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Professor Seamus Martin

Smurfit Professor of Medical Genetics (Genetics)

My lab works on the central mechanisms of apoptosis and how this programmed cell death process becomes dysregulated in disease states such as cancer and inflammation. Our work is highly cited (>12,000 citations to date) and, based upon independent citation analyses conducted by the Institute for Scientific Information in Boston, USA, our lab ranks within the top 10 labs working in the Apoptosis/Cell Death field worldwide (receiving approx. 150 cites per paper on average). We have published our research in Cell, EMBO J, Science, Nature, J. Exp. Med, JBC, Nature Medicine, as well as many other quality journals. I am currently a Principal Investigator with Science Foundation Ireland (funded by a €5 million award in 2001) and our work is also supported by The Wellcome Trust (UK) as well as several other funding agencies. My post-doctoral work was carried out with Dr. Doug Green (La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology, San Diego, USA) and Prof. Ivan Roitt (University College London, UK). My PhD work was carried out with Prof. Tom Cotter, then at NUI Maytooth (now at UCC).
  Antisera   Apoptosis   Apoptosis, molecular control   Autophagy   Biochemical Markers   Biological Markers   Biological Response Modifiers   Biology   Biomedical sciences   Caenorhabditis elegans   Cancer Biology   Cancer chemotherapeutic drugs- mode of action   Cancer chemotherapy   Cancer genetics and cell biology including metastasis   Cancer/Carcinogenesis   Caspase proteases   Cell and tissue maintenance, repair and ageing   Cell Communication   Cell Components   Cell cycle control   Cell Death   Cell Lines   Cellular, molecular and developmental immunology   Chemotherapeutic Agents   Chemotherapy   Chronic inflamation   Commercialisation of scientific research   Cytotoxic T cell Killing   DIABLO   Genetics   Genomic structure and function, molecular approaches to gene function   Granzymes   HIV virology and pathogenesis   Immune Enhancers   Immune system   Immune System Disorders   Immunity   Immunization   Immunogenetics   Immunology   Immunopathology   Immunotherapies for Cancer   Immunotherapy   In Vitro Testing, Trial Methods   Inflammation   INHIBITION   Innate immunology   Intra and intercellular signalling   Leukemia   Leukemias and lymphomas   Leukocyte Biology   Lymphocytes   Lymphoma   Medical Sciences, Research   Mitochondrial fission & fusion mechanisms   Molecular Biology   Molecular Cloning   Molecular Genetics   Molecular/Cellular Entities   Monoclonal Antibodies   OLIGOMERIZATION   Oncogenes, apoptosis and tumour development   Programmed Cell Death   PROTEIN   Proteins and Macromolecules   Proteomics   Screening of Drugs/Agents   SMAC   Tissue Culture   Toxicity and toxinology   Tumour immunology and immunotherapy   Vaccine   Virology and viral pathogenesis
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Scientific Consultant, Clontech Inc. Palo Alto, USA. 1995-present
Appointed to the Board of the European working group on Apoptosis. 1994
Appointed to Editorial Board, Cell Death & Differentiation. 1996-present
Senior Editor, 'Cell Death & Differentiation', Nature Publishing Group 2000-present
Scientific Advisory Board, Association for International Cancer Research, UK. 2003-present
PhD examiner for The University of Dundee, University of Bristol, University of Leicester, Dublin Institute of Technology, NUI Maynooth.
Medical Research Council, UK Appointments & Tenure committees 2003, 2005
External Assessor for full professor & Personal Chair appointments, Scripps Institute, La Jolla, USA; University of Dundee, UK; University of Melbourne, Australia. 2004 & 2005
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English Fluent Fluent Fluent
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American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 1999 -
American Association for the Advancement of Science. 1998 -
The Biochemical Society. 1987 -
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Award Date
Institute of Biology of Ireland Gold Medal 1987
Elected to the Board of Directors of ECDO 2005
The BA Charles Darwin Award Lecture 2005
GlaxoSmithKline Award (Biochemical Society UK) 2005 2005
Human Frontier Science Program Organization Long-term Fellowship Award 1994
Wellcome Trust International Prize Travelling Fellowship Award. 1994
Wellcome Trust Senior Fellowship in Biomedical Science 1997
Elected to Fellowship of Trinity College Dublin. 2002
Science Foundation Ireland Fellow 2001
Scientific Advisory Board, Association of International Cancer Research, UK 2003
Short-listed for The Royal Irish Academy Boyle Medal 2002
Elected to the Board of Directors, International Cell Death Society, New York 2004
Molecular Control of Apoptosis (programmed cell death). Natural Killer Cell and CTL proteases (particularly granzyme B) and their mode of action. The role of caspases in inflammation. The role of Bcl-2 family proteins in chemoresistance in cancer. Cancer chemotherapy.