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Mrs. Mary Sharp

Visiting Research Fellow (Computer Science)


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Chair of the Ethics and Disciplinary Board, Engineers Ireland. Member of the Board of Examiners, Engineers Ireland. Member of Health Information Security Group for National Standards Association of Ireland. Reviewer for EU proposals and projects. Member of teh Council of the Irish Computer Society. Member of International Medical Informatics Association.
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English Fluent Fluent Fluent
French Medium Basic Basic
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Member Health Informatics Society of Ireland 1992 Present
Fellow Irish Computer Society 1992 Present
Fellow Institution of Engineers of Ireland
Fellow Royal Academy Medicine of Ireland
Mary Sharp and Declan O'Sullivan, Mobile Medical Apps and mHealth devices: A Framework to Build Medical Apps and mHealth devices in an Ethical manner to Promote Safer Use - a literature review, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, Informatics for Health 2017, Manchester, UK, 24 - 26 April , 235, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 2017, pp363-367 , Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
Learning theories: e-pedagogical strategies for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in higher education in, editor(s)Associate Professor Elspeth McKay (RMIT University, Australia) Dr. John Lenarcic (RMIT University, Australia) , Macro-Level Learning Through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS): Strategies and Predictions for the Future, Hershey, New York, Information Science Reference (an imprint of IGI Global), 2015, pp92 - 118, [O'Donnell, E., Lawless, S., Sharp, M., & O'Donnell, L.], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
O'Donnell, E., Lawless, S., Sharp, M., & Wade, V. , A review of personalised e-learning: Towards supporting learner diversity, International Journal of Distance Education Technologies, 2015, p22 - 47, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI  URL
Personalised E-Learning: The assessment of students' prior knowledge in Higher Education in, editor(s)Wang, V. , Handbook of Research on Education and Technology in a Changing Society (2 Volumes), IGI Global, 2014, pp744 - 755, [O'Donnell, E., Sharp, M., Wade, V., and O'Donnell, L. ], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI  URL
Web-mediated education and training environments: A review of personalised interactive e-learning resources in, editor(s)Elspeth McKay, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia , ePedagogy in Online Learning: New Developments in Web Mediated Human Computer Interaction, Hershey, New York, Information Science Reference (an imprint of IGI Global), 2013, pp188 - 207, [Eileen O'Donnell, Catherine Mulwa, Mary Sharp and Vincent Wade], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI  URL
Challenges encountered in creating personalised learning activities to suit students learning preferences in, editor(s)Yefim Kats, Chestnut Hill College, USA , Learning Management Systems and Instructional Design: Best Practices in Online Education, United States of America, Information Science Reference (an imprint of IGI Global), 2013, pp263 - 287, [Eileen O'Donnell, Mary Sharp, Vincent Wade and Liam O'Donnell], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI  URL
Students' views of E-Learning: The impact of technology on learning in higher education in Ireland in, editor(s)Kathryn Moyle and Guus Wijngaards, University of Canberra, Australia, and INHolland University, The Netherlands. , Student Reactions to Learning with Technologies: Perceptions and Outcomes, Hershey, New York, Information Science Reference (an imprint of IGI Global) , 2012, pp204 - 226, [Eileen O'Donnell and Mary Sharp], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI  URL
Eileen O'Donnell, Mary Sharp, Vincent Wade and Liam O'Donnell, Academics' views on Personalised e-Learning in Higher Education, International Conference on Engaging Pedagogy, Institute of Technology Blanchardstown, Dublin, Ireland, December 6, 2012, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  URL
Eileen O'Donnell, Victoria Macarthur and Mary Sharp, Personalised E-Learning: Facilitating students' understanding and mastery of new concepts, 4th Biennial Threshold Concepts Conference in 2012, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, 27 - 29 June, 2012, Poster, PRESENTED  TARA - Full Text
Catherine Mulwa, Luca Longo, Séamus Lawless, Mary Sharp and Vincent Wade, An Online Framework for Supporting the Evaluation of Personalised Information Retrieval Systems, iUBICOM '11: The 6th International Workshop on Ubiquitous and Collaborative Computing, Northumbria University, 4 July 2011, BCS, 2011, pp75-85 , Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  URL

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Murphy PG, Sharp M, Cavanagh M, Dervan P, Hurson B. , The incidence and geographical location of primary malignant bone tumours in Ireland, Cappagh Registrar's Prize Presentation, November 1996, 1996, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED


Database Systems, Health Informatics, Skill Accreditation Systems in Mathematics, Tools for Reusable, Integrated, Adaptable Learning, Evaluation of eLearniing, Medical Database Analysis and Security using Cryptographic Techniques, Ethics in IT. RESEARCH GROUPS: (KDEG) Knowledge and Data Engineering Group, (CHI) Centre for Health Informatics