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Dr. Mark Hennessy

Assistant Professor (Geography)

My B.A.(Hons.) and Ph.D. are from the Department of Geography, University College Dublin. In 1984/'85 I was a Research Fellow in the Flinders University of South Australia. I was a Research Assistant in the Departments of Geography and the Medieval History in 1985-1987and Lecturer in Geography in UCD, 1987-1991. I then took up my appointment as Lecturer in Geography in Trinity.
  Anglo-Irish relations   Archaeology of medieval Britain and Ireland   Medieval Ireland   Urban and economic history   Urban historical geography
Details Date
1. Member and former secretary, The Friends of Medieval Dublin
2.Co-Chair of the Dublin Historic Settlement Group 3.Irish National Representative, Permanent European conference for the Study of the Rural Landscape
Details Date From Date To
Member, Geographical Society of Ireland.
Member, Permanent Conference for the Study of the European Rural Landscape
Fellow, Royal Geographical Society
Coxon, P. and Hennessy, M. , The Quaternary of Clare Island: Field Guide,, Dublin, IQUA, 2019, 1 - 173pp, Book, PUBLISHED
Adapting a medieval urban landscape in nineteenth century Ireland in, editor(s)Anngret Simms and Howard B. Clarke , Lords and Towns in Medieval Europe, Farnham, Surrey, Ashgate, 2015, pp483 - 492, [Mark Hennessy], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Administration in, editor(s)H. B. Clarke and Sarah Gearty , Maps and Texts: Exploring the Irish Historic Towns Atlas, Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, 2013, pp152 - 163 , [Mark Hennessy,], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Francis Ludlow, Alexander R Stine, Paul Leahy, Enda Murphy, Paul A Mayewski, David Taylor, James Killen, Michael G L Baillie, Mark Hennessy and Gerard Kiely, Medieval Irish chronicles reveal persistent volcanic forcing of severe winter cold events, 431 - 1649 CE, Environmental Research Letters, 8, 2013, p024035 , Notes: [Mark Hennessy (Joint Author) Explosive volcanism resulting in stratospheric injection of sulfate aerosol is a major driver of regional to global climatic variability on interannual and longer timescales. However, much of our knowledge of the climatic impact of volcanism derives from the limited number of eruptions that have occurred in the modern period during which meteorological instrumental records are available. We present a uniquely long historical record of severe short-term cold events from Irish chronicles, 431-1649 CE, and test the association between cold event occurrence and explosive volcanism. Thirty eight (79%) of 48 volcanic events identified in the sulfate deposition record of the Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2 ice-core correspond to 37 (54%) of 69 cold events in this 1219 year period. We show this association to be statistically significant at the 99.7% confidence level, revealing both the consistency of response to explosive volcanism for Ireland's climatically sensitive Northeast Atlantic location and the large proportional contribution of volcanism to historic cold event frequencies here. Our results expose, moreover, the extent to which volcanism has impacted winter-season climate for the region, and can help to further resolve the complex spatial patterns of Northern Hemisphere winter-season cooling versus warming after major eruptions.], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI  URL
Making Ireland English in the thirteenth century: the evidence of the Irish Lay Subsidy of 1292 in, editor(s)P. J. Duffy and William Nolan , At the Anvil, Dublin, Geography Publications, 2012, pp81 - 92 , [Mark Hennessy,], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Medieval Settlement: The Manor of Dowth in, Stefanini, B. and McGlynn, G. , North Meath: Irish Quaternary Association Field Guide, No 29, Dublin: Irish Quaternary Association, 2011, pp84-88 , [Mark Hennessy], Notes: [29], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Mark Hennessy, Mapping power and identity in Early Modern Ireland, Journal of historical Geography, 34, (1), 2008, p153-156 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Mark Hennessy, Howard Clarke and Jacinta prunty (Eds.), Surveying Ireland's Past: multidisciplinary essays in honour of Anngret Simms, Dublin, Geography Publications, 2004, 1 - 802pp, Book, PUBLISHED


Award Date
B.A. Postgraduate Scholarship UCD 1981
Australian-European Awards Programme Postgraduate Fellowship. 1984
1. Historical Geography of medieval Ireland. 2. Historical geography of Irish towns and cities. 3. The historical geography of Ireland.