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Professor Kevin Devine

Fellow Emeritus (Genetics)


Details Date
Editor of BMC Microbiology 2005 -
Associate Editor of Microbiology 2000 -
Devine, K.M., Activation of the PhoPR-mediated response to phosphate limitation is regulated by wall teichoic acid metabolism in Bacillus subtilis, Frontiers in Microbiology, 9, (NOV), 2018, Notes: [cited By 0], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Prunty, M.P. and Noone, D. and Devine, K.M., The distinct PhoPR mediated responses to phosphate limitation in Bacillus subtilis subspecies subtilis and spizizenii stem from differences in wall teichoic acid composition and metabolism, Molecular Microbiology, 109, (1), 2018, p23-40 , Notes: [cited By 1], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Salzberg L.I, Botella E, Hokamp K, Antelmann H, Maaà S, Becher D, Noone D, Devine K.M, Genome-wide analysis of phosphorylated PhoP binding to chromosomal DNA reveals several novel features of the PhoPR-mediated phosphate limitation response in Bacillus subtilis, Journal of Bacteriology, 197, (8), 2015, p1492 - 1506, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
McClean, D., McNally, L., Salzberg, L.L., Devine, K.M., Brown, S.P. & Donohue, I., Single gene locus changes perturb complex microbial communities as much as apex predator loss, Nature Communications, 6, 2015, 8235 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Noone D, Salzberg L.I, Botella E, BÀsell K, Becher D, Antelmann H, Devine K.M, A highly unstable transcript makes CwlO D,L-endopeptidase expression responsive to growth conditions in bacillus subtilis, Journal of Bacteriology, 196, (2), 2014, p237 - 247, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI  URL
Noone, D, Salzberg, LI, Botella, E, Basell, K, Becher, D, Antelmann, H, Devine, KM, A Highly Unstable Transcript Makes CwlO D, L-Endopeptidase Expression Responsive to Growth Conditions in Bacillus subtilis, JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY, 196, (2), 2014, p237-247 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Botella, E., Devine, S.K., Hubner, S., (...), Noone, D., Devine, K.M., PhoR autokinase activity is controlled by an intermediate in wall teichoic acid metabolism that is sensed by the intracellular PAS domain during the PhoPR-mediated phosphate limitation response of Bacillus subtilis, Molecular Microbiology, 94, (6), 2014, p1242-1259 , Notes: [ ], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Salzberg, L.I., Powell, L., Hokamp, K., Botella, E., Noone, D., Devine, K.M. 2013, The WalRK (YycFG) and σI RsgI regulators cooperate to control CwlO and LytE expression in exponentially growing and stressed Bacillus subtilis cells, Molecular Microbiology, 87, (1), 2013, p180-195 , Notes: [ ], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
Kevin M. Devine, Bacterial L-forms on tap: an improved methodology to generate Bacillus subtilis L-forms heralds a new era of research, Molecular Microbiology, 83, (1), 2012, p10-13 , Journal Article, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text
Botella, E., Noone, D., Salzberg, L.I., Hokamp, K., Devine, S.K., Fogg, M., Wilkinson, A.J., Devine, K.M., High-resolution temporal analysis of global promoter activity in Bacillus subtilis, Methods in Microbiology, 39, 2012, p1-26 , Notes: [ ], Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI

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