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Dr. Martin Charles Henman

Adjunct Assistant Professor (Pharmacy)


Dr Martin Henman is Associate Professor of the Practice of Pharmacy and Co-ordinator of the Centre for the Practice of Pharmacy in Trinity College Dublin. After completing his Pharmacy degree in the UK, Dr Henman practised as a hospital pharmacist before undertaking a PhD in Pharmacology. He then started in University practice where he has remained ever since. His main research interests are Pharmaceutical Care, Evidence-Based Practice and Competency frameworks. Dr Henman has been a member of Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe(PCNE) since its formation and in September 2003 and he became its Chairman. Dr Henman worked on the Pharmaceutical Care Task Force of the European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy in order to introduce Pharmaceutical Care in the undergraduate syllabus. He has acted as Conference Chairman and head of the Scientific committee of a number of conferences including PCNE, the European Society of Clinical Pharmacy and the International Pharmacy Federation. He is also Medical Editor of 'The Over-the-Counter Directory', a guide to non-prescription medicines in Ireland and of a web publication ''.
  CANCER-CHEMOTHERAPY   CANDIDA   Chronic Disease   Drug Development   Drug discovery, profiling, targeting   Epidemiology   Health attitudes and behaviour   Health outcomes   INTELLECTUAL DISABILITIES   Medicines   Medicines/ Drugs Budget   Neuropharmacology   Non-prescription Medicines   Older people with intellectual disabilities   Over-the-Counter Drugs   Pharmacoeconomics   PHARMACOEPIDEMIOLOGY   Pharmacology   Pharmacy   Prescription Medicines   Primary care   Provision and utilisation of health care needs   Research issues specifice to any health profession   Self-Medication
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Chair, Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe
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English Fluent Fluent Fluent
Spanish Basic Basic Medium
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Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe
European Society of Clinical Pharmacy
Member, The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland 1983 Present
International Pharmacy Federation
Monaghan R, O'Dwyer M, Mulryan, Luus R, McCarron M, McCallion P, Henman M, Antiepileptic drugs, occurrence of seizures and effect of co-administration of potential seizure threshold lowering psychotropic drugs in adults with intellectual disability who have epilepsy , Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 2021, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Monaghan, R., O'Dwyer, M., McCallion, P., McCarron, M., & Henman, M., The relationship between anti-epileptic drug load and behaviours that challenge in older adults with intellectual disability and epilepsy., Trinity Health and Education International Research Conference 2021 (THEconf2021): 'Transforming healthcare in a changing world: new ways of thinking and working', Dublin, 9th - 11th March, 2021, Oral Presentation, PUBLISHED
Monaghan, R., O'Dwyer, M., Luus, R., Mulryan, N., McCallion, P., McCarron, M., & Henman, M., Anti-epileptic drugs, seizures and effect of co-administration of potential seizure threshold lowering psychotropic drugs in adults with epilepsy & intellectual disability., Trinity Health and Education International Research Conference 2021 (THEconf2021): 'Transforming healthcare in a changing world: new ways of thinking and working', Dublin, 2021, Oral Presentation, PUBLISHED  URL
O' 'Connell, J., Burke, E., McMahon N, McCallion, P., McCarron, M, Henman, M., O'Dwyer M, Medication Burden and Frailty in Older Adults with Intellectual Disability: An Observational Cross-Sectional Study, Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety, 29, (4), 2020, p482 - 492, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Derek Stewart · Vibhu Paudyal · Cathal Cadogan· Ankie Hazen · Betul Okuyan · Monika Lutters · Martin Henman · Daniella Fialová, A survey of the European Society of Clinical Pharmacy members' research involvement, and associated enablers and barriers, International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy, 42, (4), 2020, p1073 - 1087, Notes: [Published online: 19th May 2020], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  Other
Henman MC, Pharmacy Education; Competency and Beyond, Pharmacy, 8, (2), 2020, p104 - 105, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Henman MC, Primary Health Care and Community Pharmacy in Ireland: a lot of visions but little progress, Pharmacy Practice, 18, (4), 2020, p1 - 8, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Paudyal V, Cadogan C, Fialová D, Henman MC, Hazen A, Okuyan B, Lutters M, Stewart D, Provision of clinical pharmacy services during the COVID-19 pandemic: experiences of pharmacists from 16 European countries, Research in Social & Administrative Pharmacy, 2020, Notes: [Available online 30 November 2020;], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI  Other
Rapporteur, Resolution CM/Res(2020)3 on the implementation of pharmaceutical care for the benefit of patients and health services, Strasbourg, Council of Europe, March, 2020, Notes: [The resolution will provide health authorities across Europe with guidance and recommendations supporting the promotion and implementation of pharmaceutical care as a quality-enhancing element in healthcare systems at regional and national level. Also, healthcare professionals and associations will have a legal basis for the implementation of pharmaceutical care and related working methods in their daily activities. The primary aim of all healthcare professionals involved in the medication process should be to achieve the best possible improvement in quality of life for the patient. However, the potential benefits of medications are sometimes not fully realised (e.g. due to lack of medication adherence) or, even worse, inappropriate use of medicines can lead to increased morbidity or even mortality.Pharmaceutical care directly and comprehensively addresses the medication needs of patients and, in doing so, contributes to the overall efforts of healthcare professionals in providing care that is centred around the patient, optimising medication use and promoting rational use of resources.], Report, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  URL  Handle
Clinical pharmacy professional standards in the European Union in, editor(s)Editor-in-Chief: Zaheer-Ud-Din Babar , Encyclopedia of Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy, Elsevier - Academic Press imprint, 2019, pp106 - [Henman, MC], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED

