistics on Ireland's gender minority population, as well as policy recommendations for higher education, LGBTQI+ medical care, hate crime legislation, and legal reform. Outside of this, it also provides a list of considerations for tutors and supervisors of gender minority students. ], Report, PUBLISHED
Susan P. Murphy, What is the relationship between poverty and prosperity?, DBEI ILO NUI Conference Marking the Centenary of th ILO, Dublin Castle, 17 September 2019, 2019, National University of Ireland, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Susan P. Murphy, Knowledge sharing and transfer for global solidarity , International Women's Day, Aras an Uachtarain, 8 March 2019, 2019, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Susan P. Murphy, Whole of Society Approach to Africa-Europe Development Cooperation in the HEI sector, Whole of Society Approach to Development Cooperation , Brussels, April, 2019, European Commission Political Strategy Unit, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Susan P. Murphy, The Gender-Climate-Conflict Nexus, exploring intersections within research, Bridging Theory and Practice. Intersections of Climate Change, Conflict and Gender, Georgetown University Institute for Women Peace and Security, March 2019, 2019, GU IWPS, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Benn Finlay Hogan, ML Rhodes, Susan P Murphy, Mary Lawlor, IRISH BUSINESS & HUMAN RIGHTS: Benchmarking compliance with the UN Guiding Principles, Dublin, IRL, Centre for Social Innovation, Trinity College Dublin, November, 2019, Report, PUBLISHED
Susan P. Murphy, Reflections on Ireland's performance on the Sustainable Development Goals, Launch of the Coalition 2030 shadow report on Ireland and the Sustainable Development Goals, Royal College of Physicans Ireland, November 2018, 2018, Coalition 2030, Notes: [Additional speakers included the Minster for State for Natural Resources with responsibility for implement the SGD agenda in Ireland], Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Susan P. Murphy, Women and Conflict Discsssion following a performance of Joanne O'Connor's short play, Women Alone. Other panelists included Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Irish Aid Director Gender Ruairi De Burcea and Misean Cara's Collette Nkunda, Woman Alone, Dublin, November 2018, 2018, Oxfam Ireland, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Susan P. Murphy, Doing Development Differently, Comhlamh First Wednesday Debates, Teachers Club, Dublin, November 2018, 2018, Comhlamh, Notes: [Other panelists included Ruairi De Burca (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Irish Aid Director); Connell Foley (Concern, Head of Policy and Research); Eilish Dillon (NUIM); and Pablo Yaguas (University of Manchester)], Invited Talk, PUBLISHED


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Award Date
Gender Awareness and Transformation through Education (GATE) project, funded by Department of Foreign Affairs, Embassy of Tanzania 2018-2022
Mary Robinson Climate Justice Fellowship Award: A just transition? Exploring the opportunities of gender transformative climate adaptation and transition policy and planning in Ireland. 2020-2023
Provost PhD Award: Title - Climate (in)Justice in Practice? Examining the relationship between changing climates, community based adaptive responses and gender relations 2020-2024
UNDP / European Commission Kapuscinski Development Lectures - Host 2014, 2016, 2021
Provost PhD Award (Co-Supervisor with Prof Caroline Jagoe). Project title - Disability Inclusion in Humanitarian and Development Contexts: Optimising Advisory Programmes for Mainstream Organisations 2020-2024
Shortlisted for interview - ERC Starter Grant 2017
Trinity PhD Award for Project Title - Social Justice in Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2024
Enterprise Ireland ERC Proposal Support Award 2020-2021
IRC Enterprise Award PhD Funding - Humanitarian Innovation 2015-2019
Masters - Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin 2018
Trinity Award - PhD Funding for project entitled 'Exploring the experiences of Brazilian migrants in Ireland' 2016-2020
Nominated: CEU Teaching Award 2017
Nominated: Provost Teaching Award 2015
Adjunct Lecturer, School of Politics and International Relations, University College Dublin 2014-2019
Visiting Researcher, REPOA, Dar Es Salaam Tanzania 2014
Doctoral Scholarship - UCD College of Social Science and Law 2008-2012
Nominated: Global Citizen 2018
Aurora Women in Leadership Foundation: Role Model 2017/2019
My research centers on the ethics and practice of sustainable development in a rapidly changing world. I specialize in issues related to governance and justice in development practice, human rights and climate justice, gender and social inclusion. All of my research is premised on three core assumptions. Firstly, that all human beings are ecologically embedded, interconnected, and to varying degrees, interdependent. Secondly, that the structural features of development cooperation establish special associative obligations between cooperating parties that can enable or constraint responsible, justice-based human development. Thirdly, that all participants in the practice of development share a responsibility for the outcomes of their actions and practices. Thus, co-operative action which give rises to unjust outcomes, both intentional and unintentional, ought to be examined and remedied. Understanding and evaluating ethics in development action and outcomes thus requires extensive analysis of socio-spatial, structural, and agent-based factors at multiple scales. Initially developed in my first monograph, Responsibility in an interconnected world (2016, Springer Publications in Global Justice), these assumptions have informed my research on gender equality and social inclusion, socio-economic inequalities and land management practices, development cooperation management and evaluation, and the governance and politics of climate change. In 2021 I established the Climate Justice and Development Research Group in Geography to bring together a team of researchers to critically evaluate climate and environmental justice related matters in national and international development practice and policy. It is an interdisciplinary research network including natural and social scientists and development experts exploring the empirical, theoretical, normative, and practical implications of climate change. Researchers examine the multivariant dimensions of climate action planning, adaptation, and ecological restoration policy and practice on human-nature relations, socio-cultural relationships, and situated power dynamics through a justice-based lens. My research track record points to my trajectory as a thought leader in the field of sustainable development cooperation. In 2017, my ERC research proposal Aid-Anatomy reached interview stage. Although unsuccessful, the experience and insights gleaned through this process have strengthened my research capacities and my resolve to design and lead future successful proposals. As both an independent researcher and co-researcher / co-author, I have worked on collaborative projects across disciplines including education, economics, human geography, and business, which have resulted in over 50 research outputs including approximately 16 peer-review articles (5 forthcoming), 1 monograph, 11 book chapters, 5 reports, 3 policy reviews, 6 book reviews, 12 conference papers, and a series of working papers. I have supported successful competitive funding proposals worth in excess of 1.5 million EURO over the last decade. My work has influenced beyond the academic space, resulting in invitations to deliver key note addresses in key policy spaces in government departments (in particular, Department of Foreign Affairs), Civil Society spaces (Dochas Network and COALTION 2020), and intergovernmental organizations (including the OECD and EU Development Cooperation division). My research outputs provide evidence of my ability to drive engaged inter-disciplinary and transdisciplinary research, using analytical philosophical methods and theories to evaluate and progress thinking in the empirically ground discipline of human geography.