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Dr. Liwen Xiao

Assistant Professor (Civil Struct & Env. Eng.)

Dr. Liwen Xiao received his PhD degree at NUI Galway and worked as a lecturer there before joining the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering at TCD as Assistant Professor in 2013. Since joining TCD, Dr Xiao has continued his research work in the following areas: (1) sustainable treatment of wastewater, (2) emerging contaminants (microplastics, antibiotics) detection and removal and (3) impacts of human activities on water quality and ecology. He currently has 4 PhD students in his research group and is involved in a number of research projects funded by national and international funding agencies. Dr Xiao is a college tutor and a deputy director of the research centre TrinityHaus. He is the director of MSc in Engineering
  Agri Environment   Climate Change Impacts on the Environment   ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING   ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT   ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT   FIBRE OPTICAL SENSORS   Fresh water pollution   Freshwater ecology   Ground, surface water hydrology   WASTEWATER TREATMENT   Water Quality   Water Resources, Environmental Impacts   WATER-TREATMENT   Wind Energy, General
 Improvement and application of microbial fuel cells
 The cause of diatom algal bloom in lakes
 Investigation into the causes, impacts and measures to deal with algal blooms in Vartry Reservoirs (project PI)
 Technologies for monitoring, detecting and treating overflows from urban wastewater networks (project PI)
 A framework for the restoration of degraded peatlands (WP leader)

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MIEI, Chartered Engineer, Engineers Ireland
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Kaila A., Kaila A., Laurén A., Sarkkola S., Koivusalo H., Ukonmaanaho L., O"Driscoll C., Xiao L., Asam Z., Nieminen M., Effect of clear-felling and harvest residue removal on nitrogen and phosphorus export from drained norway spruce mires in southern finland, Boreal Environment Research, 20, (6), 2015, p693-706 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Muniraj I., Xiao L., Liu H., Zhan X., Utilisation of potato processing wastewater for microbial lipids and "-linolenic acid production by oleaginous fungi, Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 95, (15), 2015, p3084-3090 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Muniraj Iniya Kumar, Uthandi Siva Kumar, Hu Zhenhu, Xiao Liwen, Zhan Xinmin , Microbial lipid production from renewable and waste materials for second-generation biodiesel feedstock, Environmental Technology Reviews, 4, (1), 2015, p1 - 16, Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Connie O'Driscoll, Liwen Xiao, Xinmin Zhan, Bruce Misstear, Francesco Pilla, Carmel Ramwell, Assessment of natural organic matter (NOM) and ptaquiloside in Irish waters, Dublin, 2017, Report, IN_PRESS
Xiao L.W, Assessment of natural organic matter (NOM) and ptaquiloside in Irish waters, China-Ireland Symposium on Environmental Biotechnology , Shenzhen, China, May 17, 2014, Invited Talk, PRESENTED
Liam Henry , Comparison of intermittently aerated sequencing batch reactors (IASBRs) and conventional sequencing batch reactors (cSBRs) in wastewater treatment , NUI Galway, 2014, Thesis, PUBLISHED
Sarah Noonan , An Environmental Analysis of Irish Peatlands from a Wind Energy and Carbon Balance Perspective, TCD, 2013, Thesis, PUBLISHED
O'Driscoll C. , Assessment and mitigation of soil and nutrients losses from acid-sensitive catchments to salmonid receiving waters , NUI Galway, 2012, Thesis, PUBLISHED
Asam Z, Investigation of nutrient sources and their transportation from soils to water, NUI Galway, 2012, Thesis, PUBLISHED
Kumar I. , Biodiesel production from agro-industrial waste using oleaginous fungi , NUI Galway, 2012, Thesis, PUBLISHED
Michael Rodgers, Xiao L.W, Markus Müller, Mark O'Connor, Elvira de Eyto, Russell Poole, Mark Robinson and Mark Healy, Quantification of Erosion and Phosphorus Release from a Peat Soil Forest Catchment, Dublin, 2008, Report, PUBLISHED
Xiao L.W, High strength agricultural wastewater treatment using novel horizontal-flow biofilm reactors, NUI Galway, 2007, Thesis, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Best Presentation Award 2008
(1) Sustainable treatment of wastewater, (2) Emerging contaminants (microplastics, antibiotics) detection and removal and (3) Impacts of human activities on water quality and ecology.