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Professor John Gormley

Professor (Physiotherapy)

John Gormley has been a lecturer in the School of Physiotherapy University of Dublin Trinity College since 1996. He is currently co-ordinator of the MSc in Cardiac Rehabilitation a course he helped set up in 2002. His main research interests are in the areas of cardiac rehabilitation, exercise and cardiovascular risk factors, and injury prevention. Previous research has been in the area of shortwave diathermy and muscle strength in children. He has co-edited a book in the area of exercise in the prevention and treatment of disease.
  Biomechanics of human movement   Cardiac rehabilitation   Cardiovascular disease, pharmacology   Exercise and cystic fibrosis   Exercise physiology   Health psychology
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Chartered Society of Physiotherapy 1988 Present
Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists 2015 Present
Frodl T, Strehl K, Carballedo A, Tozzi L, Doyle M, Amico F, Gormley J, Lavelle G, O'Keane V, Aerobic exercise increases hippocampal subfield volumes in younger adults and prevents volume decline in the elderly., Brain imaging and behavior, 2020, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
O'Gorman P, Naimimohasses S, Monaghan A, Kennedy M, Finn SP, Moore JB, Gormley J, Norris S, Letter: proving the benefit of exercise intervention in metabolic associated fatty liver disease-authors' reply., Alimentary pharmacology & therapeutics, 2020, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Dockrell, S. Forde, C. Gormley, J., Comparison of Energy Expenditure of Tasks in Standing and Sitting in Adolescent Girls , WORK: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment, & Rehabilitation, 66, (1), 2020, p17 - 23, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
Forde C, Johnston M, Haberlin C, Breen P, Greenan S, Gissane C, Comyns T, Maher V, Gormley J, Low Dose Resistance Exercise: A Pilot Study Examining Effects on Blood Pressure and Augmentation Index Between Intensities., High blood pressure & cardiovascular prevention : the official journal of the Italian Society of Hypertension, 2020, Journal Article, PUBLISHED
O'Gorman P, Naimimohasses S, Monaghan A, Kennedy M, Melo AM, NĂ­ Fhloinn D, Doherty DG, Beddy P, Finn SP, Moore JB, Gormley J, Norris S. , Improvement in histological endpoints of MAFLD following a 12-week aerobic exercise intervention, Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 52, (8), 2020, p1387-1398 , Journal Article, ACCEPTED  URL
C Forde, M Johnston, C Haberlin, P Breen, S Greenan, C Gissane, T Comyns, V Maher, J Gormley., "Low Dose Resistance Exercise - Difference in indices of Central Arterial Stiffness Between Intensities." , High Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Prevention, 2020, p83 - 91, Journal Article, PUBLISHED  DOI
KENNEDY, M., ROCHE, S., MCGOWAN, M., PATEL, A., SINGLETON, E., JONES, R. C., O'MAHONY, B., RYAN, K., O'CONNELL, N. M., LAVIN, M., TURECEK, P. L., O'DONNELL, J. S. & GORMLEY, J. , Physical activity and cardiometabolic risk profiles amongst Irish adults with severe haemophilia: The Irish personalised approach to the treatment of haemophilia (iPATH) study. , Haemophilia, European Association for Haemophilia and Allied Disorders (EAHAD), The Hague, 3-7th February 2020, 26, (Suppl 1), Wiley, 2020, pp168-, Oral Presentation, PUBLISHED  DOI
Philip O'Gorman, Sara Naimimohasses, Ann Monaghan, Megan Kennedy, Stephen Finn, John Gormley, Suzanne Norris, Significant regression in fibrosis in paired liver biopsies following a 12-week aerobic exercise intervention in individuals with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, Journal of Heptology, EASL International Liver Congress, Vienna, 10/04/2019-14/04/201, 70, (1), Elsevier, 2019, ppe67-, Oral Presentation, PUBLISHED  DOI
Ann Monaghan, Megan Kennedy, Philip O'gorman, Hynes Barbara, Clodagh Quinn, Sara Naimimohasses, Susan Mckiernan, Suzanne Norris, John Gormley, Increased cardiovascular risk associated with chronic hepatitis C infection still remains at SVR24, Journal of Heptology, EASL International Liver Congress, Vienna, 10/04/2019-14/04/201, 70, (1), Elsevier, 2019, ppe741 - e742, Poster, PUBLISHED  DOI
Kennedy M, Roche S, McGowan M, Singleton E, Patel A, RC Jones, O'Mahony B, Ryan K, O'Connell NM, Lavin M,, Turecek PL, O'Donnell JS, Gormley J, PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND HAEMOPHILIC JOINT ARTHROPATHY AMONGST ADULTS WITH SEVERE HAEMOPHILIA IN IRELAND: THE IRISH PERSONALISED APPROACH TO THE TREATMENT OF HAEMOHILIA (iPATH) STUDY., Haemophilia, European Association for Haemophilia and Allied Disorders (EAHAD), Prague, 6-8th February 2019, 25, ((Suppl 1)), Wiley, 2019, pp139 - 140, Poster, PUBLISHED  DOI

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Brown MJF, Book Review, Review of Bumblebees: Behaviour and Ecology, D Goulson, Animal Behaviour, 67, (2), 2004, p376-378 , Review, PUBLISHED


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Master in Arts (J O), University of Dublin. July 2001