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Professor Malcolm Mac Lachlan

Adjunct Professor (Psychology)

My research paradigm is inter-disciplinary social health science, and my research interests are in disability, international aid and culture. Prior to becoming an academic I worked as a clinical psychologist and as a management consultant. Before moving to Trinity College Dublin, I worked for three years at the University of Malawi's Chancellor College. I have also held visiting positions at the University of Limpopo, University of Cape Town, University of Malawi, College of Medicine, and am currently Extraordinary Professor of Disability & Development at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. I have published 13 books and over 150 academic papers and book chapters. I have served on research and capacity development committees for the Irish National Committee for Development Education and Irish Aid; have been Chair of the National Committee for Economic and Social Sciences (NCESS) and a member of the Irish Research Council for Humanities & Social Sciences. I have experience of a broad range of systematic research practice; including large scale surveys, questionnaire development and evaluation; intervention, cross-sectional and longitudinal studies; multivariate statistical analysis, experimental investigation, and a variety of qualitative methods, from single case to group and textual analysis. I have a strong research supervision record at doctoral level and led the establishment of one of Europe's first Masters Programmes in Global Health. I have also worked with a broad range of NGOs (including, Concern, Academy for Educational Development, Finnish Refugee Council, American Refugee Committee, Banja La Mtsogolo) and multi-lateral agencies (including WHO, Unicef, UNHCR, OECD, UNESCO) and was a member of an EU specialist group on Psychotrauma and Human Rights. I recently exchanged an MOU with the Secretariat of the African Decade for People with Disabilities and am a Research Advisor to the Southern African Federation of the Disabled.
  Disability   Embodiment   Inclusive global health (especially disability and ethnicity   International aid   Psychoprosthetics   Social Inclusion   Strengthening health systems
Details Date
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Social Inclusion, as it relates to the following areas: Disability, especially psychosocial perspectives, enabling technologies and embodied experience. International aid, especially human dynamics. Culture and health. Global health. Strenghtening health systems, especially in low income countries.