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Professor Mike Jones

Fellow Emeritus (Botany)

  Agri Environment   AIR-POLLUTANTS   Anthropogenic Impact on ecosystems   Biodiversity   C-4 PHOTOSYNTHESIS   Carbon sequestration   Climate Change Impacts on the Environment   ELEVATED CO2   Energy and Climate Change   ENERGY CROPS   Energy from biomass (see Forestry also)   Environmental Indicators, Monitoring, Risk Assessment   Environmental plant physiology   Liquid Biofuels   Photosynthesis   Renewable Energies   Tropical environments   Wetland Ecosystems
 Assessment of the European Terrestrial Carbon Balance (Carbo-Europe-IP)
 Assessing GHG impacts of establishing biomass and biofuel crops
 Enhancing biomass production from marginal lands with perennial grasses
 Assessing the greenhouse gas budget of eco-tillage and other mitigation options for arable ecosystems
 GHG Ireland - Agricultural and Land Use Network

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Editor: Biology and Environment, Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy
Chair: COST Action 627, Carbon Storage in European Grasslands
Subject Editor: Global Change Biology 2006
Subject Editor: Global Change Biology - Bioenergy 2008
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French Basic Basic Basic
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Society for Experimental Botany
British Ecological Society
Institute of Biology
American Geophysical Union (AGU)
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Award Date
Member of the Royal Irish Academy (MRIA) 2003
Berkeley Fellowship, TCD 2002/3
Fellow, Trinity College Dublin (FTCD) 1984
Mike Jones is a plant ecophysiologist and is Emeritus Fellow in Trinity College Dublin and a Member of the Royal Irish Academy. His main research interest is in the study of climate-plant interactions and since the 1980's he has been studying the effects of changing climate, and the direct effects of rising CO2 on a range of ecosystems including agricultural and natural grasslands and tropical wetlands. He has coordinated several EU Framework Programme Projects as well as EPA and DAFM projects. He is currently subject editor of Global Change Biology (IF 6.9) and GCB-Bioenergy (IF 4.7).