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Dr. Cormac Kennedy

Senior Lecturer Consultant (School Office - Medicine)


Senior Lecturer Consultant (Pharmacology & Therapeutics)

Dr Cormac Kennedy is currently a Consultant Clinical Pharmacologist and Physician at St James Hospital as well as a Clinical Senior Lecturer at Trinity College Dublin. His experience gives him a perspective of the journey of medicines from the bench to the bedside including the pharmaceutical, regulatory, economic, policy and clinical contexts. Cormac is a graduate of UCD Medical School and the School of Pharmacy Trinity College. He completed a PhD at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, the product of which was subsequently patented. He received a HSE-NDTP Management and Leadership Scholarship to undertake a Masters in Health Economics, Outcomes and Management at the London School of Economics and was awarded a Distinction. He is undertaking a Masters in Clinical Trials at Oxford University. He chaired the Trainee Committee of the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland. He was a member of the RCPI Council, its highest body, representing nearly 2,000 Irish medical trainees. His clinical interests include the specialist treatment of hypertension and lipid disorders and he has presented internationally and published in these areas. His other research interests are across a spectrum of areas related to medicines including pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacoeconomics and appropriate drug usage.
 Semaglutide for people with obesity and resistant hypertension trial (SUPPORT): a pilot randomised, double blind, parallel group, integrated, multicentre trial

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John Kelly, Cormac Kennedy, Clare Meaney, 'Phenytoin formulation and uses thereof in wound healing', WO, 2006, 17 November 2023, Patent, SUBMITTED