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Dr. Christian Kerskens

Lead Physicist (Trinity Inst. of Neurosciences (TCIN))

Associate Research Lecturer (Clinical Medicine)

Education: 1997 PhD (Dr. rerum naturalium), University of Cologne 1997 Thesis: Development of theoretical and experimental methods of measuring brain perfusion using NMR, Max-Planck-Institute for neurological Research, Cologne (Dept. for Experimental Neurology, Prof. Hossmann) 1993 Masters-Degree in Physics (Diplom Physik), University of Cologne 1992/3 Masters thesis, Institute for Nuclear Physics, University of Cologne 1988-93 studies of theoretical and experimental physics, at the University of Cologne Professional Background: Since 2005 Lead physicist Institute of Neuroscience, Dublin Associate Research Lecturer, Clinical Medicine, Trinity College 2002-04 Senior MR-physicist, FC Donders Centre for cognitive Neuroimaging, Nijmegen 1997-2001 MR-physicist, Charité, Medical Faculty of the Humboldt University, Berlin, Neurological Clinic: Clinical Research Group, subproject: Acute-diagnostic and therapy-monitoring by human media-infarct with functional NMR and near-infrared spectroscopy 1993-1996 Scholarship to Max-Planck-Institute for neurological Research, Cologne (Dept. for Experimental Neurology, Prof. Hossmann)
 Development of new cerebral perfusion biomarkers

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Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft, Germany
Syed Salman Shahid, Christian M. Kerskens, Malcolm Burrows, Alice G.Witney, Elucidating the complex organization of neural micro-domains in the locust Schistocerca gregaria using dMRI, Scientific Reports, 11, (3418), 2021, p1 - 12, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
McIntosh A, Mela V, Harty C, Minogue AM, Costello DA, Kerskens C, Lynch MA., Iron accumulation in microglia triggers a cascade of events that leads to altered metabolism and compromised function in APP/PS1 mice., Brain Pathology, 2019, p10.1111/bpa.12704. , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Christian Kerskens and David Lopez, Evidence of quantum consciousness in evoked zero-spin echoes, ArXiv e-prints, 2018, Journal Article, SUBMITTED
Syed Salman Shahid, Robert Gaul, Christian Kerskens, Vittoria Flamini, Caitriona Lally, Quantifying the ultrastructure of carotid artery using high-resolution micro-diffusion tensor imaging - Comparison of intact vs. open cut tissue , Physics in Medicine and Biology, 62, (23), 2017, p8850 - 8868, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  URL
Francesca Sibilia, Elisabeth Kehoe, Dervla Farrell, Christian Kerskens, Desmond O'Neill, Jonathan McNulty, Paul G. Mullins, Arun L.W. Bokde, AGING-RELATED MICROSTRUCTURAL ALTERATIONS ALONG THE LENGTH OF THE CINGULUM BUNDLE, Alzheimer's & Dementia, 13, (7), 2017, pP1087 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Syed salman Shahid, Christian Kerskens, Robert Gaul, Caitriona Lally, Quantification of extracellular matrix components in arterial tissue using high-resolution micro diffusion tensor imaging, European Molecular Imaging Meeting, Germany, 5-04-2017, 2017, Poster, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Rahman M.M, Callaghan C.K, Kerskens C.M, Chattarji S, O'Mara S.M, Early hippocampal volume loss as a marker of eventual memory deficits caused by repeated stress, Scientific Reports, 6, 2016, p29127 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI  URL
Gormley, S., Rouine, J., McIntosh, A., Kerskens, C., Harkin, A., Glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) immunoreactivity correlates with cortical perfusion parameters determined by bolus tracking arterial spin labelling (bt-ASL) magnetic resonance (MR) imaging in the Wistar Kyoto rat, Physiology and Behavior, 160, 2016, p66-79 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Flamini V, Creane A.P, Kerskens C.M, Lally C, Imaging and finite element analysis: A methodology for non-invasive characterization of aortic tissue, Medical Engineering and Physics, 37, (1), 2015, p48 - 54, Notes: [Export Date: 19 August 2015], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
O'Neill A, D'Souza A, Samson A.C, Carballedo A, Kerskens C, Frodl T, Dysregulation between emotion and theory of mind networks in borderline personality disorder, Psychiatry Research - Neuroimaging, 231, (1), 2015, p25 - 32, Notes: [Export Date: 19 August 2015], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL

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Flamini V,Kerskens C, Lally C, Study of the 3D fibre distribution through A Porcine Aorta using diffusion tensor imaging, Sir Barnard Crossland symposium, 2008, 2008, Conference Paper, ACCEPTED
Blau C, Kelly L, Kerskens C, Lynch M, The age-related increase in microglial activation in rat brain is coupled with a decrease in blood flow as measured by MRI, MNIEST conference, UCD Dublin, march 2008, 2008, Meeting Abstract, PUBLISHED
Kelly ME, Blau CW, Kerskens CM, Bolus-tracking arterial spin labelling - theoretical and experimental results, 17th Annual NMR Symposium, Sheffield, UK, March 31st 2008, 2008, Meeting Abstract, PUBLISHED
Döge C, Kerskens CM, Romero BI, Brunecker P, v. Pannwitz W, Junge-Hülsing J, Müller B, Villringer A, . Infarct evolution differs between gray and white matter: a MRI study, 9th European Stroke Conference, Vienna, Austria, May 24-27, 2000, 2000, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Schmitz B, Bock C, Kerskens CM, Hoehn-Berlage M, Boettiger BW, Hossmann K-A, Nicht-invasives Monitoring der funktionellen Erholung des Gehirns nach Herz-Kreislaufstillstand mittels funktioneller NMR-Bildgebung, Wissenschaftliche Arbeitstage der deutschen Gesellschaft der Anaesthesisten, Wuerzburg, Germany, 23. -24. Februar, 1996, 1996, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Schmitz B, Bock C, Kerskens CM, Hoehn-Berlage M, Boettiger BW, Hossmann K-A, Funktionelle NMR-Bildgebung zur Untersuchung der Erholung des Gehirns nach Herz-Kreislaufstillstand und Reanimation im Tiermodell, Deutscher Anaesthesiekongreß (DAK), Nuernberg, Germany, 19. - 22. Juni, 1996, 1996, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED


. Extra vascular transport mechanisms . Quantification of cerebral blood flow . Neurovascular coupling . Physiological noise in the brain . Time series analysis of MRI data . Direct detection of cell activation with NMR . NMR relaxation mechanisms in biological tissue . Intra and extra cellular diffusion . Technical development for living science research