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Dr. Matthias Moebius

Assistant Professor (Physics)

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Honorary Treasurer, and TCD representative for the Institute of Physics Ireland (IOPI). I was part of the IOPI committee and gave input towards policy documents for the government and IOPI funded outreach activities throughout Ireland. 2011-2016
Proposal reviewer for STW (Dutch Technology Foundation), Netherlands 2014-present
Referee for Physical Review Letter, Nature Scientific Reports, Nature Catalyst, Physical Review E, Soft Matter, Langmuir, Philosophical Magazine, European Physics J. E, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 2001
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Dutch Medium Basic Basic
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Member of American Physical Society (APS) 2000 present
Institute of Physics (IOP) member, Honorary Treasurer of the Ireland branch (2011-2016) 2011 present
SR Burke, M. Moebius, J Ketoja, T Hjelt and S Hutzler,, Analysis of the foam-forming of non-woven lightweight fibrous materials using X-ray tomography, SN Applied Sciences, 3, 2021, p192-, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  URL
Burke, S.R., Möbius, M.E., Hjelt T and Hutzler S , Properties of lightweight fibrous structures made by a novel foam forming technique, Cellulose, 26, 2019, p2529 - 2539, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI  URL
Rathan S., Dejob L., Schipani R., Haffner B., Mobius M.E., Kelly D.J., Fiber Reinforced Cartilage ECM Functionalized Bioinks for Functional Cartilage Tissue Engineering, Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2019, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
J Winkelmann, FF Dunne, VJ Langlois, ME Moebius, D Weaire, S Hutzler, 2D foams above the jamming transition: Deformation matters, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 534, 2017, p52 - 57, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Hawes C.S, Lynes A.D, Byrne K, Schmitt W, Ryan G, Möbius M.E, Gunnlaugsson T, A resilient and luminescent stimuli-responsive hydrogel from a heterotopic 1,8-naphthalimide-derived ligand, Chemical Communications, 53, (44), 2017, p5989 - 5992, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
Lovitt J.I, Hawes C.S, Lynes A.D, Haffner B, Möbius M.E, Gunnlaugsson T, Coordination chemistry of N-picolyl-1,8-naphthalimides: Colourful low molecular weight metallo-gelators and unique chelation behaviours, Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers, 4, (2), 2017, p296 - 308, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
Coey, J.M.D. and Möbius, M. and Gillen, A.J. and Sen, S., Generation and stability of freestanding aqueous microbubbles, Electrochemistry Communications, 76, 2017, p38-41 , Notes: [cited By 1], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Belali, S.; Emandi, G.; Cafolla, A. A.; O'Connell, B.; Haffner, B.; Möbius, M. E.; Karimi, A.; Senge, M. O., Water-soluble, neutral 3,5-diformyl-BODIPY with extended fluorescence lifetime in a self-healable chitosan hydrogel, Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences, 16, 2017, p1700-1708 , Notes: [ ], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Lynes A.D, Hawes C.S, Ward E.N, Haffner B, Möbius M.E, Byrne K, Schmitt W, Pal R, Gunnlaugsson T, Benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxamide n-alkyl ester and carboxylic acid derivatives: tuneable structural, morphological and thermal properties, CrystEngComm, 19, (10), 2017, p1427 - 1438, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI  URL
Hutzler S, Moebius M, Tcholakova S and Elias F(ed.), Eufoam 2016, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, Trinity College Dublin, 534, July 3-6, 2016, Elsevier, 2017, 1-138 p, Proceedings of a Conference, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  URL  URL

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S Hutzler, F Elias, M Moebius, S Tcholakova, Foreword, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 534, 2017, p1 - 1, Journal Article, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Sachs Fellowship from the University of Chicago 1998
Burroughs Wellcome Fellowship. 2003
Tessella Prize for Software 1996
My research is on experimental soft condensed matter physics and non-equilibrium physics. In particular I have investigated the flow properties and flow instabilities of granular media and foams. I have employed and developed novel techniques in magnetic resonance imaging as well as high speed imaging to elucidate the role of interstitial gas in granular size separation and to study shear flow in granular media. Moreover, I have discovered a novel flow instability in granular jets. This research has lead to publications in high impact journals. Present research interests: Connection between bulk rheology and bubble dynamics in foams. For this research, we combine rheometry and image processing based on custom software to investigate shear-induced bubble dynamics. In collaboration with Dr. Stefan Hutzler we employ simulations to complement the experimental results.