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Dr. Philip Lawton

Assistant Professor (Geography)

  public space   Regional/Urban Design   social space   Sustainable Urbanism   Urban and economic history   Urban Geography   Urban Planning/Policy   Urban Sociology   Urban Studies
Details Date
Reviewer to the journals: Urban Geography, European Urban and Regional Studies, City, Culture and Society, Journal of Urban Affairs, City and Community, Regional Studies, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 2012 onwards
Board Member of Urban Geography 2018
Board Member, Regional Studies: Social Media Editor. Responsibility for the Twitter account, with daily duties focused on disceminating information on new content of the journal 2019
Editorial Board Member of 'City, Culture and Society' May 2023
Details Date From Date To
Regional Studies Association 2019 Ongoing
Geographical Society of Ireland 2010 Ongoing
Lawton P., Kayanan C.M., From Edge City to City Edge, Built Environment, 49, (1), 2023, p58 - 74, p58-74 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Aniturbanism in, editor(s)Kobayashi, A. (Ed.) , International Encyclopedia of Human Geography, 2020, pp165-168 , [Philip Lawton], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
Rethinking regions in turbulent times, Routledge, Editorial Board, PUBLISHED
Philip Lawton, Tracing the Provenance of Urbanist Ideals: A Critical Analysis of The Quito Papers , International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 44, (4), 2020, p731 - 742, Notes: [], Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Urban Entrepreneurial Governance in, 2019, pp1--7 , [Lawton, Philip], Book Chapter, PUBLISHED
O'Mahony, Eoin and Lawton, Philip, Image circulation, development hoardings and new strategies of urban change, Geografiska Annaler: Series B, Human Geography, 101, (3), 2019, p202--218 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Lawton, Philip, Unbounding gentrification theory: multidimensional space, networks and relational approaches, Regional Studies, 2019, p1--12 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Lawton, Philip and Till, Karen E and Jasper, Sandra and Vasudevan, Alexander and D{\"u, Natura Urbana: The Brachen of Berlin, The AAG Review of Books, 7, (3), 2019, p214--227 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Lawton, Philip, The Space Between Us: Social Geography and Politics, 2019, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Lawton, Philip, Design, density, and the importance of'landscape', Building Material, (22), 2019, p189--206 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED

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Pethe, HAA and Hafner, S and Lawton, TP, Transnational migrants in the creative knowledge industries: Amsterdam, Barcelona, 2010, 163-191, Report, PUBLISHED
Lawton, Philip and Redmond, Declan and Murphy, Enda and others, Transnational Creative Knowledge Migrants in the Dublin Region. The view of transnational migrants, 2009, Report, PUBLISHED


Award Date
ISSC Fellowship on Sustainable Urbanization, Quito, Equador 2013
Irish Research Council Postgraduate Award 2007
Urban Europe Research and Training Awards (London and Amsterdam) 2005-2006