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Professor Iracema Leroi

Prof In / Assoc Prof Consultant (Psychiatry)

Prof In / Assoc Prof Consultant (Trinity Inst. of Neurosciences (TCIN))

Language Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Speaking
Afrikaans Fluent Medium Medium
Dutch Medium Medium Medium
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
French Medium Medium Medium
Japanese Basic Basic Basic
Details Date From Date To
ISTAART, Alzheimer Association (USA), Professional Interest Area (PIA) for 'Partnering with Research Participants (PPI): Steering Group Member 2021
Neurology Academy, Course founder and director for 'Lewy Body Academy (LBA) Masterclass' 2021
Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK 2002 2019
American Neuropsychiatric Association (ANPA) 2002 2015
American Psychiatric Association 1993 2010
Wormald A, McGlinchey E, D'Eath M, Leroi I, Lawlor B, McCallion P, McCarron M, O'Sullivan R. & Chen Y., Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Caregivers of People with an Intellectual Disability, in Comparison to Carers of Those with Other Disabilities and with Mental Health Issues: A Multicountry Study., International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. , 20, (4), 2023, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
O'Brien JT, Chouliaras L, Sultana J, Taylor JP, Ballard C, RENEWAL Study Group., RENEWAL: REpurposing study to find NEW compounds with Activity for Lewy body dementia-an international Delphi consensus., Alzheimer's research & therapy, 14, (1), 2022, p169 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Toledo JB, Abdelnour C, Weil RS, Ferreira D, Rodriguez-Porcel F, Pilotto A, Wyman-Chick KA, Grothe MJ, Kane JPM, Taylor A, Rongve A, Scholz S, Leverenz JB, Boeve BF, Aarsland D, McKeith IG, Lewis S, Leroi I, Taylor JP, ISTAART Lewy body dementias Trial Methods Working Group., Dementia with Lewy bodies: Impact of co-pathologies and implications for clinical trial design., Alzheimer's & dementia : the journal of the Alzheimer's Association, 2022, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Hooper E, Brown LJE, Cross H, Dawes P, Leroi I, Armitage CJ., Systematic Review of Factors Associated With Hearing Aid Use in People Living in the Community With Dementia and Age-Related Hearing Loss., Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, 23, (10), 2022, p1669-1675.e16 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Henderson C, Knapp M, Stirling S, Shepstone L, High J, Ballard C, Bentham P, Burns A, Farina N, Fox C, Fountain J, Francis P, Howard R, Leroi I, Livingston G, Nilforooshan R, Nurock S, O'Brien JT, Price A, Swart AM, Tabet N, Telling T, Thomas AJ, Banerjee S., Cost-effectiveness of mirtazapine for agitated behaviors in dementia: findings from a randomized controlled trial., International psychogeriatrics, 34, (10), 2022, p905-917 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Leroi I, Karanja W, Adrion ER, Alladi S, Custodio N, Goswami SP, Guerchet M, Gubner J, Ibanez A, Ilinica S, Jafri H, Lawlor B, Mohamed AA, Ogunniyi A, Robertson I, Robinson L, Spector A, Varghese M, Weidner W, Caramelli P, Dementia Charter of Conduct Global Expert Reference Group., Equity and balance in applied dementia research: A charter of conduct and checklist for global collaborations., International journal of geriatric psychiatry, 37, (7), 2022, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Maharani A, Zaidi SNZ, Jury F, Vatter S, Hill D, Leroi I., The long-term impact of loneliness and social isolation on depression and anxiety in memory clinic attendees and their care partners: A longitudinal actor-partner interdependence model., Alzheimer's & dementia (New York, N. Y.), 8, (1), 2022, pe12235 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Legaz A, Abrevaya S, Dottori M, González Campo C, Birba A, Martorell Caro M, Aguirre J, Slachevsky A, Aranguiz R, Serrano C, Gillan CM, Leroi I, Ibañez A, Multimodal mechanisms of human socially reinforced learning across neurodegenerative diseases., Brain : a journal of neurology, 2022, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Stringer G, Couth S, Heuvelman H, Bull C, Gledson A, Keane J, Rayson P, Sutcliffe A, Sawyer PH, Zeng XJ, Montaldi D, Brown LJE, Leroi I., Assessment of non-directed computer-use behaviours in the home can indicate early cognitive impairment: A proof of principle longitudinal study., Aging & mental health, 2022, p1-10 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Fox S, Brown LJE, Antrobus S, Brough D, Drake RJ, Jury F, Leroi I, Parry-Jones AR, Machin M., Co-design of a Smartphone App for People Living With Dementia by Applying Agile, Iterative Co-design Principles: Development and Usability Study., JMIR mHealth and uHealth, 10, (1), 2022, pe24483 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI

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M. Hann, K. Tobin & H. Tormey, Sense-Cog RC_SAP_V.1.0_01.06.22, 2022, -, Notes: [Statistical Analysis Plan], Miscellaneous, SUBMITTED