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Strugaru M, Henman MC, Pharmacogenetics and the Pharmacist, IPU Review, 2020, Notes: [September], Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Going to the Pharmacy in, editor(s)Marie Murray, Patrick Little, Audrey Craven , Migraine Not just another headache, Dublin, Curragh Press, 2016, [Henman, MC], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Deasy E, Kirke C, Naddy H, Henman M, Do Patients Know How to Use Sublingual Glyceryl Trinitrate?, IPU Review, (November), 2011, p27 - 29, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Henman M, Flood B, An invisible profession: Pharmacists and the popultaion with intellectual disability, Irish Pharmacy Journal, 88, (3), 2010, p166 - 167, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Hunter TA & Henman MC, Medicines Usage Review in patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in the border areas of Ireland, IPU Review, (3), 2009, p18 - 20, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
O'Driscoll D, Ryan J, Brogan C, Henman M, The DUMP Campaign, Irish Pharmacist, 11, (5), 2009, p19 - 22, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Dr Martin Henman , Know Your Medicine, Dublin, Eireann Healthcare Publications, 2007, Book, PUBLISHED
McMahon N & Henman M, Introduction of competency based assessment to MSc in Hospital Pharmacy programme, Pharmacy Education, Monash and King's Pharmacy Education Symposium, Italy, July 2007, edited by n/a , 7, (3), Taylor and Francis, 2007, pp291 - 291, Meeting Abstract, PUBLISHED
Bradley C, Henman M, Studies of health promotion and weight control in Community Pharmacy in the Republic of Ireland, Pharmacy World and Science, Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe, 5th Working Conference, Gotenborg, 21-24 February, 2007, edited by Van Mil F , 29, (6), Springer, 2007, pp713 - 714, Meeting Abstract, PUBLISHED
Maguire LK, Hunter TA, Hughes CM, Henman MC, Co-operation and working together (CAWT) campaign to promote awareness of type 2 diabetes, Pharmacy World and Science, Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe 5th Working Conference , Gotenborg, 21-24 fFebruary, 200, edited by Van Mil, F , 29, (6), Springer, 2007, pp714 - 715, Meeting Abstract, PUBLISHED


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Award Date
Visiting Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade 2019
Provost's Teaching Award 2006
Fellow, European Society of Clinical Pharmacy 2013
Honorary Life Member, Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe 2018
Adjunct Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, University of Colorado, Skaggs School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, USA, 2016 2016
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, University of Southern California, USA, 2015 2015
Pharmaceutical Care; Evidence-based Pharmacy Practice; Drug utilisation and pharmacoeconomics; Pharmaceutical policy and Medicines regulation; Health policy; Care of the elderly; Role of the Pharmacist in Primary and Secondary Health Care; Pharmacology of anti-inflammatory drugs; Pharmacology of anti-infective drugs; neuropharmacology.