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Dr. John Kennedy

Assistant Professor (Mechanical, Manuf & Biomedical Eng)

Dr. John Kennedy is Assistant Professor in Vibrations, Acoustics and Dynamics at Trinity College Dublin. His research career focuses aero-acoustic problems and the development of novel noise control technologies. His research has applied advanced correlation and spectral analysis techniques to experimental data of turbulence (LDV, X-hotwire and high speed PIV) and included advanced beamforming and partial coherence techniques for source localisation using microphone array data. He current research focuses on the how the latest additive manufacturing technologies can be used to produce novel metamaterials for the control of enviornmental noise, including optimised design strategies using deep learning. He leads a research group of 3 PhD students and 2 Postdoctoral researchers and is co-lead in the Fluids, Vibrations and Acoustics research group. He has also engaged in interdisciplinary research with psychologists from the University of Bath and the University of Aberystwyth into the influence of noise exposure on human performance in transport applications including hazard detection, risk perception and annoyance. He has secured over EUR 2 million in research funding, including over EUR 1 million focusing on the design and additive manufacture of metamaterials. He works closely with Irish SME partners in the commercialisation of acoustic metamaterials including in the H2020 SME instrument project TANDEM. He has been the scientific coordinator and lead technical manager of the FP7 Clean Sky projects WENEMOR, ALLEGRA and ARTIC and PI on the H2020 project AERIALIST. His responsibilities on these projects included the conduct of Preliminary and Critical Design Reviews, test planning and supervision of the wind tunnel test campaigns. Dr. Kennedy has published 74 peer-reviewed journal articles and conference publications. He has been a member of the scientific committee of the 21st and 23rd Workshops of the Aeroacoustics Specialists Committee of the Council of European Aerospace Societies. He was a member of the Scientific Committee of the 45th and 51st International JVE (Journal of Vibroengineering) Conferences. He is a session chair at the Internoise 2022 and ISMA 2022 conference. He is also Irish coordinator for the industrially focused institute of Acoustics' Diploma in acoustics and noise control. His work in transport aero-acoustics has led to press releases by the Acoustical Society of America and the American Institute of Physics.
  ACOUSTICS   Aerodynamics   Aeronautics   Air Transport Technology   Applied thermodynamics and energy   Computational Fluid Dynamics   Environmental aspects of transportation   Fluid Dynamics   Fluid Mechanics   Fluids and vibration   Manufacturing engineering   Mechanical Engineering   Noise pollution, technology   Signal processing   Sound Engineering   Transport psychology and safety   Turbomachinery   Turbulence   Vibration and Accoustic Engineering   Wind Tunnels
 Improving the Audio performance of speakers through LED screens
 Noise mapping for the minimal noise aircraft fleet
 The application of Deep Learning Methods for breakthrough noise and vibration control using Metamaterials
 The application of Deep Learning methods for breakthrough noise and vibration control using metamaterials

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Member of the Institute of Acoustics (MIOA) - The Institute of Acoustics is the UK's professional body for those working in acoustics, noise and vibration. It was formed in 1974 and is a nominated body of the Engineering Council, offering registration at Chartered and Incorporated Engineer levels. The range of interests of members embraces aspects such as aerodynamics, architectural acoustics, building acoustics, electroacoustics, engineering dynamics, noise and vibration, hearing, speech, underwater acoustics, together with a variety of environmental aspects.
Agnieszka Ciochon, John Kennedy, Raphael Leiba, Lara Flanagan, The Impact of Additive Manufacturing on the Acoustic Performance of Novel Porous Materials, 28th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference, Southampton, UK, 14 June - 17 June 20, 2022, Notes: [I would like to upload the accepted version to TARA. According to the guideline: 'The above link and final published PDF are only for your personal use and is only accessible when logged in to your AIAA account. If you wish to post your article on your personal website or institutional repository, you may use the accepted version which is the version you submitted for acceptance. It is not the downloaded version from ARC. If you wish to share your published work with others, the link below provides free access for up to four users (shared among all authors) to your publication. You may send this link to colleagues that may be interested. If your paper is not published under an open access model, this free access link may NOT be used for commercial purposes or posted on openly accessible websites. Once four users activate access to your publication, there will be no more activation tokens available. Please send the following to share with others'. The published version is available here:], Conference Paper, PUBLISHED  TARA - Full Text  DOI
Ciochon, A., Kennedy, J., Culleton, M.,, Evaluation of surface roughness effects on additively manufactured acoustic materials, 30th ISMA conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering, Leuven, Belgium, 12 - 14 Sept 2022, 2022, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Muhammad, Kennedy, J., Additively manufactured composite metastructure for broadband vibration and noise control applications, 30th ISMA conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering, Leuven, 12 - 14 Sept, 2022, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Rice, H., Flanagan, L., Kennedy, J., Wright, T.,, An acoustic absorption system incorporating fluid-structure interaction, 30th ISMA conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering, Leuven, 12 - 14 Sept, 2022, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
McGinn, A., Kennedy, J., Development of a Comprehensive UAV Noise Evaluation Platform, QUIET DRONES Second International e-Symposiumon UAV/UAS Noise, e-Symposiumon, 27 - 30 June, 2022, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Byrne, S., Kennedy, J., The influence of helmets on sound localisation in motorcyclists, 51st International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control, Glasgow, 21 - 24 Aug, 2022, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Einicke, K., Kennedy, J., The impact of changing fleet makeup on airline noise emission, 51st International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control, Glasgow, 21- 24 Aug, 2022, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Harun, S., Einicke, K., Kennedy, J., Byrne, S., Noise mitigation of UAV operations through a Complex Networks approach, 51st International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control, Glasgow, 21 - 24 Aug, 2022, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Ogun, O., Kennedy, J. , Noise Attenuation Through Optimised Acoustic Metamaterials: A Low Form Factor Design for Targeted Noise Reduction, THERMINIC, Dublin, 28 - 30 Sept, 2022, Conference Paper, PUBLISHED
Kai Cussen, Simone Garruccio and John Kennedy, UAV Noise Emission - A Combined Experimental and Numerical Assessment, Acoustics, 4, (2), 2022, p297 - 312, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI

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John Kennedy, Turbulence and Noise, Faculty of Engineering, University of Bristol, February, 2018, Professor Mahdi Azarpeyvand, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED
Kennedy, J., Holt, N., Walker, I., The influence of sound on the safety of vulnerable road users, SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, 2011, Invited Talk, PUBLISHED


Award Date
Teaching Innovation Award (Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Science, Trinity College Dublin) 2015