Award Date
Grant: Lead applicant: HRB CRN Scheme. 1million euro. 'Dementia Trials Ireland' 2021-2025
Grant: Lead applicant: HRB DIFA Scheme. 431,000 euro. 'SENSE-Cog Care: Hearing and Vision in Care Homes in Ireland' 2021-2023
Grant: Lead applicant: EU Horizon2020: 6.7 million euro. 'SENSE-Cog: Hearing and vision in dementia' 2017-2022
Grant: Lead applicant: Irish Research Board: 12,000 euro. 'COVID-related loneliness and social isolation in carers of people with brain health challenges' 2021-2022
Grant: Lead applicant: GBHI Funding. $125,000: 'Developing a PPI Program for GBHI' 2020-2024
Grant: Lead applicant: ESTHER Ireland. 8000 euro. 'Bengali-Irish Partnership for Brain Health' 2020
Grant: Lead applicant: Trinity Covid Response Fund: 6400 euro. 'Exploring Coping in Care Partners during COVID-19' 2020-2021
Grant: Lead applicant: MRC Global Clinical Research Fund (GCRF)GCRF (UK). £20,000. 'PakAGE: Developing the infrastructure for a longitudinal study of aging in Pakistan' 2019-2020
Travel Grant: UK-Pakistan Global Development Workshop for Affordable Healthcare (UPSIGN-COMSATS), Islamabad 2020
Grant: Lead applicant: MRC Global Clinical Research Fund (GCRF)GCRF (UK). £38,000. 'SENSE-Cog Asia: Feasibility study of hearing augmentation in dementia in South Asia'' 2019-2021
Grant: Lead applicant: NIHR RfPB scheme. £342,000; 'INVEST: Cognitive Stimulation for Dementia in Parkinson's Disease' 2014-2018
Grant: Lead applicant: Data Science Institute Pump Prime. £10,000. Novel methods for analysing gait patterns in cognitive impairment. 2017
Grant: Lead applicant: INNOVATE UK. £150,000. CYGNUS: Digital Platform for Memory Clinic Data Collection 2015-2018
Grant: Lead applicant: MICRA (U Manch). £6000. 'Lost Memory Lost Way: Technology to address wandering in dementia' 2016
Grant: Lead applicant: MICRA SeedCorn funds. £6,000. 'Is the retina truly a window to the brain?' 2014
Grant: Lead applicant: ISSF-Wellcome Trust. £26,000. Manchester High Schools' Dementia Ambassadors' Program 2014-2015
Grant: Lead applicant: Parkinson's UK Senior Fellowship: £239,000. Clinical and neural correlates of ICD in Parkinson's Disease. 2007-2011
Grant: Lead applicant: Lundbeck Unrestricted. £48,000: 'RCT of Memantine in Parkinson's Dementia' 2003-2006
Grant: Lead applicant: Pfizer Unrestricted. $121,000. RCT of donepezil in Parkinson's Dementia 2000-2002
Grant: Lead applicant: Johns Hopkins NBRU. $35,000. Donepezil in PDD 2000
Grant: Co-applicant (PPI Lead): UK NIHR (HTA): COBALT - RCT of memantine in PDD/DLB 2020-2024
Grant: Co-applicant: ERASMUS Plus: 437,000 euro: oMERO: Developing a Professional Profile for a Visual Disabilities Rehabilitator 2020-2025
Grant: Co-applicant : MRC RCUK: £1.6 million; SASHI/SAHAR - Self Harm in South Asia 2017-2022
Grant: Co-applicant (Site PI): UK NIHR (HTA): £1.8 million; SYMBAD - RCT of mirtazepine/CBZ in Alzheimer 2015-2019
Grant: Co-applicant (Clinical Lead): EPSRC: £1 million 'MODEM: Sensing in dementia' 2015-2019
Grant: Co-applicant (Clinical Lead): EPSRC: £610,000: 'SAM: Self-management of mental health and dementia' 2014-2018
Grant: Co-applicant (Site PI): NIHR (HTA): £1 million; 'MADE: Minocycline in Dementia' 2014-2018
Grant: Co-applicant (Clinical Lead): ESRC (UK); £5million. 'Neighbourhoods and Dementia' 2014-2019
Grant: Co-applicant (Site PI): NIHR (HTA):£180,000: 'ATILLA: RCT of Assisted Technology in Dementia' 2012-2017
Grant: Co-applicant (Site PI): NIHR (HTA): £2.4 million. 'GREAT: RCT of Cognitive Rehabilitation in Dementia' 2012-2017
Grant: Co-applicant (PPI Lead): UK NIHR (HTA): £1.1 million; 'iCST: individualised CST in dementia' 2012-2017
Grant: Co-applicant: NARSAD (USA): $50,000. Neuropsychiatric Aspects of Spinocerebellar Ataxia 2001-2003