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Dr. Bruce Murphy

Assoc Prof. in Biomechanical Engineering (Mechanical, Manuf & Biomedical Eng)

Dr. Bruce Murphy is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical, Manufacturing and Biomedical Engineering, Deputy Director of the Trinity Centre for Biomedical Engineering, and Principal Investigator (PI) in the Trinity Centre for Biomedical Engineering and the Advanced Materials and Bioengineering Research (AMBER) Centre at Trinity College Dublin (TCD). He runs one of the most successful medical device design incubator labs in the World. To date his lab has spun-out 4 TCD spin-outs: Croívalve, Selio Medical, Proverum and One Projects. The spinouts from his lab have raised over €100M in capital, employ over 100 full time equivalents, and have two devices in clinical trials. Current projects in his lab include: MitrAdapt " a new percutaneous solution for treating patients with mitral regurgitation, PLIO " a new laparoscopic solution to reduce the leakage rates of anastomosis in the GI tract, IndexiTap " a collaboration with TCD"s Academic Unit of Neurology and Beaumont Hospital to understand if enhanced measurement of patient dexterity can better track symptoms of Motor Neuron Disease. His lab is not only involved in translational Biomedical Engineering, he has published in many top journals in Biomedical Engineering. Including the top journal in the field, Nature Biomedical Engineering (IF >25). He is open to collaboration with artists and other professionals if they would like to explore or link aspects of medical device design or biomedical engineering to their work.
  Bioengineering   Medical Devices
 The Development of a Transcatheter Tricuspid Valve Repair System (CroiValve)
 CTO Re-entry Device Design & Development
 Westland mitral valve
 The in vivo evaluation of an easy to position transcatheter mitral valve repair/replacement device

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Award Date
KTI People's Choice Award Trinity College Dublin and ProVerum Ltd 2022
Trinity Invention Challenge Med Tech Prize 2021 2021
Trinity College Dublin Innovation Awards 2020 Winner of the inventor category 2020
Trinity Innovation Awards 2018 -Campus Company Founders Award 2018
CroíValve - Medtech Strategist 2018 Winner 2018
CroíValve - National Start Up Early Stage Category Winner 2018
Selio Medical - Medtech Strategist 2017 Winner 2017
Enterprise Ireland "one to Watch" award 2009 2009
I am an expert in the process of innovating medical technologies. My research focus is the development of transformative medical technologies. In my lab this journey starts with a valid clinical need, to building and mentoring teams, and developing solid engineering solutions that address clinical needs. These solutions are designed to have the ability to enhance quality of life, prolong life, avoid adverse events and enhance patient outcomes. My lab has excelled in this field. For example, my lab has translated a heart valve concept from clinical need to forming the key asset of a TCD spin-out company. Croívalve has raised in excess of €18m in capital, employs 30 staff members, and has performed first in human implants, which have demonstrated transformative improvements in symptoms of patients. Another example of this type of translational research is associated with the clinical need of alleviating the symptoms of benign prostate hyperplasia. My lab developed the core technology that formed the technical assets of the TCD spin-out. Proverum has gone on to raise over €40m, employs 30 employees and has started to enrol patients into a prospective, multi-centre, double-blind controlled study to evaluate the safety, and effectiveness of the technology that was developed in my lab. In total four medical device TCD spin outs were established from research in my lab. These companies employ over 100 staff members and have raised over €100m in capital. My lab's solutions have a high profile in their respective medical fields, which has raised the profile of TCD in the field of medical device design. Demonstrating that my research has the ability to have a global impact on healthcare. In summary, my philosophy to Biomedical Engineering is that I believe I have a duty to use my substantial biomedical engineering knowledge to improve patient outcomes.